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    The Migration Tasmania Skilled Australia Immigration Update

    Sep 27,2022

    The Migration Tasmania Skilled Australia-Immigration Update

    A range of immigration updates came from Tasmania in recent past weeks. Whether it is about allocation or skilled occupation list (TOSOL) for the state nomination or launching of eligibility checker. The state has given frequent updates.

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    Tasmania Nomination Allocation And Usage Until 19 September 2022

    Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa

    Nominations 225 of 2000 places used

    • Unfinalised nomination applications – 117
    • Invitations issued – 225

    Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa

    Nominations 250 of 1350 places used

    • Unfinalised nomination applications – 41
    • Invitations issued (not including OSOP pathway) – 117
    • OSOP pathway invitations issued – 441

    Update In Tasmanian Onshore Skilled Occupations List (Tosol)

    • The ANZCO 141311 Hotel or Motel Manager occupation is in the addition to Tasmanian Onshore Skilled Occupation List (TOSOL)
    • However, the code is not on the National Skills Commission Skills Priority List for Tasmania.
    • This means candidates with a skills assessment for this occupation will be eligible for subclass 190 nomination in the Tasmanian Skilled Employment pathway after working in a closely related role for 6 months in Tasmania, or subclass 491 nomination after 3 months. They may also qualify for additional priority attributes in other pathways.
    • The change indicates that the candidates under the ANZCO code are now eligible for a skills assessment. The occupation will be eligible for subclass 190 or subclass 491 in the Tasmanian Skilled Employment pathway. However, candidates will only be eligible for subclass 190 when they are working for at least 6 months in a closely relevant occupation. In addition, candidates who work for 3 months in closely related occupations will be eligible for the 491 subclass.
    • Aspirants may also qualify for additional other priory pathways.
    • As per the advice of the National Skills Commission and other industry, employment and government information the TOSOL list is updated regularly.


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    Availability Of Skilled Migration Eligibility Checker

    • As per the recent update, the Skilled Migration Eligibility Checker will be available for The Migration Tasmania Skilled Nomination.
    • The checker will be benefited the potential Australia PR applicants and their Australia Immigration consultants to check the eligibility for Tasmania state nomination.
    • The eligibility checker also helps the candidates to find the correct nomination pathway and identify the priority attributes that candidate may have.
    • The application gateway will be available for all eligible candidates from October 2022.

    Reasons Candidates May Not Be Invited Under The Draw

    • Candidates are not matching the basic eligibility criteria.
    • If candidates have applied for the Tasmanian Skilled Graduate pathway – job offer related to skills assessment or Tasmanian study.
    • Candidates with a job offer but who have not yet commenced this employment must list this on their attached resume.
    • Candidates may have a job offer but did not start the job. The latest employment must be listed in the attached resume.
    • Incomplete information in the Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and resumes.
    • Only skilled employment that falls in (ANZSCO skill levels 1-3) will be eligible for gold or green attributes.
    • If candidates have skilled employment or study will be business oriented
    • Overseas skilled occupation profile pathway. Overseas candidates who do not have the job offer letter.

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