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    Masters of Computer Science in Australia: Universities, Admission Process & Eligibility

    Dec 11,2023

    Master of computer science in australia

    Are you a computer science graduate seeking a sought-after master’s program in Australia? We have exciting news for you! The Australian Computer Society anticipates a substantial increase in demand for IT professionals, estimating a rise of over 200,000 job opportunities in the next five years. This growing demand has led to a significant rise in the enrollment of international students in Australian universities, particularly in the field of Computer Science. 

    Moreover, prominent employers in the industry are actively seeking qualified graduates, offering competitive salaries ranging from 60,000 AUD to 120,000 AUD. Isn’t that fantastic news? This program is tailored for tech-savvy individuals like yourself. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or still figuring out where to start, and how to do masters in Computer Science in Australia, worry not! This article will provide all the essential information about pursuing a Masters in Computer Science in Australia 2024.

    Why Study Masters in Computer Science in Australia?

    • Australia hosts global tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Obtaining a Masters in Computer Science in Australia can give you a competitive advantage in the job market, elevating your prospects for landing a well-paying position.
    • Australia provides over 3000 scholarships for international students enrolled in higher education programs at universities.
    • As of 2023, the number of international students enrolled in Australian universities exceeded 7,10,000.
    • Australian universities present diverse specializations, enabling international students to select their preferred field. Popular choices include artificial intelligence,  networking, machine learning, web development, engineering, data science, data management, and spatial information technology. These sought-after specializations have global appeal, creating ample job opportunities for graduates.
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    Overview: MS in Computer Science in Australia

    The Master in Computer Science is a postgraduate program offered by Australian universities that imparts students with advanced expertise and understanding in the field of computer science. The program of MS in Computer Science in Australia spans 1.5 to 2 years, allowing international students to attain their master’s degree within a concise 1.5-year timeframe. 

    The Masters in Computer Science in Australia covers advanced topics such as machine algorithms, software engineering, artificial intelligence, databases, cybersecurity, spatial information, and more, providing students with a comprehensive skill set for roles in the IT industry.  

    The program provides students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to enhance their professional capabilities for better career prospects.

    Below are some of the important skills students enrolled in MS in CS in Australia will develop after completion.

    1). Software development expertise

    2). Cybersecurity proficiency

    3). Project management

    4). Advanced problem-solving

    Pursuing MS in Computer Science in Australia allows students to choose from the following areas of specialization:

    • Machine Learning,
    • Big data, 
    • Cloud computing, 
    • Mobile computing,
    • Intelligent systems,
    • Cyber security,
    •  Software architecture,
    •  Search technology,
    • Database management
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    Top Universities to Pursue Masters in Computer Science in Australia

    Australia is home to several leading institutions offering programs in MS in Computer science. These top universities provide cutting-edge programs, expert faculty, and vibrant research opportunities, positioning students for a successful and impactful career in the field of computer science. The strong industry connections fostered during the Master’s programs create pathways for employment in leading tech companies all around the world.

    Check out the list of top universities in Australia for MS in Computer Science:

    Sr. NoName of UniversityQS World Ranking- 2023
    1University of Melbourne14
    2Australian National University34
    3University of Sydney19
    4University of New South Wales19
    5Monash University42
    6University of Queensland43
    7University of Adelaide89
    8University of Technology Sydney90
    9University of Western Australia72
    10RMIT University140
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    Cost of Studying an MS in Computer Science in Australia

    The cost of study is an important factor for an international student planning for masters in Computer Science in Australia. Anticipating future expenses consistently benefits international students in the long run. While public universities offer more budget-friendly options, the average cost for pursuing an MS in Computer Science in Australia is around INR 50-60 lakh. The good news is that students can explore various scholarship and financial aid programs to ease the burden of tuition fees. 

    Sr. NoName of the UniversityApproximate annual Tuition fees (in Rs)Approximate annual Tuition fees (in AUD)
    1University of Melbourne45.7 lakhs$83,312
    2Australian National University27.8 lakhs$50,760
    3University of Sydney26 lakhs$47,500
    4University of New South Wales23 lakhs$42,280
    5Monash University19.8 lakhs$36,100
    6University of Queensland28 lakhs$51,200
    7University of Adeliade28.2 lakhs$51,500
    8University of Technology, Sydney46 lakhs$83,920
    9University of Western Australia22.5 lakhs$40,538
    10RMIT University20 lakhs$36,480

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    Intakes for Computer Science Masters in Australia 

    Most Australian universities have two major admission intakes annually, in February and July. The teaching semesters for these two intakes span from February to June and from July to November respectively. International students planning to pursue MS in Computer Science in Australia should consider the admission time for these two intakes and apply well ahead of the designated deadlines to ensure ample time for the Australian visa process and secure admission for the desired semester.

    How to apply?

    To apply for a Masters in Computer Science in Australian universities:

    • Start by researching and selecting the desired institutions. 
    • Check their admission requirements and eligibility criteria.
    •  Prepare all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, English proficiency test scores, letters of recommendation, and a well-crafted statement of purpose.
    •  Complete the online application form for your chosen university, ensuring accuracy and completeness. 
    • Apply for Australia Student visa after getting letter of confirmation from the desired university.

    Be mindful of application deadlines and consider seeking guidance from university admission offices or educational consultants for a smooth application process for Australia Student visa.

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    Documents Required to Study MS in CS in Australia

    1. Academic transcript of previous qualification true copies of the original
    2. Language proficiency test results, IELTS, PTE Academic, iBT TOFEL
    3. 2-3 LOR(Letter of recommendation)
    4. Proof of sufficient funds
    5. Completed application form 
    6. Updated CV
    7. Valid passport

    Eligibility Criteria to Study MS in CS in Australia

    Enrolling in a program MS in Computer Science in Australia requires meeting specific eligibility criteria. These prerequisites set the foundation for a transformative academic experience in the vibrant tech landscape of Australia.  Let’s explore the essential eligibility requirements for international students willing to pursue a Masters in Computer Science in Australia.

    • English proficiency with an IELTS overall band score of 6.5 or above, or a TOEFL score of 80 or higher is required.
    • obtaining a GRE or GMAT score of 680 or higher is required to gain admission in MS in CS in Australian University.
    • International students are required to successfully finish recognized undergraduate programs with favorable academic performance.
    • They should demonstrate a strong understanding of their chosen field through fifteen years of education in their home country.
    • A 3-4 year bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, science, or related fields is preferred.
    Check Your Eligibility to Study Computer Science in Australia Now!

    Career Opportunities After Pursuing Computer Science Masters in Australia

    The dynamic tech industry in Australia provides a platform for continuous growth and innovation in various sectors. After obtaining a Masters in Computer Science in Australia, graduates unlock a spectrum of rewarding career opportunities. With a globally recognized degree MS in CS in Australia and access to the country’s thriving tech industry, graduates are well-positioned for success in diverse and cutting-edge fields within the technology sector.

    • Project Manager
    • Software Engineer
    • Programmer Analyst
    • Research Analyst
    • Full-stack developer
    • Web Designer
    • Database Manager
    • Computer Software Designer 
    • Data Scientist
    • Computer Operators
    • IT Consultant
    • Computer System Specialist Supervisor
    • Data Analysis
    • Quality Assurance Analyst

    Estimated Salary After Completion of a Masters in Computer Science in Australia

    A significant factor contributing to the high regard for MS graduates in Australia is the clear availability of job opportunities offering lucrative salary packages. Additionally, Australia’s immigration policies actively embrace international students contributing positively to their high-skilled labor market. Major cities of Australia including  Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and  Adelaide, are renowned for hosting top companies that provide generous salaries for Masters in Computer Science in Australia graduates. IT professionals with relevant skills and qualifications can expect to find high-paying jobs across diverse industries like telecom, banking, finance, hospitality, automobile, and marketing.

    Role for MS in CS graduatesApprox. Salary in AUD
    Web Developer65,000
    Senior Database Administrator1,00,000
    Cyber Security expert95,000
    Data Scientist1,10,000
    Project Manager1,40,000
    IT consultant80,000
    Digital marketing Manager83,500
    Software Designer and developer95,000
    Research Analyst80,000

    There are many SMEs recruiting IT professionals with Masters in Computer Science in Australia. The list includes some of the most renowned employers, such as IBM, Google, Intel, Deloitte, Accenture, ANZ, Australia Bank, Australia Government, and many more.

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    Scholarship Options to Study MS in Computer Science in Australia

    Understanding the importance of education worldwide, Australian universities and the government offer various scholarships to support bright students in every field. However, understanding the eligibility criteria for these scholarships is crucial for making informed decisions.

    The list below explores the different scholarship opportunities for international students aiming to pursue a Masters in Computer Science in Australia.

    1. Student Enrichment Grants
    2. Academic Tuition Fee Bursary
    3. UTS President’s Scholarship
    4. India Bursary – University of Wollongong
    5. Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program
    6. Merit Scholarship by Curtin University
    7. Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships – The University of Sydney
    8. Jack Wynhoven Scholarship
    9. International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship
    10. Australian Government Research and Training Program
    11. Excellence Scholarship from La Trobe University
    12. AGSM Global Reach Scholarship – The University of New South Wales
    Apply Now for an Australian CS Master’s Program!

    End Note

    Given the substantial demand for computer science and IT professionals in Australia, the Masters in Computer Science in Australia is gaining popularity among foreign students willing to study in Australia. It rewards students with promising job prospects,  impressive salary packages, and the opportunity to get permanent residency in Australia. 

    Are you an aspiring international student eager to know more about the admission process and comprehend the scope of MS in computer science in Australia? Expert assistance is crucial for making informed decisions. So, why not connect with the knowledgeable academic counselors at Aspire Square today for a streamlined Australia Student Visa process and comprehensive support for your study abroad journey? Your path to a transformative MS experience in Australia awaits—are you ready to take the next step? Contact us today!

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