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Sep 20,2013

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Australia has number of visa category for individual. Like for General Skilled Migration Visa, Family Visa, Tourist Visa, Partner Visa, Parents Visa, Work Visa, and Child Visa. Each visa category defined by particular Visa Subclass. It doesn’t mean that due to more category the process of Visa Application is also become complex.

First thing you need to determine about your Visa Subclass. For what Visa Subclass you are eligible. Like if you are applying from India on the basis of your relationship with Australian Partner then you need to apply offshore Partner Visa (Subclass 309). If you want to apply base on your skilled than you have three option with Visa Subclass 189, Visa Subclass 190, Visa Subclass 489. Some of the Visa Subclass is listed below.


  •  Visa Subclass – 189:Skilled Independent
  • Visa Subclass –190: Skilled Nominated
  • Visa Subclass –489: Skilled Regional

Partner Visa:

  • Visa Subclass 300: Prospective Marriage
  • Visa Subclass 309: Partner (Provisional)
  • Visa Subclass 820: Partner
  • Visa Subclass 100: Partner
  • Visa Subclass 801: Partner

First thing you need to identify your reason for going to Australia.  Do you want to Join your Partner in Australia on permanently, want to study in Australia, Live and work in Australia, join your children in Australia.

Depends upon your requirement for Migrating to Australia, Aspire Square’s expert Migration Agent will guide you that what is the further process of your application. We will you the relevant information in regards of your Visa you wish to apply for. The detail we provide you, what to do before your application, where you should be at the time of lodgement, where to lodge your application, total application charges, which are the available methods of payment, possible time frame of your visa application process towards Australia, documents required for application.

Aspire Square has strong & streamlined process for Australian Immigration Visa. At Aspire Square we will assists you throughout the visa process from identification of most suitable visa for you to visa application & lodgement process till visa outcome.

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