What is IELTS?

Here is five minutes introduction of IELTS for people who are in hurry!

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is world’s proven English language proficiency Test which is conducted four times in a month (48 times yearly) as a paper-based test and a computer-delivered IELTS. The results are acquired after thirteen days of the exam and TRF (Test Report Form) is received on fifteenth day post exam. There are more than 10,000 institutions that consider IELTS as the first milestone to study abroad and 140 countries accept IELTS for study purpose or migration purpose.
There are two types of exam as per the requirement of the candidate, Academic (student visa) and general training (for migration or to study below graduate level). IELTS exam type must be chosen very carefully.

Why to take IELTS?
It provides the access to many opportunities across the globe. IELTS guarantees the accuracy of assessment by following strict criteria while scrutinizing the test-papers. IELTS covers British English as well as American English.

Language skills tested:
IELTS comprises of four modules; listening, reading, writing and speaking.


How to practice IELTS?
Firstly, you need to measure your current level of English. Next, know all the strategies and tips to solve all the question types of four modules of IELTS. Grab the detailed material for IELTS practicing that can help you achieve your required band score. Since you are moving to an English-speaking country, you must prioritize the usage of English in your routine by creating an English environment around you; meaning, you should start talking to yourself in English; start thinking in English without translating it in mind.

Above all, practice makes perfect!

Grading or Scoring: All IELTS scores are between score 0 to 9. There are chances you may get your score in .5 which mainly depends on the band descriptors.

To know Writing and Speaking band descriptors in detail, please click on the link below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EhRkC6OXkqRy3hH-kRTbKZwDO-wTzHCO/view?usp=sharing

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– Kirati Shah

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