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    USA Student Visa – A Requirement to Assure a Bright Future

    Feb 18,2021

    USA Student Visa A Requirement to Assure a Bright Future

    The USA, a prominent name in the list of countries providing quality education to aspirants from all over the world.

    The country offers a range of striking benefits to international students enthusiastic to study in the US. Let’s explore a few

    1. Top-Class Universities

    The US holds above 4000 reputed universities. Of this huge list, a few are world-famous and possess a remarkable global ranking. These universities provide an array of distinct degrees and courses pertaining to a variety of academic fields.

    2. Outstanding Student Support

    The existing universities understand the dilemma of international students very well and are more known for conducting continuous orientation programs, workshops, and training programs. This relieves the overhead of youths coming from diverse regions, resolves their academic queries, and helps them to adopt an unfamiliar lifestyle.

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    3. Enhanced Career Opportunities

    A degree acquired from a US university is valued across all parts of the world and enhances the possibilities of gaining your dream job in any part of the world.

    4. Improved Language Proficiency

    Dwelling in an English-speaking country is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the language. Even if you have sound English knowledge, residing in the US can add valuable benefits to your knowledge. This leads to attaining a competing advantage when you are aiming to work in the international market.

    Types of US Student Visa

    If you are not a US citizen and want to study in the US, you need a USA Student Visa as a prerequisite to accomplish the task. Three different types of student visas are available depending on the study program you want to pursue. These are

    1. F1 Visa

    The F1 visa is the most common type of visa issued to international students intending to study in the US. The visa enables the youths to undergo an academic program in the country. The visa also permits students to join on-campus part-time employment of fewer than 20 hours a week. To get your F1 visa approved, you must be acknowledged as a full-time student by a US academic institution (school, college, or university).

    2. J1 Visa

    The J1 visa is a type of non-immigrant student visa that lets the students undergo practical training in the US land. Like the F1 visa, the J1 visa also allows restricted employment to the students. To get your J1 visa application approved, you must hold adequate English language proficiency and desired medical insurance as a necessity. Also, you must have proof of financial stability to manage your dwelling and other expenses in the country.

    3. M1 Visa

    The M1 visa is designed for students seeking to proceed with a non-academic or vocational course. The candidate must have satisfactory English language knowledge and enough arrangement of funds to manage the tuition and further living expenses. The visa does not permit any employment to the candidates during the course

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    Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for a US Student Visa

    Earning a USA Student Visa is a slow and burdensome process that involves the completion of various steps. Let’s have a brief understanding of these steps

    1. Enroll Yourself in a US School

    Enrolling yourself in a US school is the very first step towards attempting a US student visa. Applying by December or January month of each year is the ideal time to join an undergraduate or graduate study program in the country. Make sure you choose a SEVP approved school to request for the program.

    When you admit to a US school, you are likely to obtain a form from the underlying school via mail. This form will be required during your visa interview.

    Note: The type of form you receive depends on the type of visa you are planning to apply for. F1 and M1 students are expected to receive Form I-20 and the Form DS-2019 is the form hosted by the J1 candidates.

    2. Pay the Required Fee

    After receiving the form, you have to pay the desired I-901 SEVIS fee via the online medium. Again this fee may vary depending on the class of the underlying visa. Don’t forget to take the printout of the confirmation page as you will need this to perform the further steps.

    3. Apply for the Visa

    Its time to complete your visa application form known as Form DS-160. You must have the following document ready before heading to raise your visa application.

    • A valid passport
    • Recent photograph
    • Form I-20 or DS-2019

    You may also need a couple of more documents based on your visa type and desired study program.

    You will also be asked to choose a US embassy at which you would like to attend your visa interview during this application. Doing a prior search and deciding beforehand with be convenient for you.

    4. Plan Your Visa Interview

    After successful submission of your visa application, it’s time to get in touch with your chosen US embassy to schedule your visa interview.

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    5. Clear the Application Fee

    Next, pay the required application fee (generally 160 USD). Your embassy will guide you to achieve the same.

    6. Undergo Your Visa Interview

    The next step is to attend the visa interview. Your visa interview is a crucial factor that plays an important role in the approval or rejection of your USA student visa. Hence, prepare well before entering the interview room.

    You may also need to provide a few items and information before you commence your visa interview. This may include

    • Your passport details
    • Fee payment receipt
    • Proof of your admission to a US university
    • Proof of adequate funds
    • Academic certificates
    • DS-160 and I-901 SEVIS fee confirmation proofs and so on.

    If you succeed in the interview, you will be notified by the embassy. You can obtain your passport together with your new visa either directly from the embassy office or can receive it via mail.

    Dear friends, I hope the information was helpful. For further details and assistance, contact our exemplary team of USA student visa professionals.

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