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    Top Courses to Study in Australia in 2024–25

    Mar 24,2022

    Top courses to study in Australia

    Whether it is about studying or migrating abroad, Australia has always been a prestigious name. International students seek Study in Australia due to a variety of reasons. Completing higher education in Australia is the finest way to enhance your knowledge and career prospects at the global level. Some of the prominent reasons to choose Australia as your preferred study abroad destination are underlined below.

    Top Courses to Study in Australia After 12th

    • Accountancy
    • Architecture
    • Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • Psychology
    • Computer Science and Information Technology
    • Core Engineering
    • Human Resource
    • Medical

    Popular Courses in Australia

    1. Accountancy

    Core accountancy and professional accountancy are trending courses to secure reputed jobs like Tax Accountant and Management Accountant.

    2. Architecture

    Architects who specialize in the landscape design are in high demand. Architecture is popular and one of the best courses in Australia these days giving outstanding opportunities to thrive.

    3. Tourism and Hospitality Management

    Australia have a large tourism industry offering employment opportunities to qualified and skilled professionals.

    3. Psychology

    In Australia, the demand for clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, organizational psychologists, and psychotherapists is huge enhancing job prospects for trained youths.

    4. Computer Science and Information Technology

    Software engineers are in significant demand, not just in Australia but across the world. Hence, for students seeking exceptional employment options worldwide, a course in Computer Science and Information Technology can be one of the best courses in Australia.

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    5. Core Engineering

    Core Engineering is a superb field to Study in Australia. The students who choose to develop skills in the discipline may get the chance to fill the void of chemical engineers, electrical engineers, electronic and communication engineers, and mechanical and industrial engineers in the country.

    6. Human Resource

    HR field is growing rapidly in the latest time and have the potential to bestow you with extensive career prospects. The individuals who are personable and analytical are ideal for this job role and can pursue a course in this field for remarkable career growth.

    7. Medical

    Medical professionals in Australia get exceptional pay. The extremely demanding industry can be one of the best choices to pursue a course in Australia, however, you may need some extra money to accomplish the chore.

    Why Study in Australia?

    High-quality education

    Many universities in Australia have a great international reputation. Universities are committed to offering high-quality education and developing sought-after and skilled minds.

    Availability of financial aid

    Australia has a variety of scholarships, bursaries and awards to offer to international students. The monetary support offered by the country makes it easy for financially unstable international students to study in Australia.

    A wide array of course options

    The course options presented by Australian Universities are huge which gives the students the liberty to pick a course that matches their preference and area of interest.

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    Employment opportunities

    The students studying in Australia can work part-time while studying. The employment experience gained this way strengthens the CV of students when they enter the real-time job market.

    Easy Australia student visa process

    If compared with other study abroad forefronts like USA and UK, the process to get an Australia Student Visa is convenient. With the right guidance and support, the students can attain an Australia study visa by incorporating relativity fewer efforts.


    Australia is an affordable option to live and study abroad. Less money is required to study in Australia than the one required to study in high-priced study abroad countries like the USA.

    Education System of Australia

    Australia has a very well educational system that includes primary, secondary, and higher education.

    Students between the ages of six and sixteen are educated at the primary and secondary levels. There are three stages to this – primary, secondary, and senior secondary. Kindergarten is the first year of primary school, and it lasts for six or seven years.

    Students spend three to four years in secondary school and two years in senior secondary school. Higher education, vocational education, and other training programs are all part of tertiary education.

    The introduction of the Australian Qualifications Framework, in 1995, is a distinctive feature of the Australian educational system. The system outlines the norms of qualifications for the tertiary education sector.

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    AQF Comprises 10 Different Levels the Overview of Which is Given Below

    Level 1Certificate I
    Level 2Certificate II
    Level 3Certificate III
    Level 4Certificate IV
    Level 5Diploma
    Level 6Advanced Diploma, , Associate Degree
    Level 7Bachelor Degree
    Level 8Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma
    Level 9Master’s Degree
    Level 10Doctoral Degree
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    Intakes in Australia

    The Australian universities offer admission to International Students in Two Major Intakes – February intake and July intake. Among the two, the February intake is the main intake offering the maximum number of course options. Apart from the two intakes the other intakes including September and November intakes are also available to Study in Australia.

    Australia Student Visa

    The students desiring to study in Australia need an Australia Student Visa to accomplish the chore. Australia student visa subclass 500 enables students study in Australia. The cost to apply for Australia student visa subclass 500 is AUD 620. Australia study visa subclass 500 lets students study primary and secondary schools, vocational education and training, independent English-language intensive courses for overseas students, higher education, postgraduate research, international students sponsored by the foreign affairs and defence department, and non-award courses in Australia.

    The Steps to Apply for an Australia Study Visa Include the Following

    1. Gather the mandatory documents

    Australia study visa demands applicants to submit a few documents as a precondition. A timely and precise collection of these documents is essential to avoid future hassles.

    2. Fill out the application form

    After arranging the required documents, the students must fill out the visa application form as soon as possible as obtainment of Australia Study Visa takes time.

    3. Submit documents

    • All documents should be submitted in a proper format.

    4. Pay visa fees

    • The visa fees of AUD 620 needs to be paid.

    5. Wait for the decision

    • It could take some time for your application to get approval. To monitor the status of your application on a frequent basis, you can use the unique transaction number of your application.
    Let’s Start with Step 1

    Study in Australia – Estimated Cost

    As an international student, you require huge sums to study in Australia. The best part here is Australia is not as costly as the other renowned study abroad destinations such as USA and UK. The cost to Study in Australia involves tuition fees, accommodation cost, food, transport, and so on. The tuition fees may vary depending on your chosen university, course, and the level of your picked study program. The other costs may lie in the range given in the below table

    Tuition feesVocational Training Programs (AUD 4,000 – AUD 22,000)   Bachelor Level Programs (AUD 20,000 – AUD 45,000)   Master Level Courses (AUD 20,000 – AUD 55,000)
    AccommodationAUD 90 – AUD 300
    Other expenses (gas, electricity, stationery etc.)AUD 270 – AUD 520

    Study in Australia – List of Top Universities

    • The University of Sydney
    • Australian National University
    • The University of Melbourne
    • The University of Queensland
    • Monash University
    • The University of Western Australia
    • The University of New Castle
    • University of Wollongong
    • James Cook University
    • University of Tasmania
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    After the long impact of COVID-19, Australia has finally opened borders for fully-vaccinated international students. Hence, for the students waiting to study in Australia for a long time, it’s high time to lodge an application. The blog aims to guide you on the best courses to study in Australia as well as provide other imperative detail you may need to make better choices. Hope the information was helpful.

    If you are Planning Study in Australia in the near future, you may reach out our expert study abroad consultants at any time for assistance. We can assist you to choose a field of study that is the most suitable as per your profile as well as apply for best courses in Australia and acquiring a Student visa in Australia.

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