Effective Tips to Acquire Extra CRS Points for Canada Express Entry

Jan 19,2021

Boost Your Crs Points Score For Canada

Dear Friends,

Hunting for a virtuous job? The glorious land of Canada has an ample number of opportunities for you.

Well, it’s very obvious that you need a Canadian visa to move forward.

One of the most prominent options you have in hand to accomplish the purpose is express entry.

Canada express entry is a point-based system that happily welcomes deserving people to Canadian land. The skills of the candidate, its expertise areas, employment experience, education, etc. all are evaluated under the program, corresponding points are allotted and the most skillful candidates are given the fortune to apply for Canadian PR.

The program has already helped thousands of individuals to fly and dwell in their dreamland of Canada.

Hold on, don’t get excited simply. Read further information before dreaming of moving to Canada.

The express entry program is highly competitive where only the individuals with a remarkable CRS score get the chance to apply for Canadian PR.

Now the question comes – how to improve your express entry CRS score. We will explore that as well but before that, it is important to understand what is this CRS score.

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What is CRS Score

CRS Stands for Comprehensive Ranking System. The system is utilized to rank individuals willing to migrate to Canada via the express entry system. Primarily, there are 4 sections under which the candidates acquire their CRS score. These include

  • Core/Human Capital
  • Spouse or Common-Law Partner
  • Skills Transferability
  • Additional Points

Let’s understand this in a bit detail

Canada’s Express Entry System enables you to gain a maximum of 1200 CRS points. These 1200 points can be further subdivided into two main categories – core CRS points that comprise 600 points and additional CRS points that comprise other 600 points. The sum of the two will be your total CRS score.

Core CRS Points

The core CRS points are given based on the following

  • The employment experience of the candidate
  • The English language proficiency
  • The education of the candidate

Additional CRS Points

The additional CRS points are allotted based on the following

  • Canadian degree or diploma
  • An authentic job offer in hand
  • The relatives residing in Canada
  • Command over french language
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Tips to Score High CRS Points for Express Entry to Canada

1. Refine Your Language Proficiency

Your language proficiency is one of the most important factors affecting your overall CRS score. Hence, refining your language proficiency is worthwhile while aiming to score high CRS points for Canada Immigration Express Entry.

You can learn a second language or simply refine your original first language to accomplish this.

For example, let’s assume you are already confident about your English language proficiency, learning a second language like French can open your way of getting up to 24 extra points in your CRS score.

2. Enhance Your Work Experience

The higher will be your work experience, the more will be the chances to receive extra points for your CRS score. Hence, try to acquire as much work experience as you can before nominating yourself for the express entry program.

Obtaining experience of more than three years is eminent to move forward.

Moreover, if you have Canadian work experience, you are eligible to claim extra CRS points than that of acquiring experience from other countries.

3. Go for a Higher Degree

Undergoing an educational course is, of course, a time-consuming chore but if you accomplish an extra qualification program, it will surely help you to enhance your CRS score. It can make a huge difference to both your human capital points as well as skill transferability points.

4. Aim for a Job Offer From a Canadian Employer

If you have a job offer ready in hand before requesting for Canada express entry, it will help you to demand additional points for your CRS score provided you meet the desired criteria.

A valid job offer from a Canadian employer can help you to add upto 200 points to your overall CRS score.

Job Bank Canada is a government website you can leverage to associate with Canadian employers and receive a job offer.

5. Check If You Have Relatives in Canada

This seems a bit strange but it is a fact that only by having a brother, sister, or someone else residing in Canada on a PR or gained permanent citizenship, you can earn 15 additional points for your CRS score.

Note: To leverage the same, you should be ready with the proof of the relationship between you and the Canadian resident.

6. Plan to Migrate with Your Partner

If you plan to migrate to Canada with your spouse or partner (of course if you have one), you are likely to affix bonus points in your CRS score.

Applying for the express entry program with your partner can add up to 20 extra points for language proficiency, 10 points for Canadian employment experience, and 10 points for your academic background that makes up a total of up to 40 extra points for you.

7. Go for a Provincial Nominee Program

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program provides the opportunity to Canadian provinces and territories to suggest candidates for Canadian PR. The program is aimed to pull talent from outside countries to the Canadian land and offers them the chance to settle and reside in Canada.

If you apply through this program, you are likely to secure 600 additional points for your overall CRS score that, obviously, can make a significant difference.

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Winding Up

Dear friends, Canada’s Express Entry System is one of the most compelling ways to step into the Canadian land, secure a good job, and transform your life dreams into reality. However, at the same time, achieving Canadian immigration express entry is a tough nut to crack due to high-grade competition.

I hope the above information will help you to find your way towards your land of paradise. However, taking assistance from Canadian PR visa experts is always recommended to make the best moves. Hence, for more details, Feel Free to Consult our Canada Immigration Consultants!

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