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Are you seeking to study or work in countries like USA, Canada, or the UK? If this is the goal, a good score on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is essential. At Aspire Square, we offer the best IELTS coaching in Surat. Our best IELTS classes in Surat value quality education and personalized teaching, which is individualized to suit the different needs of each student. 

Our well-versed IELTS in Surat instructors cover all aspects of the IELTS course in Surat including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Moreover, simulated practice tests together with the one-on-one feedback sessions can enable the students to trace their weaknesses and strengths, thereby leading to targeted improvements.

We strive for an organized approach to teaching that includes practical stuff and IELTS prep classes suited to the individual goals of each student. Whether it is the preparation for the IELTS Academic or the IELTS General test, our IELTS Coaching in Surat faculty is always there to guide you step by step. Through our impressive achievements and vision of excellence, you can depend on us to help you achieve new heights in your academic and professional life.

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    Why Choose PTE?

    IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is the most commonly taken English language test and is used for work, study, and migration around the world. For work, education, or living, IELTS coaching represents a complete assessment that could interest both IELTS Academic and IELTS General test takers.

    This test has been designed to estimate the use of English by newcomers who do not speak it and prepare them for flourishing opportunities, whether at a new school or in a new land, so that they can open themselves to new beginnings with confidence. Numerous learning institutions, immigration authorities, and employment companies provide IELTS for various reasons.

    Higher Accuracy

    The IELTS Test is well-known for its high reliability in identifying the English language proficiency of the candidates. The development process, quality evaluations, and marking stages are made known to the public, promoting trustworthiness and transparency in almost all parts of the examination. Institutions and employers have confidence in your skills, no matter whether you are taking the IELTS Academic or IELTS General exam.

    Recognized Widely

    More than 11,000 organizations worldwide trust the IELTS. The international value of your IELTS band score makes it a gateway to universities, professional opportunities, and immigration procedures around the world. 

    Serves Your Immigration Purpose

    A lot of countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, use IELTS scores for immigration purposes. Whether you're going for the IELTS Academic or the IELTS General, our IELTS training in Surat makes sure that you're ready to meet your immigration needs and accomplish all your goals. IELTS scores are evidence of your English language skills and can potentially help you get a visa. 

    Choices in Test

    IELTS provides two formats of the test: IELTS Academic and IELTS General. IELTS Academic is suitable for those who want to study at a university or as professionals. At the same time, IELTS coaching in general is designed for those looking to migrate, work, or train in an English-speaking country. 

    Choices in Test

    Being computer-based, PTE offers a seamless test-taking experience with features like instant audio playback, highlighting, and typing tools, enhancing efficiency and accuracy during the exam.

    Computer-Delivered or Paper-Based

    IELTS is offered in both computer-delivered and paper-based modes, so you can make a choice that is most convenient to you and also fits your style of test taking.

    Benefits Offered by IELTS Classes In Surat ( By Aspire Square)


    Undertaking the IELTS platform paves the way to global education and career choices. However, to reach your desired score, you need to focus on appropriate preparation. That’s why people choose Aspire Square, the best IELTS coaching classes in Surat because of the higher possibilities of obtaining the dream IELTS band score. 

    Selecting the best IELTS coaching in Surat can be the key to realizing your target IELTS band. Where numerous IELTS coaching centers make great promises, what we do differently here at Aspire Square is go above and beyond on your path to IELTS success.  

    Here is a view of the best advantages you can get if you join the best IELTS classes in Surat. 

    • Contact for study supports and practice materials 
    • Systematic teaching methods and individualized guidance 
    • Target for competitive scores in each of the IELTS sub-tests. 
    • Proficiency in verbal, grammar, and writing skills enhancement. 
    • Development of speaking competencies and listening skills. 
    • Teamwork with diverse voices, time management techniques, and strategies for interaction. 


    Aspire Square, the best IELTS coaching classes in Surat, focuses on giving all the students a combination of mastery, practice, and support, which can also guarantee their success. Our IELTS course in Surat will serve as a training ground for you. It will boost your confidence, teach you the skills and the strategies required to pass the IELTS, and open a wide range of options for you abroad.

    Why Choose Aspire Square for IELTS Coaching in Surat?

    Dreaming to go abroad for studying or working? Or, do you want to crack the IELTS exam, which turns into a way to achieve it? Aspire Square IELTS training in Surat is the perfect place to let that happen. Here are some of the reasons why Aspire Square is considered the best for IELTS coaching classes in Surat.

    We are going to help you with our IELTS coaching centers with personalized attention, which is going to help you master all the sections of the IELTS Test (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking). 

    Our IELTS preparation materials contain a comprehensive set of tools that will keep you ahead of your game when going for your target IELTS band scores.

    Our IELTS training in Surat program is eager to help you fulfill your personal vision through IELTS general or by discovering the IELTS academic approach. 

    You will be assisted on how to use time management tactics well to effectively finish one section after the other of the IELTS Test without problems or fear. 

    Schedule your studies within your busy life with our convenient, flexible timing options for the best IELTS classes in Surat. 

    Aspire Square, renowned as the best IELTS training in Surat, has a wealth of experience in helping students achieve their target IELTS band scores. 

    Our best IELTS classes in Surat provide you the chance to get personalized feedback, so you never feel completely on your own while pursuing your goal of your ideal IELTS band scores. 

    Take the IELTS writing section dominance with our one-of-a-kind module full of tactics and approaches to impress the person who evaluates your essays with a high IELTS band score of 8 or above. 

    Participate in a mock test that imitates the real live exam experience and receive some feedback that will improve how they answer the questions. 

    Benefit from IELTS training in small-sized classes where study is given concentrated attention and the trainee can interact directly with the instructor.

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    If you’re searching for those, we will offer you the professional training available to the public, look no further than Aspire Square’s dynamic IELTS coaching in Surat and take the first step towards having your needed IELTS band score and finding endless opportunities overseas!

    IELTS Coaching Batch Schedule

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    What You'll Learn at IELTS Classes in Surat?

    The first step in getting the desired IELTS score is to find a reputable IELTS instructor who can help you improve your language skills. Besides helping you with the reading and writing section, our IELTS coaching experts will refine your speaking skills, which are often overlooked by many IELTS classes in Surat. 

    They provide guidance and assistance in enhancing your overall language fluency, pronunciation, voice tone, structure, expressions, and more. Here is more of what students learn at our IELTS coaching classes in Surat.

    Would you like to experience living in another country, planning and embarking on a global undertaking? You need English as your key, and our best IELTS coaching classes in Surat are here to empower you. 

    Apart from just English teaching at Aspire Square, we are gaining ground in the English language industry. We are equipped with the best IELTS coaching in Surat, and our goal is to help you master the modified skills and strategies for passing the IELTS exam with the desired score of the IELTS band. Regardless of the band you aim for, IELTS Academic or IELTS General, our tutor for IELTS in Surat will be with you every step of the way. 

    Here’s what you’ll learn in our comprehensive IELTS preparation program:

    We will deal with the four sections of this exam, which are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Our IELTS course in Surat will include the types and requirements of the tasks and the time management that is necessary. 

    In our IELTS course in Surat, we endeavor to boost your understanding level by presenting practice tasks identical to the ones you will encounter in the real exams.

    Study the ways to deal with lengthy texts at university or at work, improve your skimming and scanning skills, and find out how to extract the main idea. 

    Our instructors at IELTS in Surat will guide you in crafting clear, concise, and well-organized essays that meet the specific criteria of the IELTS training writing test.

    With the help of our IELTS training, conversational practice, and direct feedback, you will develop fluency and confidence in having clear and confident conversations in English.

    IELTS Test Format

    The IELTS exam format is designed by the British Council, IDP and Cambridge institutions, complements both the IELTS Academic and General test variants. Here at our IELTS coaching in Surat, we support the standard format prescribed by these authorities. Let’s explore the intricacies of the IELTS exam format:

    IELTS Listening

    The listening section has four recordings of monologues and conversations delivered in a native speaker’s language. You will answer questions to test your understanding of the main points, important details, views, and thoughts presented. This part evaluates how well you can grasp the meaning and run of the dialogues. Distinct dialects – each segment played only once. The Listening component is the same for both IELTS Academic and General Training variants. 

    Duration: Approximately 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes to transfer your answers to an answer sheet)

    Number of sections: 4

    Number of questions: 40

    Marking: Each correct answer gets you one mark. Your final score is a band score in whole or half bands, e.g. 6.0 or 7.5.

    IELTS Speaking

    The Speaking test is an oral interaction between the test taker and an examiner. The speaking test is recorded. 

    Duration: 11-14 minutes

    Format: Face-to-face interview with certified IELTS examiner

    Part 1: Introduction and interview (4-5 minutes) – General questions about familiar topics like home, family, work, studies, and interests

    Part 2: Long turn (3-4 minutes) – Speak about topic given on task card. You have one minute to prepare and speak for up to two minutes.

    Part 3: Discussion (4-5 minutes) – A deeper discussion related to the topic in Part 2, including abstract ideas and opinions

    IELTS Reading

    The IELTS Academic and the IELTS General Training readings have different questions for the test-takers. IELTS Reading section is worth 60 minutes in the exam pattern. There are 40 questions to be answered in this part. 

    Duration: 60 minutes (including transfer time)


    IELTS Reading – Academic version

    The reading passages for IELTS Academic Reading are of medium length, and they are derived from such sources as journals, books, magazines, and newspapers. Usually, the writing style of most of those reading passages is descriptive, factual, discursive, and analytical. In all these paragraphs, a test-taker has to know the reason, attitude, or opinions of these writers, which are conveyed clearly through these writings.

    Number of sections: 3; the total text length is 2150–2750 words

    Number of questions: 40

    Marking: Each correct answer gets you one mark. Your final score is a band score from 1–9 in whole or half bands, e.g., 4.5 or 8.0.


    IELTS Reading – General Training version

    As for the 3 sections in IELTS General Training Reading, the passages are mainly from newspapers, books, magazines, guidelines, advertisements, handbooks, and notices. For Task 1, we need to write about the topic “social survival.”.  For Task 2, the test-taker has to write about “workplace survival,” and for Task 3, it is a normal reading passage with an explicitly complex structure. 

    Number of sections: 3; the total text length is 2150–2750 words

    Number of questions: 40

    Marking: Each correct answer gets you one mark. Your final score is given as a band score from 1–9 in whole or half bands, e.g. 5 or 6.5.

    IELTS Writing

    IELTS Writing Question Types

    IELTS Writing Task 1 is given 20 minutes as the minimum time frame allowed for test takers. 

    For Task 1, you are given 150 words only. Candidates are required to compose a report analyzing a graph or a table for Academic Writing Task 1, while for General Writing Task 1, candidates are expected to write letters for the same. 

    When it comes to IELTS Writing Task 2, the test-taker will contribute a minimum of 40 minutes. The limit for the word task is 250 words. 

    For Academic Writing Task 2, candidates are requested to express their opinion in the form of an article in response to a statement, and for General Writing Task 2, candidates also have to write an essay in accordance with a situation or point of view. 

    The time, word count, and grading standards in the IELTS General Training Writing section are identical. Task 1 involves writing a letter, while in the academic version, it’s about describing a graph or chart. Task 1 requires a formal, semi-formal, or personal tone, while Task 2 (the essay) leans towards a personal style.

    What is the Eligibility or Prerequisite for Joining Our IELTS classes in Surat?

    There are no strict prerequisites to enrolling in our IELTS coaching in Surat. Anyone aiming to study abroad can take our IELTS coaching classes. However, it’s essential to meet these basic eligibility criteria for the IELTS test:

    You must be 16 years or older.

    You'll need a valid ID (passport or national identity card) that matches the one you used during registration.

    It's recommended that you have a basic understanding of English before taking the IELTS exam.

    While not required for the coaching classes, aiming for undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad typically requires a minimum qualification of 10th and 12th grades.

    Depending on your goal (study, work, or immigration), you must choose the IELTS Academic or General Training test.

    Are you looking for personalized attention for IELTS preparation under expert guidance? As for joining the best IELTS coaching classes in Surat, all you need is a desire to pursue studies or opportunities abroad.  Enroll today and communicate confidently with the assistance of our skilled IELTS training in Surat experts!

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