Manitoba Announce the Second Draw of the Month Invited 583 Candidates

Feb 24,2023

Manitoba Announce the Second Draw of the Month Invited 583 Candidates

Manitoba declares the latest expression of interest draw #169. The draw issued 583, Letters of Advice to Apply out of three standard streams. However, this time province try to do something different by inviting specific occupations through the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream. Occupation-specific selection and All Occupation draws are separately declared under the stream.

Checkout Your MPNP Occupation Stream

Expression of Interest Draw #169 – February 23, 2023.

Skilled Workers Overseas – Occupation-Specific Selection 207 615
Skilled Workers Overseas – All occupations 298 693
International Education Stream 51 NA
Skilled Workers In Manitoba 27 721

Highlights of the Latest MPNP Draw

  • One of the most frequent to invite migrants, Manitoba is among the leading provinces.
  • Since the new TEER system has been launched the province has not only declared the frequent draws but also they are working on clearing the in-land applicants’ backlog.
  • As part of that, the province did two separate draws that focused on specific occupations.
  • The first part nominates 207 candidates through occupations-specific selection. The cut-off for the particular draw held at 615 points.
  • On the other side, all occupation draw has been also declared which invited 298 aspirants with a 693 cut-off.
  • In fifteen days the province declared yet another draw #169. Invited 505 Skilled Worker Overseas stream. whereas, nominated 51 international students from International Education Stream and 27 overseas aspirants receive invitations from Skilled Workers in Manitoba.

Occupations Considered in the Latest MPNP Draw

Interestingly in this draw, the province rather than target a specific TEER code, they have nominated all the codes that fall under National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 minor group. Here is the list of the nominated minor group

Transport and transit drivers 7330
Retail and wholesale trade managers 6002
Nursing and allied health professionals 3130
Assisting occupations in education 4310
Secondary, elementary and kindergarten school teachers 4122
Hairstylists and estheticians 6321
Automotive service technicians 7241
Paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community and education services 4220
Retail salespersons and non-technical wholesale trade sales and account representatives 6410
Office support and court services occupations 1410

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) 2023

February 23, 2023 169 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba – Occupation-Specific Selection 207 615
Skilled Workers in Manitoba – All Occupations 298 693
2) International Education Stream 51
3) Skilled Workers Overseas 27 721
Total   583
February 09, 2023 168 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 221 720
2) International Education Stream 55
3) Skilled Workers Overseas 32 709
Total   308
January 30, 2023 167 Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine Draw #10 21 60
January 26, 2023 166 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 253 726
2) International Education Stream 60
3) Skilled Workers Overseas 23 713
Total   336
January 12, 2023 165 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 260 734
2) International Education Stream 42
3) Skilled Workers Overseas 20 713
Total   322
Grand Total     1570


From the last few draws the province is focusing more and more on the Skilled Worker In Manitoba. As a result, more and more candidates are receiving the LAAs. On the other end, the international education stream not inviting several students because the province is also not allowing international students to receive the LAA randomly until they have a valid job offer. However, Manitoba is focusing on skilled workers more than international students. As a result, if you are planning to move to Canada on a PR basis and if Canada Immigration allows them to apply for Canada Study Visa then you may put Manitoba on your priority list.

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