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    Latest ACT Invitation Round Result Published

    Jun 20,2022

    Latest ACT Invitation Round Result Published

    Australia Capital territory published the second invitation round’s result on 16 June 2022. The draw has invited Small Business Owners and Critical Skill Occupations who are residing in Canberra. On the other end, only those overseas applicants have received the nomination who are falling in Critical Skill Occupations. In this round, the ACT has not issued any invitations from Subclass 190 and 457 / 482 visa holders (Canberra residents). However, from Subclass 491, they have nominated 29 Canberra residents and 15 overseas applicants.

    There are a fixed number of nominations placed by the ACT, which is available for each month (pro-rata against the annual allocation). As per the ACT draw pattern, in each of the occupations, only the highest-ranked Matrix was invited to Apply for the ACT nomination.

    However, candidates should also need to understand that the minimum ranking score is not at all give you the guarantee of the invitation but it is just an indication of an invitation. On the other side, those candidates will not receive invitations that have active applications in the system or they have received the ACT nomination previously.

    These invitations are not giving a guarantee for the Australia Permanent Residency. The ACT government will not respond to requests made by the candidates for seeking the information on ranking or the probability of receiving the invitations. Here one should also need to understand that the Matrix is not prioritising or issuing any invitations based on the individual circumstances.  However, it may consider the visa expiry dates or changes in any circumstances like birthdays.

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    Canberra Matrix Invitation Round

    Matrix nominating Small Business Owners0 invitations2 invitations75


    Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders0 invitations0 invitations


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    Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations0 invitations27 invitations


    Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations0 invitations15 invitations

    ** The next invitation round will be held before 7th July 2022.

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    2021-2022 Allocation of ACT Nomination Places

    Application Count @ 16 June 2022

    Total Approvals:  1952 nomination places

    • 491 Nominations: 1353 approvals
    • 190 Nominations: 599 approvals

    Total refusals: 440 applications

    • 491 Nominations: 332 refusals (20%)
    • 190 Nominations: 116 refusals (16%)

    Remaining Allocation 2021-2022

    Total allocation remaining:  48 nomination places (48 per month)

    • 491 Nominations: 47 (pro-rata 47 per month)
    • 190 Nominations: 01 (pro-rata 01 per month)
    Source: https://www.act.gov.au/migration/resources/canberra-matrix-invitation-round

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    491 Subclass ACT Nomination Eligibility

    As the latest draw has Invited 491 Visa Subclass holders. So based on that here are the basic eligibility criteria for the 491 subclass.

    Canberra Resident Applicant Basic Eligibility

    • First, the applicants’ occupations must fall in the latest Your nominated occupation is on the latest ACT Critical Skills List;
    • If any candidates have been sponsored by an ACT employer before that the candidates must have held subclass 457/482 visa.
    • As a subclass 457/482 visa holder, candidates must have worked in Canberra in the nominated occupations for at least the last three months.
    • Moreover, the nominated occupation does not have to be on the ACT Critical Skills List.
    • If any candidates are falling in the small business category then they should be majority owners of the eligible and registered business. The business must be located in the ACT and the Matrix points should be claimed under the Small Business Owner category.
    • Your nominated occupation does not have to be on the ACT Critical Skills List.

    Overseas Applicant Basic Eligibility

    • The occupation under which the candidates have received the nomination that must be fall in the ACT Critical List
    • Candidates must be working full-time in the nominated occupations
    • At least three years of full-time work experience in the nominated occupation after the completion of graduation.
    • Skills and occupation must be relevant to the ACT economy
    • Candidates must meet the basic English language requirement that set is set by the Department of Home Affairs.
    • Candidates must have sufficient funds to support them and their family members while migrating to Canberra.

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