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Alberta – Live in Canada

There are various immigration programs and pathways to immigrate to Canada in Alberta. One can choose between federal immigration programs run by the Canadian government and provincial nomination programs run by the Alberta government. The eligibility criteria and requirements may differ depending on the program chosen.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program is the Provincial Nominee Program, which allows the Alberta government to select and nominate candidates for permanent residence in Canada. The programme, formerly known as the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, seeks candidates who can help fill Alberta’s workforce shortages or who want to start a business in the province. Candidates nominated through the programme can include in their Canada PR application their spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children.

Streams for Workers

Alberta Opportunity Stream

The stream is for folks who are already working in Alberta on a temporary basis and hold a full-time job offer from an Alberta employer. The stream, which was introduced in June 2018, requires candidates to fit the criteria for language skills, academic background, and employment duration. The stream’s applications are handled independently of the Express Entry system. Foreign graduates who have finished their studies at an accredited Alberta post-secondary institution are also permitted to apply for the Alberta Opportunity Stream.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

The Alberta Express Entry stream allows the Alberta government to pick candidates from the Express Entry pool and recommend them for Canada PR. To utilise the stream, aspirants must have an Express Entry profile, fulfil the criteria of any of the three Federal Economic Immigration Programs (Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class), and have received a Notification of Interest letter from AAIP. Candidates must also demonstrate their desire to move to Alberta and live in the province in addition. Candidates with a solid previous connection with the province have a good chance of being nominated.

Rural Renewal Stream

The stream is for candidates who have an offer to take a job in a rural Alberta community. The stream aims to bring talent to rural Alberta and boost local economic development. There are two steps to the Rural Renewal process. The first step is for the community to identify and approve skills and abilities that meet their labour needs. In the second step, the candidate submits an AAIP application. In Alberta, specific rural communities have been designated as ‘designated communities’ for the stream. To be eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream, the candidate must hold a full-time job offer for at least 12 months.

Streams for Entrepreneurs

Farm Stream

The Farm Stream is meant to bring immigrants with vast farm management experience to the Alberta province to operate a farm over there. The stream is managed collaboratively by AINP and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF). Candidates must show evidence of their farm management skills, which can be illustrated using financial records from their established farm business, relevant education or professional experience documents, or any other valid document, to be qualified for this stream. In addition, the candidate must have sufficient finances and fulfil other criteria.

Rural Entrepreneur Stream

Businessmen who want to move to a rural community in Alberta and begin a business can take advantage of the stream. Before applying for Canada PR under this stream, applicants must first obtain a work permit in Alberta and set up their business in accordance with the terms of a Business Performance Agreement. This stream of immigration necessitates a considerable amount of time and resources, making it a long and difficult path to obtaining Canadian permanent residency.

Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

The stream is crafted for degree holders from Alberta post-secondary institutions who wish to start a business in the province. Applicants must first operate a business in Alberta on a work permit for at least 12 months before applying for a Canada PR under the stream. This stream’s eligibility is decided by the candidate’s education, work experience, language proficiency, and the nature of the underlying business.

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Graduates from outside of Canada can apply for Canada PR through the FGES. Candidates who are qualified under the stream can initiate and operate a business in the Alberta province. Candidates must meet specific qualifying criteria, which revolve around their education, work history, business plan, language proficiency, and several other factors, in order to be considered for the stream. To rank candidates, the stream utilises a points-based Expression of Interest system. Candidates wishing to apply for Canada PR through this stream are required to work with a designated agency.

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