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    Top MS Universities in USA for Computer Science

    Sep 16,2021

    Top MS Universities in USA for Computer Science

    Looking to pursue MS in computer science in the USA? You must be keen to know about the top MS universities in USA, top MS colleges in the USA and get other necessary details. In this blog, we have tried to cover every detail in the best possible way. Keep reading the blog to get the most out of it.

    MS in Computer Science is a highly preferred course for those seeking an admirable future and lifestyle. As the USA offers remarkable study abroad benefits, the country is a favorite option for Indian students desiring to undergo MS in Computer Science.

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    Top MS Universities in USA for Computer Science

    A plethora of Top MS Universities in USA offer MS in Computer Science, hence, choosing the right university is imperative to assure a commendable tomorrow. The below table shows the list of top MS Universities in USA offering Computer Science courses. The QS ranking 2021 is also given to help you have a better idea.

    University name QS ranking 2021
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
    Stanford University 2
    Carnegie Mellon University 51
    University of California, Berkeley 30
    University of Washington 72
    Georgia Institute of Technology 80
    Princeton University 12
    California Institute of Technology 4
    Columbia University 19
    University of Pennsylvania 16
    Harvard University 3
    University of Wisconsin-Madison 15
    University of Texas-Austin 71
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 21

    Perks of Studying MS in Computer Science in the USA

    High-ranked Universities

    USA is home to immense MS universities holding excellent global reputation. Studying MS in USA can bestow you with the benefits like outstanding research opportunities, great exposure, high learning standards, unbeatable professional guidance, and many more.

    Numerous Career Prospects

    Several tech giants including Facebook, Apple, Oracle, Cisco, and many others are established in the USA. This makes the US a fabulous country for international students searching for sufficient career opportunities in the domain of computer science. Also, the salary is no bar for deserving candidates.

    Variety of Disciplines

    USA universities offer a huge range of study programs in the field of computer science. Hence, the students can easily choose a course matching their preferences and interest. The most prominent computer science specializations in the USA include software engineering, artificial intelligence, cyber security, health informatics, machine learning, and data science.

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    MS in Computer Science in the USA – Eligibility Criteria for Application

    The eligibility criteria to pursue MS in Computer Science in the USA varies from university to university. Usually, the eligibility criteria to apply for MS in computer science in the USA include the following

    • The student must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical field.
    • The student must have sound language proficiency and must have proof of the same (such as IELTS or TOEFL scorecard).
    • The student must appear in the GRE exam and get a minimum score of 292-328 and so on.

    MS in Computer Science in the USA – Application Process

    • Gather knowledge about the top MS Universities in USA/top MS colleges in USA, intakes, and application deadlines.
    • Prepare and appear in the needed tests (like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE).
    • Check the admission process of your selected university and raise your application. You can take help from experienced USA education consultants to assure better results. Below is given the list of documents you may need while raising your application for enrolment
      • Academic records of your bachelor’s degree.
      • GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scorecard.
      • Employment experience certificates (if any).
      • SOP (Statement of Purpose).
      • Letter of Recommendation.

     Note – this is a general list. You may require a few more depending on your specific conditions.

    MS in Computer Science in USA -Scholarship Options

    Pursuing MS from the USA isn’t cheap. The high cost prevents many students to achieve their aspiration of studying MS in the USA. To ease the financial dilemmas of talented students, many top MS Universities in USA provide pleasing scholarship options. The most prevalent of them are

    • Rotary Foundation Graduate Scholarship Program
    • National Overseas Scholarship
    • PEO International Peace Scholarship for Women
    • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

    The students must meet the desired set of eligibility criteria to avail these scholarships which largely depend on their academic scores, entrance exam scores, performance in extracurricular activities, and other achievements.

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    MS in Computer Science in USA – part-time Job Options for International Students

    Getting a scholarship for MS in Computer Science in USA is difficult. Luckily, USA universities allow the students to make money and regulate their expenses by doing part-time jobs. Plenty of part-time job options are available of which a few are given below

    • Teaching assistant

                    The job allows the candidate to make nearly 500-600 USD/week.

    • Library monitor

    The job allows the candidate to make nearly 400 USD/week.

    • Tour guide

                    The job allows the candidate to make nearly 300-350 USD/week.

    • Peer tutor

                    The job allows the candidate to make nearly 450 USD/week.

    Job options for MS in Computer Science graduates in USA

    S. No. Job Profile Annual Pay (Annual)
    1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist 91,000 USD
    2. Computer Network Architect 90,000 USD
    3. Android Developer 75,200 USD
    4.  Ethical Hacker 75,000 USD
    5. Blockchain Developer 75,000 USD
    6. ERP Project Manager 117,000 USD
    7. C++ Developer 88,200 USD
    8. Lead Developer 91,500 USD
    9. Information Security Manager 111,000 USD
    10. Network Engineer 85,000 USD
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    As the USA holds numerous top MS universities/colleges offering high-class teaching along with a lot of study benefits, it is seen as the best option to pursue an MS degree in Computer Science and preferred by an enormous number of students worldwide. However, securing admission to a USA university isn’t easy and requires reliable assistance for successful acquisition.

    If you are looking for an experienced team of USA education consultants that can help you at every step pertaining to study in USA, feel free to reach Our USA Education Consultants.

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