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Quebec Exempted Tuition Fees for Student Mobility Agreement Countries

Jul 28,2022

Quebec Exempted Tuition Fees for Student Mobility Agreement Countries.

Since the beginning of the year, Quebec immigration has swung into action and declared some significant changes. A few months back, the province decided on private institutions. Now as per the recent update on the Quebec Study visa, the province has exempted the supplementary Tuition fees for international students.

The latest change has going to implement for January 2023 intake. The Quebec authority has allowed several groups and countries through various inter-governmental agreements and initiatives. However, only those countries and organizations will only allow that to have signed Student Mobility Agreement with Canada. Read the article to know the benefits and the eligibility criteria to qualify.

Purpose of the Change

Quebec authorities have made such changes to win the attention of international students. They are encouraging more and more students to come to Quebec for their post-secondary studies. In general, scenario students who would like to Study in Canada and specifically study in Quebec need to obtain a study permit. Moreover, to take admission to any public-funded college, the candidate must pay the fees to the college.

The purpose of such announcements is to aim to provide further settlement platforms to international students in Quebec. In the hierarchy, in the last four years, the provincial government has allocated around CAD 80 million to motivate international students to study French, work and settle in the province.

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Quebec Study Program Fees

Particularly for international students, there are various programs available in different public funded colleges.

  • In Quebec, the program fees vary program-to-program and institute-to-institute.
  • On average, the Quebec Study visa fee falls between CAD 17,000 to CAD 24,000.
  • In addition, some other costs like registration & admission fees, health insurance and course materials may be added along with the program fees.
  • Due to this, the cost of study eventually increases and becomes costly.

Check Your Study Program Fees!

To resolve the issue, the Quebec government has brought this effective solution. 

Eligibility Criteria of Exemptions

There is a range of eligibility criteria to qualify for the fee exemption.

  • First, candidates must have to enroll in the institutes that are outside of Montreal metropolitan area.
  • Students must go to study a full-time program of study in French.
  • The program must be under the listed below sectors.
    • Information Technology
    • Engineering
    • Health and Social Services,
    • Education and Early Childhood Education

Eligibility Criteria for France and Belgium Students

  • According to the initiative, the premium benefit is given to the French and Belgian Students. Quebec province has signed a tuition fees agreement with France and Belgium. As per the agreement, students from France and Belgium need to pay the same basic fees for undergraduate programs as Canadian students.
  • However, to get qualified students must have to hold France or Belgium passport. Moreover, students must hold a Canadian study permit from IRCC and a Certificate of Acceptance from Quebec.

Eligibility Criteria for Other Countries Students

  • In other countries, students can also be eligible for this exemption from paying supplementary tuition fees.
  • However, the premium condition that will be applicable to apply for the benefit is that the country or international organization must have signed an agreement with Canada named the “Student Mobility Agreement”.
  • If you are looking for a Canada study visa and if your goal is to study in Quebec then first you need to check whether your country has signed this agreement with Canada or not?

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