Latest Update of the Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZCO-2022)

Nov 23,2022

Latest Update of the Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZCO-2022)

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) code is one of the important aspects to apply for the Australia PR. The Department of Home Affairs usually declares the nomination draws and nominates several candidates. Candidates are not only required to get the nomination upon the latest cut-off points but also the ANZCO code plays a vital role in their selection.

As per the latest announcement by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) has been updated. There is a change in all the occupations tables, such as some occupation changes, unit group changes, and minor group changes have been declared. Here are the changes explained in detail.

Changes In Occupations

Until now Australian Immigration was following the set of ANZSCO 2021 occupations. However, with the latest changes in the Australian labour market, the set of occupations has been modified with ANZCO-2022. The listed below combinations have been changed.

  • Alternative title(s) revised
  • Category added
  • Category deleted and code retired,
  • Category title revised,
  • Lead statement revised,
  • The NEC occupation list revised, and
  • Specialisation(s) revised

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Alternative Title(S) Revised

The update refers that a few alternative titles being added or existing ones being deleted. For instance, the “Drywall Plasterer” title has been updated with the title 333211 Plasterer (Wall and Ceiling).

Category Added

The change considered that the new code has been created with the 2022 Australian Update. The code was not available in the previous version of ANZCO 2021. Here is the addition of occupation added in the latest version is 224115 Data Scientist.

Category Deleted And Code Retired

Two parts have been modified in the 2022 Australian Update. As per the title, occupations are not available in the classification. That happened due to the creation of two or more new occupations from such existing occupations. As a result, the original occupation is deleted. On the other end, the code is retired means the scope of the original occupation category does not affect but its concept has changed or reduced. As an example, occupation 334111 Plumber (General) is deleted or retired and now it is extended with occupations 334116 Plumber (General), and 334117 Fire Protection Plumber.

Category Title Revised

The modification insisted that such an occupation’s title has been revised. For instance, the title 332211 from “Painting Trades Worker” changed to “Painter”.

Lead Statement Revised

One of the occupation lead statements has been revised with the latest update in 2022, the Australian Update. In the occupation 331111 Bricklayer of “segmental paving” update to provide additional precision regarding this occupation.

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NEC Occupation List Revised

In the NEC occupation update the NEC “Cane Furniture Maker”, from the occupation code 394299 Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers NEC of ANZCO code 2021 is been removed.

Specialisation(S) Revised

New specialisations have been added or existing is deleted.  For instance, in occupation 333411 Wall and Floor Tiler, the designation “Pool Tiler” has been added and “Mosaic Tiler” has been removed.


Unit Group Changes           

This table presents the set of unit group changes resulting from the 2022 Australian Update. There are three types of modification and combinations of these are also possible – Lead statement revised, Tasks revised, and Unit group title revised.

As per the ANZCO table form, there are also changes declared for Table 2 Unit Group Changes. The update comes in

  • Lead statement revised
  • Tasks revised
  • Unit group title revised

Lead Statement Revised

For example, 3321 Floor Finishers provides a clearer articulation of types of floor coverings persons employed in occupations contained in this unit group install in addition to “carpet, timber, vinyl, resilient resin and concrete”.

Tasks Revised

In occupation 3311 Bricklayers and Stonemasons, the task has been revised. That is now “cutting, polishing, joining and installing stone kitchen benchtops”.

Unit group title revised – The title is revised in unit group 3941 from “Cabinetmakers” to “Cabinet and Furniture Makers”.

Minor Group Changes

Along with the occupations and the unit group, the changes have been also made in the minor group too. There are basically, two kinds of modifications and combinations that are going to be implemented.

Lead Statement Revised

The minor group’s lead statement has been revised

Minor Group Title Revised

The minor group title has also been revised.

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