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    Student Accommodation in Canada for International Students

    Mar 01,2023

    Student Accommodation in Canada for International Students

    There is a lot to plan when moving to a new country, and when you are going alone, with no one in support, the stress is considerably higher. The same thing happens with international students when they head toward studying in Canada. The first step in preparing yourself is to find a suitable place to live, as this is something you will require as soon as you enter your new home. To alleviate the concern of international students in this area, we’ve discussed accommodation in Canada for international students in more depth here. Read till the end to get the most out of it.

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    Types of Accommodation in Canada for International Students

    Students Study in Canada have two primary options for accommodation. They have the choice between living on campus and off campus. Let’s go over each one in further detail

    On-campus Accommodation

    International students can live in accommodations owned by their university or institute. Not all, but the majority of Canadian institutions provide on-campus accommodation. Living on campus is a fairly safe choice, especially if you are flying from far away., with no familiarity with the country.  Dorms and apartments are the most prevalent on-campus accommodation options. However, there are also choices for those students who have their families along. 

    1. Dormitories (Dorms)

    Dormitories, also known as dorms, are one of the most convenient and reasonable on-campus accommodation options. Single or double-bed dorms are usually furnished with the basic amenities required by students, such as desks, lamps, beds, and so on. The kitchen and washroom facilities are available on a shared basis.

    2. Apartments or Suite

    Apart from dorms, universities also provide apartments or suites. Students who live in an apartment or suite have greater independence than those who live in dorms. In apartments, students have the option of living alone in a room or sharing one with others. The kitchen, bathroom, and living room facilities are shared by all.

    Perks of on-campus Accommodation

    1. On-campus housing is reasonably priced. They are a wonderful option, particularly for students on a limited budget.
    2. These accommodations are closer to classrooms and relatively easy to travel to. This saves both time and money on the transportation of students. 
    3. On-campus housing is more comfortable and secure for overseas students because the universities provide several amenities and support services.
    4. Because the students are surrounded by other students of their type, they are likely to make friends more easily.
    5. Students can seek help from their seniors anytime they need it. 

    Off-campus Accommodation

    Off-campus accommodation is an option for students who do not want to or are unable to find space on campus. These are the various rental options in the city or near the student’s university or college. Though off-campus housing is more expensive than on-campus housing, it also has a number of advantages over on-campus accommodation, which we will address later. In the following part, we’ll look at the various types of off-campus accommodation.

    1. Homestays

    You have the option to live with a Canadian family as an international student. These types of accommodations typically have separate furniture and restrooms, as well as an optional dining service. The benefits of such accommodations include comfort and the chance to strengthen your language abilities (the local ones in Canada); nevertheless, the disadvantage is that these accommodations may be far from the institution and may need you to run long distances to travel to and from college.

    2. Sublet

    Sublets allow you to live alone or with housemates. There are both unfurnished and furnished apartments available, with varied pricing. Sublets may have a contract for a few months up to a year.

    Perks of Off-campus Accommodation

    1. The options are so many with varying rent and facilities.
    2. Students enjoy more freedom in terms of living style and preferences, with no restrictions imposed. 
    3. You have the freedom to pick your flatmates by yourself.

    Cost of Student Accommodation in Canada

    The Cost of Student Accommodation in Canada depends greatly on a number of factors. The first factor is the type of accommodation you select. When it comes to on-campus housing, different universities/colleges charge different rates for the assets they provide. While some on-campus housing options include a food plan, others charge separately for meals. In general, the cost of on-campus student accommodation in Canada for international students ranges between CA$ 3000 and CA$ 7500 per year.

    The cost of off-campus student accommodation in Canada varies from city to city. The most popular and urban cities in Canada, such as Toronto and Vancouver, are much costlier than small towns. On average, the cost of student accommodation in Canada can range from CA$ 200 to CA$ 9000 per month, based on where you reside, the style of housing you prefer, and the utilities you demand.

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    Tips for Finding Perfect Student Accommodation in Canada

    1. Determine Your Budget

    Based on the type and facilities, the cost of accommodation in Canada for international students differs. So, before you head to find student accommodation in Canada, it’s very important to determine how much you can afford.

    2. Be Selective About the Area

    The area you choose should be in close proximity to your school as this will be beneficial both in terms of travelling time and cost.

    3. Visit the Space

    If you are going for off-campus accommodation, it is important to visit the place before making a decision. Make sure it has all the essentials you want or will need as a student.

    4. Seek Help

    Canadian universities provide suggestions for student housing and lodging in the area of the university. As you are not aware of the city and the nearby area, it is better to seek advice from your institution than to proceed on your own.

    5. Review the Rental Agreement

     If a contract is involved, which is more likely to be specifically with off-campus housing, it must be properly reviewed and understood before signing. So, take your time reading the contract and sign only if you agree with all of the terms.


    Locating suitable accommodation in a foreign city is one of the most daunting tasks for international students. It is challenging but necessary. When it comes to on-campus accommodation, the alternative is rather safe and includes fewer concerns, but it is not available to all students. Hence, if you are interested in the same, it is advised to reserve it as soon as possible. On the other side, finding good off-campus accommodation is a bit complicated, and needs you to be cerebral while making a choice. 

    So, for the time being, this is all regarding student accommodation in Canada for international students. The final decision is yours, however, our Study Abroad Consultants can help you to pick the right option.

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