Corona Pandemic and its Effects on Australia Permanent Residency

Corona Pandemic and its Effects on Australia Permanent Residency.

As the plenty of countries across the world put their efforts to prevent the spread of COVID – 19 disease and not only impose strict restrictions on country people but also closing the international borders and ban the travelling. Same as that in Australia the pandemic situation still evolving day by day which also restricted entry to migrants and international students. Immigrants are one of the key drivers of the Australian economy but due to the fact, this unpredicted and unprecedented scenario make the Australia immigration program remains unclear for those who want to settle there.

Recently the treasury department of Australia releases The Australia Economic and Fiscal Update Report, which shows the significant effect on Net Overseas Migration (NOM) because of the international travel restrictions and constraints. The NOM report assumes “Fall from 232,000 in 2018-19 to be 154,000 in 2019-20 and 31,000 in 2020-21.” The NOM report also predicts that borders may reopen in next year January with certain restrictions like 2 weeks of mandatory quarantine. However, as per the treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, decision yet to be taken to lift-up the travel ban. On the bases of that, South Australia has also made some changes in its immigration opening program, to read more on The South Australian Skilled and Business Migration Programs Update.

Australian employers and universities have also shown their concerns due to the conditions and impact on thousands of Indians planning to immigrate to this country because Indian community has their own rapport in Australia as nearly 700,000 migrants are studying, working and resides and Indians are holding a leading position in providing highest numbers of skilled immigrants. Nearly 90,000 Indian students are also studying in several Australian Universities.

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