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    Prospective Marriage Visa 300

    Visa CategoryOffshore Temporary
    Visa SubclassProspective Marriage Visa Subclass 300
    Visa TypePartner Migrant
    Duration9 Months
    Application TypeOnline
    Cost7000 AUD

    About this visa

    To get this visa you should have intended partner or Fiancee, who must be Permanent Resident or Citizen of Australia or Eligible New Zealand Citizen and must have genuine intention to marry with him in following few moths of time and wants to accompany your partner without marriage, took place.

    You must apply this visa from outside of Australia and you must have an intention to marry with your intended partner or fiancee within 9 months of time. Once you will get this visa the marriage should take place within 9 month of visa period regardless of marriage location (inside or outside of Australia). If you got married on this visa with your intended partner or fiancee then, you can apply for spouse visa to settled in Australia as permanent.

    Minimum eligibility to apply this visa

    • You must have intended partner or fiancee in Australia, with whom you want to marry soon.
    • Your intended Partner or fiancee must be Permanent resident or Citizen of Australia or Eligible New Zealand Citizen.
    • Your intended Partner or fiancee must sponsor you to apply this visa if he is above 18 years of age.
    • You must be of the opposite sex to your intended spouse. Same-sex couples are not eligible for this visa.
    • You must be able to legally marry according to Australian law.
    • Character and Health requirement.

    What Does this Visa Allows you to Do?

    • Must enter Australia before you marry with your fiance(e) or intended partner.
    • May leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish during your visa period.
    • Can live and work in Australia (No work limitation).
    • Can apply for a Spouse visa in Australia after you marry your fiance(e) to settle in Australia as permanent resident.
    • Study in Australia at school or university (No 20 hour work limitation but cannot get access to Government funding for your study).
    • May receive subsidized healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, but only after you have applied for spouse visa application.


    Applicant Obligations

    If before your visa is granted you marry your fiancé, you will need to inform the department so that the department can change your application to that of a Partner visa.

    If you are granted this visa, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Enter Australia on this visa before you marry your fiancé.
      Note: If you are granted this visa and then marry your fiancé before entering Australia on that visa, your visa may be cancelled.
    • Enter Australia by the specified initial entry date..
    • Marry your fiancé while this visa is still valid, which is for nine months after it has been granted. The marriage can take place either in or outside Australia provided you have entered Australia on this visa at least once before the marriage takes place.
    • Before this visa expires, lodge an application for a Partner visa in Australia to apply to remain permanently in Australia.
    • Immediately notify the office handling your application if you change address or your circumstances change. Such changes in circumstances include:
      • you have a child with your fiancé
      • after you marry your relationship ends.
    • May receive subsidized healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, but only after you have applied for spouse visa application.

    Sponsor Obligations

    If you want to sponsor your fiancé’s visa application, you must sign a sponsorship undertaking at the end of form 40SP Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia.

    If you sign this undertaking, the following obligations apply:

    • If your fiancé is granted this visa, as sponsor you are responsible for all financial obligations to the Australian Government that your partner might incur in Australia.
    • You are also required to provide financial and other support, such as childcare, that will enable your partner to attend any required English classes.
    • You must provide information and advice to help your partner settle in Australia. This information and advice should include telling your partner about employment in Australia.
    • You must immediately notify the department if your relationship with your fiancé breaks down, or if you withdraw your support for your fiancé before their application is finalised.