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    Pre-Arrival Guide for International Students to Study in USA

    Apr 18,2023

    Pre-Arrival Guide for International Students to Study in USA

    Congratulations on getting your USA Student Visa. Now that you’ve secured admission to one of the USA’s leading universities, you must be nervous about starting a new journey in a foreign land. Studying abroad is an exciting and challenging adventure for international students. From getting your admission letter from your dream university to arriving at your study abroad destination, the journey is a roller-coaster for every individual aspiring to Study in USA. But, as you start preparing for your trip, you will realize that many things are essential to make it a successful endeavor, and it can take time for you to figure out things as a first-timer. 

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    To help you understand what to expect when moving to a different country for higher education, we have compiled a pre-arrival checklist that ensures a smooth arrival.

    1) Ensure You Have a Valid Visa

    Although many Universities in the USA invite international students to enroll in various degree, diploma, and certificate programs, it is essential to have a valid USA Study visa confirming your university admission. This visa stamp will allow you to enter the USA. Makes sure you read all the visa conditions to avoid unnecessary problems when you land in the USA.

    2) Prepare Necessary Documents

    Getting documents ready is the next and one of the most critical steps after successfully securing your place in a US university. Thus, before you leave for the airport, ensure that you carry all the essential documents you may need in the future. Always have your confidential paperwork in the handbag with copies in your luggage. The records include the following:

    • Passport and visa permit
    • Original educational qualification certificates
    • University offer letter 
    • Proof of finance
    • Proof of payment of tuition fees, accommodation, etc.
    • University or college details with full address
    • Travel Insurance
    • Chest X-ray, if required

    3) Travel and Transportation

    International students issued an I-20 are allowed to enter the country 30 days before the start of their program, as mentioned on their I-20. Hence, make your travel arrangements atleast 25 days before your program starts so that you get all vital information shared during the University student welcome program. Planning ahead of time will save you extra bucks with flight tickets. Check whether you get a pick-up service from the university. If you do not get a pick-up service, make sure you download the map to the university and make arrangements on how to get there.

    4) What to Pack

    Packing bags is one of the exciting things in your Study Abroad journey. From clothes to medicines, Check the weather of the city you are moving to and pack things accordingly. For instance, carry a light jacket, cardigan, and comfortable shoes to cover yourself from extreme weather conditions. Pack your travel documents and valuables in your carry bag and confirm luggage restrictions with the airline. Make sure to keep your immunization record easily accessible when travelling. Also, ensure that you only carry things that are allowed when travelling. Your airlines can help you get the information on this.

    5) Housing

    Most USA universities offer on-campus accommodation for students enrolled in different programs. University or on-campus accommodation is safe and provides students with a rich experience, making it easy for students to interact with each other. Your university’s international staff can help you arrange suitable on-campus accommodation. Hence, make sure to keep in touch with them for necessary updates. Off-campus housing options, including shared rooms, homestays, and apartments, are available. It is advised that students confirm their accommodation before they arrive in the USA. Ensure that the housing you choose is close to your university campus.

    6) Manage Your Finances

    You may not be able to open a bank account immediately after landing in the US. Thus, bringing cash (in USa dollars) worth at least two weeks to manage your expenses is advisable. You can expect to have more expenses in the first month of your arrival than in any other period. Hence, we advise you to have an additional $1500-$2000 for other expenses.

    7) Get to Know More

    Student enrollment with the university is an important thing to consider upon arrival. One must not miss the opportunity of attending a student orientation program arranged by the college. It helps you understand the campus better and allows you to make new friends when you are away from your home country. Arriving 15 days before the program commencement allows you to explore a new country and understand the USA’s transportation, banking system, and working culture. 


    Many study abroad aspirants dream of Study in USA. However, they often get confused and get in trouble after landing in the country. Lack of resources and assistance from universities put them in unavoidable conditions. Hence, one must prepare enough before arriving in the USA to ensure a safe and comfortable time when their academic program starts. We hope the above pre-arrival tips help you make arrangements for your first few weeks as an international student in the USA.

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