Alberta Publishes the Last Draw Results and Issued 100 Notification of Interest Letters

Mar 02,2023

Alberta Publishes the Last Draw Results and Issued 100 Notification of Interest Letters

Alberta province publishes the last month’s draw details. As per the data, the province invited 100 applicants who match the CRS score of 357 points. All the notification of interest letters is issued under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program.

Highlights of the Draw

  • Alberta province usually nominates applicants from the federal express entry pool.
  • The AAIP programs regularly reviewed the submitted profiles and nominate the right candidates from them.
  • The recent draw invited 100 candidates from a valid and successfully submitted express entry the candidates.
  • The Express Entry profile holders who have achieved a 357 CRS score, have received the nomination of interest letter.
  • Here is the list of the Alberta Nomination draw for the last 3 years.

Check Your Nomination for Alberta

Alberta Nomination Draws

February 16, 2023 100 357
January 23, 2023 154 385
January 19, 2023 46 324
December 8, 2022 129 305
July 29, 2022 120 473
June 16, 2022 150 306
May 19, 2022 100 382
April 14, 2022 250 356
March 22, 2022 350 325
March 8, 2022 350 318
February 1, 2022 400 340
January 18, 2022 350 346
January 5, 2022 250 327
December 14, 2021 150 351
November 24, 2021 100 350
November 9, 2021 200 343
October 26, 2021 248 300
October 12, 2021 293 300
September 30, 2021 275 300
September 21, 2021 450 300
September 14, 2021 385 300
September 7, 2021 500 300
August 30, 2021 400 301
August 23, 2021 450 300
August 10, 2021 396 300

If you are a candidate and would like to migrate to Canada then Alberta is one of the provinces that you may target to settle. However, first of all, you need to understand, how many types of streams are available for the aspirants.

Streams for Workers

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Rural Renewal Stream

Streams for Entrepreneurs

  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  • Farm Stream
  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

About Alberta Express Entry Stream

As the latest draw nominated the candidates from the Express Entry stream. Here are the eligibility criteria that may support applying for the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) and Canada PR. The factors that support you to get the Notification of Interest Letter such as,

  • An active Express Entry profile under federal immigration programs like Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  • The primary occupation or TEER code that you have claimed in your Express Entry profile must be in the occupation list of Alberta’s economic development and diversification.
  • While submitting your Express Entry profile you ticked mark the province and show your interest to immigrate to Alberta permanently.
  • Your Comprehensive Ranking Score is at least 300 points.

Factors May Increase Your Chances of Nomination

The given below factors may raise your chances to get the nomination from Alberta.

  • If you get a job offer letter from any Alberta-based employer.
  • You have completed your post-secondary or graduation from any Canadian institute.
  • If anyone of your blood relatives (a parent, sibling (brother or sister), a child) is holding a permanent residency or citizenship of Canada and living in Alberta for at least a year or so.
  • If your primary language is French or along with English language proficiency, if you may have CLB 7 in the French language as a secondary language


Till the latest figures, the province declared three provincial nomination draws. Out of the draws a total of 300 applicants have received the nomination certificates. Whereas, with all other streams a total of 982 nomination certificates have been issued in the year 2023 so far. The IRCC sets a limit of nominations for the province is 9750 for the year 2023.

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