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    Why Australia Study Visas are Getting Delayed?

    Jul 28,2022

    Why Australia Study Visas are Getting Delayed

    Australia is a hub of excellent education. The country has 43 universities. Out of them, seven fall in the top 100 universities of the world. For the last couple of years, Australia has closed their international borders. However, the restrictions are reduced now. On the other end, the rush of applications from India started building. It is one of the reasons for the delay in the process. Several other reasons are also responsible for such delay so let us explore them with the article. Benefits of Study in Australia

    Over the years, the country is one of the epicentre of the world of high-quality education. Even normal scenario, there would a huge number of international students usually land to the country. Here are some of the major advantages to Study in Australia.

    1. Diverse culture
    2. Globally recognized education
    3. World rank Universities
    4. A Range of Subject Selection
    5. Scholarship Options
    6. Work with and after the study
    7. Plenty of Adventures Activities
    8. Decent Weather conditions
    9. Gain Australian Work Experience after Studies
    10. Permanent Settlement Scope

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    Why Study Visa Applications Delayed?

    Here is an analysis of why the Australia Study Visa is taking time.

    • There are a large number of visa applications processed after 15th December 2021. Since the opening of the Australian borders, the DHA has reported a huge rush of applications. Moreover, the backlog of applications has also increased due to two years of the border closure.
    • As per some statistics, in April 2022 the number of international students have arrived in Australia reduced by 52.5% in comparison to April 2019. However, the irony of the fact is that DHA has issued approximately 1.3 million visas to fully vaccinated travellers since the Wuhan virus COVID 19 restrictions have been reduced.
    • Increased number of non-genuine applications and Australia student visas issued to non-genuine applicants. According to the DHA’s scrutiny report, incorrect information provision and fraudulent documentation are one of the most common reasons for student visa refusals. On the other end, DHA has also noticed that study visas have also been issued to some of the candidates who are non-genuine. Eventually, the refund of cancelled applications and the process of some non-genuine applications put an additional burden on the process timings.
    • The newly formed government has declared a budget for the DHA of AU$875 million. Around one-third of the department’s migration operations budget cut has increased fear. As a result, the applications’ processing time is running delayed.

    Tips to Save the Australia Study Visa Processing Time

    However, the department has recently declared the GLOBAL VISA PROCESSING TIME for the various subclass applications. However, there is some significant way that may save your time processing.

    • Fill the application in the precise format. The clean documentations and form formalities can win a half battle for you. Because eventually, it helps even immigration officers to do the screening and scanning details.
    • Submission of genuine documents is one of the most crucial parts of any visa application. In most, visa refusal cases, poor or non-genuine documents are always there.
    • Do not wait for the last minutes call. It is always better to prepare an umbrella before the rains. You never know, due to any random reason if any challenge raises that affects the timings of the process.
    • It is always advisable to act promptly on additional document requests; your prompt action can bring a prompt result for you.

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