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    PTE Study Plan: How to Prepare Yourself for the PTE Exam?

    Nov 02,2021

    PTE Study Plan

    PTE Study Plan: Intending to Study Abroad?

    Providing proof of your English language proficiency is one of the biggest dilemmas you are likely to encounter.

    Although many exam options including IELTS, CELPIP, PTE, etc. are available to accomplish the task, preparing for these exams is another big hassle.

    This blog will present you with effective tips that will help you to prepare yourself for the PTE exam. Let’s start by understanding the PTE test format with the PTE Study plan.

    PTE (Pearson Test of English) is a computer-based exam that judges your English language proficiency and associates a test format. The test is mainly categorized into four sections:

    • Speaking
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening

    The general timing of the test is around 3 hours where the reading section covers 30 to 40 minutes, the listening section is of 45 to 57 minutes and the speaking and writing section occupies 77-93 minutes.

    One of the most important parts of the PTE exams is you can obtain the results in 4-5 working days after finishing the exam.

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    Best way to prepare for PTE Study Plan for the PTE Exam

    1. Understand the Test Format

    Having a clear understanding of the test format and variety of questions is imperative to enhance the results in any exam. Hence, finding out the answer to a few questions like

    • the number of questions expected in the test
    • the length, and timing of each section
    • the layout of the questions, etc

    play an important role in improving the overall score.

    2. Be Selective on Preparation PTE Study Material

    If you search the internet, you will get loads of PTE study material to gear up. Not all material is trustworthy and helps you to improve your English language skills. Hence, striving for reliable material is pivotal.

    Listed below are a few preparation PTE study materials that you can make use of while preparing for the PTE exam.

    3. Connect with the PTE Experts

    Connecting with the PTE experts is an intelligent move especially when you have limited time to prepare. The knowledge and years of experience of these people can prove to be the best way to get ready in a short time. You can find many PTE experts in your area. Always check the reputation of the institute and reviews from the past students before making a selection.

    4. Understand How Much Time Do You Need for PTE Study

    An Important Factor to Secure a High Score in Your PTE Exam is time. The questions should be answered within the specified time limit to avoid deduction in the marks. Practicing is the only way to manage your time appropriately and adequately.

    5. Understand the Scoring Pattern

    The next thing is to decipher the scoring pattern. PTE is a machine-oriented test in which the scores are allotted without any human interference. Also, there are negative marking criteria that can lead you to lose marks for wrong answers. Hence, it is better to skip the question rather than attempting it if you are not confident about the answer.

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    6. Follow the Forums and Blogs

    There is an enormous number of test-takers who have already faced the PTE Exam. Many of them share their experience and details via blogs and community forums. You may also find sample recordings, paper templates, and tips to improve based on their experience. Going through these details is beneficial to diminish the possibilities of mistakes, failures and create new success stories.

    7. How to Prepare for the PTE study Plan In Exam

    Securing a remarkable score in your PTE exam is not a tough chore if you have a well-thought study plan and result-driven strategy. Hence, preparing a PTE study plan is extremely important especially if you are left with a limited time to prepare. As I have already stated, your PTE test primarily consists of four sections – reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The time that needs to be devoted to each section depends on your proficiency and skills pertaining to each section. Focus more on the weak areas.

    8. Practice a Lot

    Last but not least is practice. The more you will practice, the higher will be chances of elevating your PTE score. Many tools are available on the internet that can support you in your preparation. The best part of these tools is that they enable you to practice anytime and anywhere. Follow the sample questions available on the internet. This will give you a clear idea of how to answer a specific question. Plenty of PTE Mock Tests are also there to aid you in achieving the task.

    Miscellaneous Tips for PTE Study Plan

    • Read all instructions carefully
    • Save some time to cross-check all your answers after attempting the exam
    • Do not give excess time to one question
    • Avoid long pauses and halts during the speaking task
    • Do not exceed the word limits specified with the questions
    • Be punctual to reach the test center
    • Carry all the required documents carefully before reaching the test center
    • Make sure to make effective and faultless use of punctuations, capital letters, etc. while attempting the writing exam
    • Don’t mislead the topic while writing the answers
    • Practice as many mock tests as you can
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    Although the PTE test does not associate any passing or failing marks, securing an admirable score in each skill is highly crucial to showcase your English language proficiency skills and open the door towards your dreamland.

    I hope the above tips will drive you to the right track to continue PTE preparation and assist you in attaining the desired score in your PTE test. Need more assistance, our PTE experts are happy to assist you.

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