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    List of Skilled Occupations for Immigration to Australia

    Aspire Square values the state nominated occupation list for skilled migrants to Australia. We strive to make your dream of a new home and work environment a reality.

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    Skill Occupation List

    Want to move and settle down to Australia in 2018? Well, even if you are very skillful at your profession there are many other aspects that you need to be aware of before you get the chance to receive your visa. Australia’s General Skilled Migration (GSM) program is as good as it is complicated. For this reason many people need professional help when applying for an Australian visa. We at Aspire Square will provide you with all the needed services for a successful migration and will guide you through the whole procedure, but it still is a good idea to know a thing or two prior to filling up the visa applicant Point Calculator.

    What Is The Skill Occupation List?

    One of the important things every candidate needs to be aware of is the Skill Occupation List in Australia (SOL) that is effective since 2010. This list includes all professions that are wanted and suitable for immigration purposes at the moment. This list is managed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and is updated quite often so that it is in accordance with the labor market and its demands. Some occupations were removed from this Australian State Occupation List during the previous years. For example Hospital Pharmacists and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are not so welcomed any more as the states have enough professionals in these fields.

    What Are The Recent GSM Changes?

    If you want to migrate to the country, your profession needs to be in consonance with Australia’s economic needs. During the previous year the overall Australia State Sponsorship List has been cut down with approximately 200 entries to 435 professions. The official name has been changed as well – to Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

    As we are working for years with this list, we know the similarities and differences between the two tables and are still ready to lead every applicant, no matter of the visa subclass he/she is eligible for. For example applicants for the 189 visa subclass have to select an occupation from the new format. The same applies for individuals that are applying for the 485 visa subclass.

    Whatever the name is, this state nominated occupation list is one of the most important factors for every skilled working individual who wants to live in Australia. Still, we at Aspire Square never give up and will do whatever we can to help you and your loved ones to settle down in your dream house and job environment!

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