How to Study in Canada without the IELTS?

Jan 01,2024


Canada has a worldwide reputation as a quality education provider. Canada also has one of the fastest-growing economies of the world. Canada ranks among the 10 leading manufacturing nations and has also experienced tremendous growth in the technology and service industries. Canadian degrees and diplomas are recognized throughout the world. Canadian work experience is highly desirable by multinational companies who actively recruit on Canadian campuses.

Can You Study in Canada Without IELTS?

A huge number of students are willing to come to Canada for their further studies because Canadian Education is Qualifications valued around the world, Student Visa Canada cost is affordable, there is a multicultural society, it is safe and sound communities, post-study work permits, much better job opportunities after completion of studies, better chance to get a PR.

On the other hand, they have nearly 175 community colleges, private language schools, and corporate training facilities. Canada offers SPP program for Indian students in the admission and visa process. At Aspire Square you will get a complete guideline for Documents required for Canada Student Visa, Student Visa Process, and Visa Requirements.

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How to get Admission to Universities in Canada without IELTS?

Usually in the countries where English is a first language or medium of study and if you are one of the aspirants who want to study there then qualifying under their eligibility criteria the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test is mandatory.

However, in recent times due to pandemic and the lock-down situations in many countries’ IELTS exam centers were closed so especially countries like UK and Canada update their Student Visa Rules and bring some solutions to Apply for Student Visa without IELTS.

As per the recent updates, most of the Canadian Universities have started accepting the DUOLINGO test and there are some more changes made by the immigration ministry.

  • Plenty of Canadian Universities may consider your application without IELTS and offer you admission if you qualify one of the following criteria.
    • If you have appeared and scored up to the mark in other English Proficiency tests like Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
    • You have done your schooling through English-Medium for four or more years (these criteria may vary from country to country)
    • You are a native of any English-speaking country
    • You have appeared for university or college’s English language course for at least one semester or a year.
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Top Universities in Canada that accept students without IELTS

University of Saskatchewan

  • English Proficiency Test Alternatives 
    • One year of Degree Program where instruction and exams were in English Two Year Diploma in Canada prior to the program.
    • Three-year Diploma in case of outside Canada.
  • Other Option
    • The USASK accepting both IELTS & TOEFL.
    • They accept CanTEST as well which design for different geographic locations’ aspirants.
    • Additionally, the University’s English Language Training Program is also a better option.

Brock University

  • English Proficiency Test Alternatives
    • The university’s Intensive English Language Program.
    • Pathways of Language Schools
    • If the previous university stated that English was the Language of instruction and ready to issue an English Language Proficiency Waiver Letter.
  • Other Options
    • The university is considering TOEFL or the university’s Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
    • Bachelors did with the English Language raise a chance to get admission without IELTS.
    • The past 3 years have done in the English Language with decent grades.

Carleton University

  • English Proficiency Test Alternatives
    • Official Transcripts for the last three years of high school, college or University, where education was primarily in the English Language

University of Winnipeg

  • English Proficiency Test Alternatives 
    • University of Winnipeg’s own program of English Language
  • Other Options
    • IELTS Result does not require but proof of English language proficiency is mandatory.
    • The university has its own various programs like ELP or the English Language Program.

University of Regina

  • Completed Post-Secondary Education in English as a primary language.
  • Check the University website for a list to exempted countries and Universities.

Memorial University

  • English Proficiency Test Alternatives
    • Intensive English Program at Memorial University’s St. John’s Campus or Grenfell Campus
  • Other Options
    • The university accepting TOEFL or CanTEST certification.
    • There is another option is the Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) proficiency test.
    • English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Program (ELP) classes.

Concordia University

  • English Proficiency Test Alternatives
    • Additional Academic English course for Graduate business students. However, it is not true for every case, each application will be analyzed separately.

Since the year 2008, Aspire Square is one of the top Student Visa consultants in Ahmedabad and guide students to choose the right overseas Universities and Colleges.

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Top Courses in Canada, Student can join without clearing IELTS

There are several popular programs which are allowing international students to apply without IELTS, as per the current scenario most of the Canadian Universities consider the listed below programs.

  • Range of Diploma
  • Certificate,
  • Undergraduate,
  • Graduate and
  • Postgraduate Programmes

Over the years Aspire Square is providing the best counseling for Student Visa in Gujarat and help students in their course selections.

I got a 4.5 Band in IELTS, How Do I Get Admission in Canadian University?

Getting fewer bands in IELTS Test is a different ballgame than get admission to any Canadian University; since the Coronavirus has affected the world many IELTS and TOEFL test centers could not run the tests as well.

As a result, some other English Proficiency tests came into a picture and allow students to apply for admission without IELTS, and even in some cases, students can also apply for a visa without IELTS too. Here is the list of the testing options which are widely accepted by Canadian DLIs.

  • CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language) – test is conducted by the Paragon Testing Enterprises and accepted by more than 180 universities and colleges across Canada
  • Cambridge Assessment English – the test is designed by the Cambridge and Cambridge English assessment body which offered 2 levels of English Proficiency level C1 Advanced and C2 Proficient which is accepted by more than 200 schools in Canada and almost all the public universities.
  • Duolingo English Test – this test is one of the popular options in recent times because Duolingo Test is online and takes only an hour to finish, the result is available in a couple of days, cost-effective just 49 USD, and most importantly it is accepting by 140 Canadian post-secondary institutions. For more detail in Duolingo Coaching in Gujarat, you can contact to Aspire Square.
  • The Pearson Test of English (PTE)PTE is available in more than 50 countries. However, due to the pandemic situation currently is it available in 10 countries including India as well. It is another popular option among the students but still limited DLIs accepting its result so better to council with Aspire Square before taking the test.

    Over the years Aspire Square is providing the best PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad, whereas we are also operating at two more locations. One is in diamond city Surat, where Aspire Square known for its best PTE Coaching result and Aspire Square’s second PTE Coaching Class in Baroda which is famous for its excellent teaching.
  • Other Options – At Aspire Square we will make you sure that which English test would be applicable for the DLIs where you would like to apply. Especially, due to this COVID-19 situation, there are several other test options are offering by the DLIs so it is always best to ask the expert before registering for any sort of English Language test.

As a leading Overseas Education Consultant, Aspire Square is believing that English Language Proficiency is a key factor of student visas. As a result, we established top English language coaching institutes in different parts of the state.

Nowadays due to the situation though classroom coaching is closed, still we are providing not only the best online IELTS coaching in the city but also we are providing the facility of the top online PTE coaching.

Study in QUEBEC without IELTS – Quebec is also an integral part of Canada just like the other provinces through their immigration and student visa criteria are vary from the federal and other provinces still their basic requirements would remain the same like other Canadian provinces and territories as a result,  Quebec also requires the English proficiency level.

However, due to the Corona conditions, the Quebec base universities also have declared that they are going to accept the other English Language tests like Duolingo and others.

Who can help to get a Student Visa in Canada without IELTS?

Since the year 2008, Aspire Square Career Consultant is providing the best counseling for Canada student visa is one of the expertise of our organization. At Aspire Square students are not getting only Visa Process and admission guideline but also we help them to choose the right course which can lead them toward their Permanent Residency.

On the other hand, Aspire Square brings you all the services under one roof of your entire abroad plan. We are a leading and only brand that provides Study Visa Services, Permanent Residency Services, and English Language Proficiency Coaching in Gujarat.

We have well-established and facilitate branches and coaching centers in Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara where we provide the best Counseling for your abroad plan and offer the best coaching for IELTS, PTE, CELPIP, and DUOLINGO as well. Visit today at one of our branches and get a Canada Student Visa Eligibility check absolutely free.

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