PTE Essay Writing Template Format For High Score

Jun 04,2024

Pte essay writing template

PTE Essay Writing Task

Before I start with the PTE essay writing, just a quick reminder about the writing section of PTE Academic, there are 2 questions: Summarize written text and Essay writing. From the 2 questions, we are going to focus on PTE Essay writing.

PTE Writing Section
Essay: 7th item type in part 1
Skills assessed: Writing [approx. 17%]
Time to answer: 20 minutes
Word limit: 200 – 300
Number of questions: 1-2

3 possibilities that one should know about the number of PTE Writing Essay Questions like:

1] Summarize written text = 1
     Essay = 2
2] Summarize written text = 2
     Essay = 1
3] Summarize written text = 1
     Essay = 1
Note: If you complete the PTE essay writing earlier than the given time, the remaining time won’t be transferred over to the next question.
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What is the PTE Essay Writing Test?

Writing in the PTE Exam tests your proficiency by your ability to write English effectively. It is designed for non-native speakers wanting to work or study abroad.

In essay writing, you are evaluated on grammar, vocabulary, coherence, development, and overall PTE writing skills. We will delve into each of these and provide valuable insights to excel.

In this question, you can expect many essay topics like agree-disagree, problem-solution, advantage-disadvantage, positive-negative, and many argumentative essays for which you will have 20 minutes to plan and write your essay.

Assessment Parameters of PTE Essay Writing Test

1] Content = 3

  • It checks your relevancy of the topic whether you have stayed on it or strayed off it. If the response is irrelevant, you will receive “zero” points for “content” and the entire essay question type.
  • Check how well you have dealt with the prompt.

2] Form = 2

  • If your response is less than 200 or more than 300 words, you will receive a score of “zero” for this criterion.
  • If form=0, everything=0, you will receive no score for the entire essay writing question type.

3] Development, structure, and coherence = 2

  • This checks how logically you have structured your response with proper development.
  • You need to understand that if your response is ill-structured or poorly linked, you may receive a “1” for this criterion.

4] Grammar = 2

  • Response showing consistent usage of complex grammatical structures with rare errors that do not impede the meaning.
  • Several of basic mistakes even with the simple structures would lead you to a lesser grammar score.

5] General Linguistic Range = 2

  • The language in the response thoughtfully presents ideas using a wide vocabulary range.

6] Vocabulary range = 2

  • Candidate has a good command over lexical, appropriate understanding of linguistic expressions.
  • Using vocabulary range for general topic but sometimes it gets unclear delivering imprecision.

7] Spellings = 2

  • From the whole response, if the candidate makes 1 spelling mistake, then the score for spelling would be 1 out of 2, and 2 or more than 2 spellings are wrong the candidate receives a “zero” for the spelling.
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Structure of PTE Essay Writing Task

  • Understand the question:
  • Before writing the essay, you should analyze the prompt properly to get the important information.
  • You should know the demands of the question like whether it is agree-disagree, advantage-disadvantage, problem-solution, etc. Then, create a skeleton of the content you want to include in your essay.
  • Furthermore, you should also check the keywords, the topic, and what points you need to cover.
  • Always plan before you write as planning makes things simpler and easier, but you have to be tight-fisted in time management in PTE so, use your time wisely. Keep your planning short.

PTE Essay Writing Topic Sample

You will have 20 minutes to plan, write, and revise an essay about the below topic. You should write between 200-300 words.

In recent years, many small local shops have been closed because customers travel to large shopping centers or malls to do their shopping.

Is this a positive or negative development
  • PTE Essay Topic: closure of local small shops
  • Points be discussed: people shopping in malls or big shops than local shops
  • Question type: Positive or negative development

PTE Essay Writing Format

Body paragraph 1
Body paragraph 2

[1] It is a positive [or negative] development:

Introduction: General statement + paraphrase the question + say why it is a positive or negative development + outline

  • General statement: It should neither support nor oppose any view. It should provide a glimpse of the topic.
  • Paraphrasing means writing in your language without changing the meaning. There are 2 ways of paraphrasing: [1] Changing the voice from active to Passive and [2] Rewrite the question using synonyms and different word phrases
  • Outline: The last line of introduction that closes the intro. Like: This essay provides a detailed explanation of both points, supported by relevant examples, and concludes with a logical summary. The given outline can commonly be used for different essays.

Body paragraph 1: main idea [it should be in accordance with the opinion] + Supporting idea [explaining the main idea further] + example [that supports the main idea] + Closing sentence [that ends the body paragraph] [if positive then mention positive development or if negative then mention negative development]

Body paragraph 2: same as above [if positive then mention positive development or if negative then mention negative development]

Conclusion: Summarize B1+B2 main idea and rephrase the opinion [or mention the development again]

[2] It is a negative [or positive] development:

Some people believe it is a positive development however, I think it is a negative development. [if you think it is a negative development, you can use this statement]

Introduction: Same as above + some people believe it is a positive development however, I think it is a negative development.

B1: Same as above

B2: Same as above

Conclusion: Summarize B1+B2 and say why you think it is negative

Note: The below sample response has been written from the perspective of positive development, however, you can write according to your perception. Also, you can structure it as a positive development in B1 and a negative development in B2.

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Best PTE Essay Writing Template:

PTE Essay Writing Template

NOTE*: You can change the PTE Essay Writing Template as per the requirement of the topic.

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PTE Essay Writing Tips: Proofreading and Editing

  • There is a possibility that, out of haste, we could have made silly typos, spelling, or grammar errors. So before hitting next, go through your response to avoid simple mistakes.
  • However, it does not stop here – you should also check your relevancy to the topic by seeing if you have answered all the parts of the question and ensure you have included a conclusion and an opinion if needed.
  • Lastly, check the overall flow of your essay like word limit, understanding, etc.

Checklist for PTE Essay Writing

You can consider the following checklist for essay writing to know whether you have addressed the question properly.

1] Are you relevant, have you addressed all the parts of the prompt? If not then you will get a “zero”.

2] Have I appropriately used the connectors and conjunctions with a logical conclusion at the end?

3] Check the essay structure: 4 parts [intro, B1, B2 & Conclusion], also check the development and coherence of each paragraph.

4] Writing has a rule, whatever you write you need to support it – so check for proper examples and supporting ideas in the response.

5] Check that the response is between 200-300 words or you will a “zero” in the “form”.

6] Most importantly check for spelling mistakes.

Additional Consideration for PTE Essay Writing

Before I end this blog, I would want to give you something that can be helpful while writing an essay. You can consider following linkers and expressions in your response.

  • Introducing a point: To commence/begin with the first view, considering… or you can directly start your paragraph with the main idea as well.
  • Adding something further: To add to the previous point, furthermore, moreover, in addition, etc.
  • Giving opinions: To opine, in my opinion, from my perception, from my point of view, etc.
  • Showing contrast: On the other hand [only if you have used “on one hand in B1], nevertheless, to the contrary, etc.
  • Conclusion: To put it in a nutshell, in conclusion, to summarize, to sum up, etc.

So, that’s all and I hope that this blog solves all your issues regarding PTE essay writing. Thank you!

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