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    12 Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023-2024

    Jun 23,2023

    12 Most Demanding Jobs in Canada for 2023-2024

    Canada’s high-rising economy and talent shortage compel the country to invite immigrants in large numbers. People from all over the world also prefer to Live in Canada because of the unmatched beauty, luxurious lifestyle, income in dollars, and many other exciting benefits.

    As in previous years, Canada’s Immigration Plans for 2023-2024 are high, forcing immigrants to think about Canada immigration. When the chances of immigration are good, it is natural for people to explore the top in demand jobs in Canada, as this is a factor having the utmost significance in your decision to immigrate to Canada. Here we have assembled information on the 12 most in demanding jobs in Canada for 2023-2024. Read on if you are interested or have plans to Immigrate to Canada in the recent coming years. 

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    List of High Demand Jobs in Canada

    1. Pharmacist

    Pharmacists play a vital role in the working of Canada’s healthcare system. Hence, employment opportunities in the field are favorable for professionals. Pharmacists are in high demand throughout Canada. In Canada, a registered pharmacist can easily find a high-paying position offering an average salary of around $93,093 per year which is quite sufficient to live in Canada without any financial trouble. 

    2. Project Manager

    Companies in Canada are looking for intellectual project managers.  Professionals are in charge of project planning and management, as well as ensuring their delivery on time. There are the most demanding jobs in Canada for competent project managers in engineering, marketing, sales, and other fields. A degree or diploma in project management can land you a good job with a nice salary package and it keeps growing with experience. In Canada, a project manager earns approximately CA$ 91,000 per year.

    3. Engineer

    The engineering field is a continuously growing field with an ever-increasing demand for talent. Engineers belonging to multiple fields are in demand in Canada. There are many in demand jobs in Canada for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, software engineers, and aerospace engineers. As an engineer in Canada, you can expect to earn around $100,000 CAD per year.

    4. Human Resource Officers

    A business can only thrive if the right people contributing to its growth are hired. Human resource officers are accountable for finding suitable skills and ensuring a company’s operations. HR professionals are among the most valuable actors in a company’s success and are required in Canada regardless of the field. An HR officer’s starting salary in Canada is around 70,000 CAD per year, which increases with time and experience.

    5. Registered Nurse

    Healthcare is a primary focus in Canada. Since the country has a sizable aged population, it is certain to have a demand for professionals capable of providing them with proper and authentic care. As a result, registered nurses can find a job anywhere in Canada. A registered nurse in Canada earns an average annual salary of CA$75,000.

    6. Software Developer

    As companies decide to go digital, the need for software developers has increased all over the world including in Canada.  With a pay scale of about CA$53,000 per year, a talented software developer is likely to get lots of in demand jobs in Canada. Because software developers make a decent salary in Canada, it is relatively simple for them to settle and Live in Canada. Ontario and British Columbia have the highest number of jobs available for software developers in Canada.

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    7. Accountant

    Monitoring a company’s budgets, profits, and expenditure is difficult, mandating financial expertise and making accountants an integral part of the company’s overall operations. The demand for talented accountants in Canada is high, making accounting one of the highest-paid professions in Canada. An accountant’s annual salary in Canada is CA$59,100. As an expert in the field, you can look for work in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, and other Canadian cities.

    8. Welder

    The continuous rapid advancement in the manufacturing sector has triggered a need for highly trained and skilled welders. Welders are needed in a variety of industries, including construction and mining. Besides that, welding is a line of work that does not actually require a costly university degree but pays well. In Canada, the average hourly salary for specialists on the job is CA$35. It can be seen from this why it continues to be one of the most in demand jobs in Canada.

    9. Business Development Officers

    The way businesses operate has transformed dramatically over time. Businesses, unlike in the past, now have a greater need for skilled business development managers and executives. Business development officers and consultants are required in all provinces and territories in Canada. You can anticipate making between $68,400 and $108,300 per year as a qualified professional in the field. It can be seen from this why it continues to be one of the most in demand jobs in Canada. You can obtain even more if you have incredible skills and impressive experience.

    10. Doctors

    Canada has a substantial chunk of the older population that requires doctors more frequently. As a result, the doctors and their income in Canada have been consistently rising over time. Skilled and competent doctors can make a room with very well pay in Canada. In Canada, the average doctor generates around CAD 354,000 per year. If you are a specialist, you can earn quite more.

    11. Marketing Officers

    Everyone understands the importance of marketing in today’s competitive market. Marketing officers, who assist businesses in executing marketing plans both online as well as offline, are among those who can easily find a job in Canada. Marketing jobs provide newcomers with the best chances of succeeding in Canada. Entry-level marketers get around $35,000 per year. This explains why it remains one of the most in demand jobs in Canada. The three main Canadian cities demanding the most number of marketers at the present date are Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

    12. Customer Service Representatives

    Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have closed their physical stores in favour of digital ones. They all need customer service representatives as a result to solve customer queries and address issues. So there’s no drawback to Live in Canada as a customer service representative, as there are numerous jobs for customer service representatives in Canada. On typical, customer service representatives in Canada make roughly $34,654 per year.

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    Canada is a really progressive nation that happily accepts immigrants for educational and professional purposes. Though Canada’s job market has changed substantially in the last few years, especially after COVID-19, there is still room for brilliant people wanting to advance their careers in their areas of interest.

    The 12 most in demand jobs in Canada in 2023 offer opportunities across a wide range of companies and industries. If you have great abilities in any of the above-mentioned areas, you can be a qualified candidate for Canada immigration in 2023 and beyond. To know your options and processes, you can reach us anytime. 

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