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    Latest Update on Study Visa – Countries to Target to Apply for Study Visa in 2023

    Dec 29,2022

    Latest-Update-on Study-Visa - Countries-to -Target-to-Apply -for-Study-Visa-in -2023

    The world is almost recovering from the detrimental effects of the Wuhan COVID – 19 virus pandemic. As a result, most English-speaking countries start giving various opportunities and options to attract international students to come to their country for further studies.

    We have seen some significant changes the countries have declared in the year 2022. For instance,

    • Countries like Australia and Canada allow students to earn more while learning.
    • As per the changes, international students of the countries can work full-time not only during holidays or semester breaks but also they can work for the entire year.
    • Australian Immigration allowed students to work full-time till 30 June 2023 even during their study duration. However, the only condition is that the job should not hamper the study of the student.
    • Secondly, Canadian Immigration also declared a similar sort of relaxation for their international students. As per the latest rules, until next year December 31, 2023, students are allowed to work full-time during their studies.
    • Moreover, the UK study visa has emerged significantly after the Wuhan virus impact. The country has invited a record break number of international students in the last year.

    Now the new year is about to come and such countries are looking to carry forward the series of inviting a number of students. Here are five popular study visa countries details that you should target this new year.


    If you are planning to find a permanent settlement option and quality of education then Australia is one of the countries that you must target. Here are the reasons,

    • Over the years Australia is one of the favorite destinations for Indian students.
    • According to some statistics, Indian students are holding the second-largest population among international students.
    • Nearly 28,000+ Indian students have been granted Australia student visas in the year 2021-2022.
    • Indian students prefer to study in Australia because of weather conditions, handsome earning opportunities and most importantly the scope of obtaining Australia PR.
    • The country has recently opened their gates for new immigrants in the latest immigration year, which was begun in July 2022.
    • If you belong from an engineering background or IT background or healthcare or any discipline of science stream then Australia will provide the best chance to study, work and settle.
    • If you are planning to pursue a Master’s program then you have a chance to take your spouse along with you. Moreover, during the study duration, your spouse can also work full-time.
    • In addition, if you study in any regional area of Australia then you may also have a chance to stay there for six years. Even more, certain areas allow you to stay for five years after two years of studies.


    Canada remains unstoppable to invite massive numbers of students in the past few years. As a result, it is one of the most in-demand countries during the Wuhan COVID – 19 pandemic situation and even after. Here are the top reasons, why Canada must be on your target list if you are planning a student visa.

    • Canada is one of the strongest competitors to Australia in terms of study visas and permanent residency.
    • For the last five to seven years Canada is not only attracting a huge number of overseas candidates but also providing the best ground to settle there.
    • According to some analyses, those candidates who have less scope to qualify for Australia may have a great chance to apply for a Canada study visa.
    • For instance, business management, accounting, finance, and administration profiles, have the best chance to get a student visa and permanent residency option.
    • Moreover, Canada has a range of designated institutes than any other country, which provides plenty of program options.
    • In addition, there is an institute and course both are available for each student. It means, whatever field you belong to you will find a suitable institute and program.

    United Kingdom

    The UK come into the picture in the last two to three years and invited the great number of overseas students. In the year 2008 – 09 the country faced a difficult time due to some private institutes. However, they bounced back after ten years and come again with great advantages. Recent time maybe not seems promising for the country but there are likely chances that under the strong leadership of new Prime Minister Mr Rishi Sunak the conditions would normalize in the new year. There are several advantages associated with the UK Study Visa. For instance,

    • The country is open to all sorts of educational backgrounds holders. However, before proceeding you should check your eligibility from any study visa expert or student visa consultant.
    • Secondly, if you are a graduate and have a long education gap, still you are eligible to apply for a UK Student Visa.
    • For example, it seems that if your age is 35 or above then a study visa in any country may be difficult for you. However, it is not that much tough for the UK. There are plenty of candidates who successfully received their study visas in the UK.
    • Moreover, if you are married then you may take your spouse along with you to the UK. In addition, your spouse will get open work permit, which allows him or her to work legally.
    • If in case you have children then UK immigration also allows them to take them with you. Additionally, as per the UK government’s education policy study of your kids until 12 standards may be taken care of by the government.
    • Furthermore, based on your graduation if you obtain any job under the designated employer then you may have a chance to apply for TEER 2 category visa. The visa type allows you to work and live in the UK for a long time.

    Know More About: UK Student Visa Process & Requirements

    United States of America

    The USA is one of the dream countries among several Indians. But during the Wuhan virus pandemic, the USA suffered a lot. As a result, international students were diverted toward other countries like Canada, the UK and Europe. However, the country has bounced back in the year 2022. Since then the reforms brought by the country is not only remarkable but also attract a lot of international students.

    • According to the data, this year from January to July, a country issued 46,000+ F1 visas to Chinese students. On the other end, the USA has shown more trust among Indians and issued a record-breaking 82,000 visas.
    • The country declared some significant changes to attract plenty of students. For instance, many universities removed the criteria for GMAT and GRE.
    • Moreover, the country provides many lucrative options that attract many Indians. Here are some examples.
    • The country has globally recognized education. Secondly, gives benefits like extensive research facilities, the best infrastructure, extensive research facilities, the highest amount of scholarships available, 3000+ university options, No prior fees payment requirement, and No age bar.
    • Apart from this, students will get the best exposure to enhance their career options.
    • However, nowadays, due to a healthy backlog, the country is unable to process several applications.
    • In addition, due to a lack of staff, the department is unable to process the applications on time.
    • Additionally, as a precautionary step, the embassy also not scheduling the appointments.


    If you are a candidate and looking to Study Abroad then before thinking of any particular country it is better to understand your profile first and check which country is appropriate accordingly. In this article, we have tried to give an overview of the four major countries that you may look upon.

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