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    Study in UK after 12th – Important Things to Know

    May 17,2022

    Study in UK after 12th - Important Things to Know

    UK has plenty of choices for students wishing to study in UK after 12th. There are many reasons that inspire them to choose the UK as their study abroad destination. Home to several best-rated universities, the UK has all a student needs to drive towards a bright career and lead a prosperous life. If you are the one who is Planning to Study in UK after 12th then you are on the right page. The blog will provide you with a detailed guide. Keep reading.

    Courses To Study in UK After 12th

    UK has space for students from all fields, including commerce, the arts, science, and others. The following is a list of proposed subjects for students in various disciplines of study.

    Study in the UK after 12th Commerce Stream

    • Management
    • Business or International Business
    • Economics
    • Law
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Accountancy
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    Study in the UK after 12th Arts Stream

    • Music
    • Anthropology and Archaeology
    • Mass Communication
    • Sociology
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • English Literature
    • Psychology
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    Study in the UK after 12th Medical Stream

    • Medicine
    • Animal Sciences
    • Biotechnology
    • Biology
    • Horticulture
    • Earth Sciences
    • Energy Management
    • Molecular Sciences
    Choose Your Desired Course

    Study in the UK after 12th non-Medical Stream

    • Mathematics
    • Chemistry
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Automotive Engineering
    Choose Your Desired Course

    Eligibility Criteria to Study in UK After 12th

    Every year, a large number of students aspire to Study in UK; however, not all of them succeed due to one reason or the other. One of them is failing to meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility requirements to Study in UK may vary from university to university and from course to course. In general, students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or diploma program in the UK after 12th must satisfy the following eligibility criteria.

    • The student must be above 18 years of age.
    • The student must have sound English language proficiency skills.
    • Students must have completed a 10+2 education from a recognized educational board.
    • In 12th grade, the student must hold the minimum marks demanded by their chosen course.
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    Study in UK After 12th – Document Requirement

    • Statement of Purpose.
    • Evidence of English language proficiency.
    • Proof of sufficient funds.
    • Reference letters.
    • Academic transcripts.
    • Portfolio (if your preferred course demands).
    • CV/Resume

    Please note, the above list is a generalized one. To get a comprehensive list and details, you can consult with an Abroad Education Consultant.

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    Study in UK After 12th – List of Best Universities

    • University of Oxford
    • City University
    • University of Chester
    • Middlesex University
    • Staffordshire University
    • Keele University
    • Heriot-Watt University
    • Edinburgh Napier University
    • Swansea University
    • University of Durham
    • University of Warwick
    • University of Bristol
    • University of Cambridge
    Choose Your Desired University

    Cost of Studying in UK after 12th

    Colleges in the UK are of two types – public funded and private funded. The cost of Study in UK largely depends on the type of college you choose. The other factors that impact your cost to study in UK include your university and course choices. Apart from the tuition fees, the other factors that make up your total study cost include your accommodation, meals, health insurance, UK Student Visa cost, stationary and other factors.

    In the United Kingdom, undergraduate tuition fees typically range from £10,000 to £54,000 per year. Below is given the approximate annual fees for different undergraduate courses you can Study in UK.

    Engineering£18,000 – £32,000
    Accountancy£18,000 – £50,000
    Education£20,000 – £28,000
    Medicine£30,000 – £48,000
    Business£25,000 – £38,000
    Arts & Humanities£10,000 – £25,000
    Nursing£15,000 – £25,000
    Diploma£10,000 – £15,000
    Study In Your Dream Destination

    The cost of a tier 4 UK Student Visa is around £348. The other costs such as meal, accommodation, stationery, transport, etc. depend on your preferences, hence, vary from person to person.

    Intakes in UK

    UK offers admission to international students in different intakes – January intake, September intake, and May intake. However, all university and course options are not available in all intakes. Hence, being intellectual while choosing a particular intake to Study in UK is crucial. Make sure you choose an intake that has your desired course and university option to offer.

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    Admissions to Study in UK after 12th

    As mentioned, the UK holds a plethora of university and course options, hence, the admission process to study in UK should begin with doing some research and shortlisting the most suitable universities and courses. As all UK universities do not offer all courses, hence, it is imperative to ensure that your selected university offers the course you want to pursue before you move forward. The other important steps that make up the admission Process to Study in UK include verifying your eligibility criteria and organizing the required documents. Then you can lodge an online application.

    For several UK universities, international students can apply through University College Admission System (UCAS). The other UK universities run their own application portal using which students can apply for admission. For any query and confusion in choosing the appropriate university, course, or completing the online application, you can reach a qualified overseas education consultant.

    UK Student Visa

    The applicants who successfully secure admission at a UK university are required to Apply for a UK Student Visa. Though there are different types of UK student visa, the most common type preferred by most of the international students is the tier-4 visa. You may find the UK student visa process a bit complicated and troublesome if you try to complete it on your own. In such a situation, you can take help from experienced UK Student Visa Consultants in your area.

    The documents you require to acquire a student visa in UK include

    • Acceptance letter from a recognized UK university.
    • A valid passport.
    • English language proficiency scorecard showcasing your ability in English.
    • Financial statements demonstrating your ability to manage funds during your study in UK.
    • Health certificates.

    Please note, the list may not be comprehensive. To get the complete list of documents to obtain a student visa in UK, you can talk to a UK Student Visa Consultant.

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    Scholarships to Study in UK after 12th

    To talented international students, the UK offers financial support. The scholarships are offered by UK universities and other public and private organizations. The universities in the UK offer the most number of scholarships to undergraduate students. The leading UK universities that provide financial help to students interested to study in UK after 12th are the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College London, King’s College London, Imperial College London, University of Westminster, and many others.

    Part-Time Jobs in UK

    UK do provide financial aid to overseas students, however, not all get the chance to leverage the same. Only such students who satisfy the predefined eligibility criteria can leverage scholarships to study in UK. Others can financially support themselves by doing part-time work. The students studying in UK can join employment, however, only under strict conditions. The students can work only up to 20 hours a week during ongoing sessions and full-time during vacations and breaks.

    Study in UK after 12th without IELTS

    Among many prerequisites to Study Abroad in UK, one is the demonstration of English language proficiency. Abroad universities demand students belonging to non-native English-speaking countries to undertake a language proficiency test such as IELTS to accomplish the task.

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    UK is a country that allows you to study in the country without taking IELTS or any other language proficiency test provided you have other means to showcase your English ability. There are universities in the UK that do not necessarily ask you to present a language proficiency test scorecard in order to prove your proficiency in English. These universities evaluate your English skills on the basis of other factors which include your medium of instruction during your academics, your marks in the English language in 10th and 12th grades, and likewise.

    Some of the UK universities that allow you to study in UK after 12th without IELTS include

    • University of Essex
    • University of Central Lancashire
    • University of Greenwich
    • Swansea University
    • University of Northampton
    • University of Plymouth
    • Portsmouth University
    • Northumbria University
    • Robert Gordon University
    • University of Bolton
    • London South Bank University
    Choose Your Desired University


    The UK, which is a viable option to study abroad after 12th, offers students a broad array of study options. If you intend to study in the United Kingdom after completing your 12, you are on the right track toward a commendable career. The UK has a rich culture, history, a multicultural society, and many of world-class universities, making it an enticing option to study after 12th. If you are Planning to Study in UK after 12th, stay tuned with us for updated information and details.

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