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    Critical Skills and Sectors of Australia

    Oct 06,2020

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    The COVID – 19 pandemic hits several countries’ economies and bound them to impose a travel ban. Their governments are seeing the ray of hope among migrants. Particularly, people from sectors like medical, healthcare, supply chain, food production, etc. Especially, immigration-oriented countries have started appealing to these sectors’ people. As a result, they are lifting up or giving relaxation in travel restrictions.

    Australia is also one of the countries which have made some significant changes in their travel restrictions. First of all, now skilled migrants can apply for a Travel Exemption to work in Australia under the large scale of critical skills and sectors. Secondly, now as per The Australian Border Force (ABF), Travel Exemptions for critical work will be including several new categories of services like mining, supply chain logistics, and food production.

    Critical Skills and Sectors of Australia
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    List of Critical Skills for a Travel Exemption

    Here is the list of exemption for Australia immigration categories for individuals with Critical Skills which can support the supply of essential goods and services:

    • Medical Technology
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • Telecommunications
    • Engineering and Mining
    • Agricultural Technology
    • Food Production
    • Maritime Industry

    Critical Sectors for a Travel Exemption

    Here is the list of exemption categories for individuals who can deliver the services in Critical Sectors for Australia’s economic recovery, particularly when no Australian worker is available:

    • Financial Technology
    • Large Scale Manufacturing
    • Film and Television Production
    • Emerging Technology

    Travel exemption requirements for individuals in critical sectors or with critical skills

    The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force may grant you an individual exemption if you are:

    • A non-citizen for the purpose of assisting in the COVID-19 response and traveling on the invitation of the Australian Government or a state or territory government authority.
    • Providing critical or specialist medical services, including air ambulance, medical evacuations, and delivering critical medical supplies with critical skills required to maintain the supply of essential goods and services (such as in medical technology, critical infrastructure, telecommunications, engineering and mining, supply chain logistics, aged care, agriculture, primary industry, food production, and the maritime industry)
    • The exemption is also applicable to the sectors which are delivering services critical to Australia’s economic recovery (such as financial technology, large-scale manufacturing, film, media and television production, and emerging technology). However, the condition is that there should be no Australian worker is available.
    • Additionally, the exemption is applicable to some other sectors too. Such as, if candidates are carrying critical skills in religious or theology fields.
    • A non-citizen got a sponsorship by the employer to work in Australia in an occupation on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).
    • A non-citizen supported by the Australian Government or a state or territory government authority whose entry would otherwise be in the national interest.

    An individual can submit both travel exemption requests under the above categories and a request on the business category as well. In the case of multiple travelers’ applications, candidates together requests would also be considerable.

    Exemption Application

    This form is helpful to apply for an online exemption request but the candidate also needs to attach the supportive documents. Moreover, there are some necessary steps that also need to follow. Firstly, insufficient evidence and documents with requests may cause delays or finalizing the decision.

    Secondly, the application will be acceptable only when all the documents are in English language or official Translated into English. The Travel Exemption application applied must be at least 2 weeks prior, and 3 months before. Then only you should plan to travel to Australia.

    These Details are a Must to Do The Application:

    Traveler Details:

    • Full Name (As per Passport)
    • Date of Birth
    • Visa Type and Number,
    • Passport Number,
    • Proposed Residential Address and
    • Phone Number in Australia

    Reasons for Travel:

    • The request should have reasonable details then only your application would be considerable for Commissioner discretion/exemption.

    Supporting Statement:

    • The statement describes how you meet one of the critical skills or a critical sector. Additionally, on what grounds you are eligible to get an exemption.

    Accompanying Evidence:

    • The supporting letter from the employer is important evidence for the application. However, there are some detail need to mention in the letter. For instance, business is considering critical goods and services.
    • And the evidence should legitimize and should also show the instructions by the Australian Government or state and territory government authority that why it is critical to travel at this time.

    It is necessary for individuals to ensure before traveling to Australia one must have a valid visa as well as an exemption issued by the Commissioner.

    Do I need to Hold a Visa Before Requesting a Travel Exemption?

    There is no such requirement of holding a visa to apply for a request. However, it is mandatory that individuals should fall into the above-mentioned categories. Candidates also need to take care that the visa needs to apply when the travel exemption request will be approved. In order to grant a visa, all the requirements must be fulfilled by the applicant. As one of the best Australia Immigration Consultants in Gujarat, you can visit or call us to know more about the visa types and their requirements.

    Apply Online for an Exemption

    There are certain instructions given by the department to apply for an exemption.

    • First, there should be one request only to allow per person.
    • Duplication of the application will be delaying the decision.
    • One should not plan to travel to Australia until getting an exemption request letter. Without a request, you cannot board on the flight to Australia.
    • A letter of exemption decision is compulsory to carry to the airport as evidence.

    What Next if an Exemption Has Granted?

    Currently, the Australian Government has taken strict border measurements. Eventually, they want to protect the health of the Australian Community. As a result, a very less number of flights are available to travel to Australia. In case, if your travel exemption request has granted then you may able to travel. However, travel restrictions are subject to change so it is advisable to ask an expert on Australia immigration or you can see the National Cabinet media statement.

    As per the changes, the Australian citizens and permanent residents have been removed from Travel restrictions. Now all the travelers also allow to arriving in Australia with an official exemption letter. However, a mandatory 14 days quarantine will apply to all the travelers.

    Are You Eligible for Australia PR?

    The Government has processing most of the travel exemption requests to come to Australia within 7 days but some complex requests may take longer to get the clearance. On the other hand, they have also recommended the visa process for temporary and permanent residency. Although, the COVID 19 impact may delay the decision. At Aspire Square we are closely monitoring the situation and updates of Australia Immigration, to get the accurate and latest news on the current scenario to follow our news-listing page. Aspire Square provides you the privilege of Free Counselling for PR and Free Eligibility check of your profile process which helps you to fulfill your dream to settle abroad.

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