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    USA Intakes 2023: Upcoming Intakes to Study in USA Universities

    Apr 05,2023

    Upcoming-Intakes to Study in USA Universities

    Now that you’ve decided to Study in USA, the next important thing on your to-do list is select the right university and choose the appropriate intake for your higher education. With numerous recognized colleges and universities in the USA welcoming international students every year, one must make a careful decision and have a solid plan of action before they apply for an educational program in the USA.

     Aspirants planning to undertake higher education in the USA intakes 2023 are advised to do prior research. They must confirm if the course of their choice is available in a particular college for a specific academic intake.

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    To assist you in this regard, we have discussed important information about Intakes in the USA that you should know before taking any decision:

    USA Intakes 2023:

    Universities and private colleges in the USA usually have three major intakes in an academic year.

    1. Spring intake – From January To April 

    2. Summer intake -From May To August

    3. Fall intake – From August To December

    International students can choose a specific graduation or postgraduation program and check if the course is available in their preferred university for the intake they wish to enroll in. Let’s learn how these intakes can help you accomplish your study abroad dream.

    1. Spring intake

    Also known as January intake, Spring intake is the second choice( the first is the Fall intake) of students preparing to study in the USA and offers students another chance to Enroll in a USA University

    • Those who have missed their Fall intake (the most preferred study intake in the USA) can grab the opportunity to study at their favorite university(provided the university offers the desired course in the Spring intake). 
    • Spring intakes provide study abroad aspirants with extra time to prepare for the application and brush up their skills before they Apply for a USA Student Visa.
    • The weather in the USA during Spring is pleasant and offers students an opportunity to explore the country.

     While Spring intake has its perks, the downside of enrolling in this intake must be addressed. 

    • You might get fewer courses to choose from than with the Fall intake.
    • One Might have to study with Fall intake students who are ahead in studies by one semester.

    2. Summer intake

    With universities offering few selected courses, summer intake is less popular among students for many other reasons. This intake starts around May and ends in August.

    • Mostly language programs for non-native speakers and other cultural programs are available during this season.
    • Only a few universities and colleges offer educational programs during this intake, and the length of this intake is shorter than the other two.
    • Several universities offer extensive, intensive programs and online coursework options in summer intake.
    • However, only a few scholarships and internship programs are available to students undertaking programs in the Summer intake.

    3. Fall intake

    Fall or August intake is the most popular intake for admission in USA colleges and universities for multiple reasons.

    • A wide range of academic programs is offered in world-class universities.
    • Most universities in the US commence their significant programs and flagships during the Fall intake.
    • The large volume of students applying for different courses leads to tough competition in the job market.
    • High chances of getting scholarships and financial aid to support scholars.
    • Great opportunity for young leaders who want to participate and get elected in student organizations as most college elections are organized during this intake.
    • On-campus jobs, Research assistance, and teaching assistance are available to interested students.
    • Internship options are available immediately after graduation. One can instantly start their master’s education after graduation.

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    Which Intake in USA should I choose:

    Start your research well before the commencement of your application. The application deadline for a preferred intake starts a few months before the program’s commencement.

    If you intend to get admission in the Spring intake, you must start your preparation atleast 6-7 months before the intake. US Universities and immigration take atleast 8-10 weeks to process applications. Hence preparing well-in advance can save you a lot of time.

    Documents Required to Apply for Enrollment in USA Universities:

    1. 10th and 12th marksheets
    2. Transcripts and provisional certificates 
    3. Statement of Purpose
    4. Academic resume
    5. LOR, Letter of recommendation
    6. Your IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and TOFEL scorecards
    7. Additional educational or professional documents. 
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    Step-by-step Guidelines to Apply for Fall Intake 2023 in the USA:  

    Here are steps to follow to secure your seat in a recognized US university for Fall intake 2023.

    Step – 1:

    Research all your options, including the available courses and the universities that best meet your requirements. Look at the List of Best universities in the USA and narrow your search based on factors such as location, tuition fees, availability of scholarships, and educational standards. You should start your research by April-June 2022. 

    Step – 2:

    Visit the university’s official website to know the requirements for admission, i.e., which test you should choose from, IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, or GMAT., and start preparing for these exams and register atleast before June to get enough time for application preparation. 

    Step – 3:

    Once you’ve got the targeted results, send all the essential documents, including SOP and LOR, to the shortlisted universities.

    Step – 4:

    As you start receiving responses from the universities, confirm your enrolment by receiving an official letter of acceptance, and pay a non-refundable deposit for your enrolment.

    Step – 5:

    Submit a student visa application and apply for a student loan. Start your visa application process as soon as possible, as the visa processing time may take longer than you expected.

    Step – 6:

    Book your airline ticket atleast two weeks before the start of your semester.

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    List of Universities for Fall intake 2023:

    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    2. Stanford University
    3. Harvard University
    4. University of South Florida
    5. George Mason University 
    6. University of Massachusetts, Boston
    7. University of Illinois, Chicago
    8. University of Dayton, Ohio
    9. Louisiana State University
    10. University of Kansas

    Most of these universities have a range of programs in Engineering, Business and management, architecture, health and medicine, arts, and social sciences. This means you have more options to choose from and abundant career opportunities to explore when you apply for fall intake in the USA.


    The USA offers students a quality education and is known for having the best career opportunities in every sector. The above guide on USA intakes 2023 will help you decide the best intake for the upcoming academic year for international students. So, what are you waiting for? Start your preparation today and be ready to apply in the course of your choice in USA intakes 2023.

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