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Visa Subclass 300 – Dependent Visa Specialist in Ahmedabad


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Australia Immigration and Citizenship Department issues Partner Visas of several subclasses. Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 is one such immigration visa that enables a candidate to enter this country and marry his/ her partner within this visa’s validity period of nine months. Any candidate with this visa is eligible to marry a partner falling into any of the following categories:

  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • A citizen of Australia
  • A eligible citizen of New Zealand

It must be noted that by just being a partner of any of the aforesaid categories does not entitle you to become a permanent settler of Australia. Immigrants to this nation must necessarily apply for a visa and be assessed as per existing immigration laws.

Only after proper assessment and verification of your application in accordance with standing Australian laws is a Subclass 300 Visa issued.

Powers of Prospective Marriage Visa

This visa entitles you to:

  • Enter Australian territory before marrying your partner
  • Take up a job in this country
  • Undergo a study course, however without any government financial assistance
  • Apply for an Australian Partner Visa after marrying your partner
  • Use Medicare to take care of your hospitalization and medical expenses, if any. However, application for Partner Visa must necessarily have been done if availing medical facilities
  • Leave and enter this country as many times you want within validity period of nine months

Working of this Visa

An applicant must be outside Australia when applying for this visa and also during the time of its issuance. Sponsorship for this visa type is done by your Australian partner. Both applicant and sponsor share responsibilities pertaining to using and obtaining Visa type 300.

The sponsor must be willing to bear visa charges for the applicant as well as other dependants as mentioned in an application. Sponsor needs to send a completed and signed Form 40SP to applicant.

Subsequently it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit this with Australian immigration department with supporting documents and requisite fees. After the visa is handed over, an applicant must travel to Australia at least for one time before marriage.

After issuance of this visa, the marriage must take place within nine months either in or outside Australia. However, the applicant must visit this country at least once before marriage. After marriage it is necessary to apply for a Partner Visa as validity of Prospective marriage Visa is only for a period of nine months.

Application for Subclass 300 Australian Visa

We at Aspire Square help you in completing this application procedure with proper documentation. Your application must be in accordance to a checklist. These documents are to be provided by you and your sponsor.

Our knowledgeable professionals help you in completing application formalities. Completed applications together with required fees need to be submitted at the nearest Australian embassy either by post or in person.

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