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    Canada is Opening FSWP & CEC Draws, be Ready Before July 2022

    May 06,2022

    Canada is Opening FSWP & CEC Draws, be Ready Before July 2022

    On April 22, 2022, the Canadian immigration minister Mr Sean Fraser announced that Canada is resuming FSWP & CEC Class draws from early July 2022.

    • According to some surveys, after the pandemic situation, though Canada is having the lowest unemployment rate, on the other side, the Canadian job market has the highest number of job vacancies available.
    • Moreover, an ageing population and a low birth rate also raise the skill shortage.
    • FSWP & CEC were the premium sources to fulfil the demand but both the draws were stopped due to COVID 19 situation.
    • However, the Canadian government understands the importance of the skilled migrants and as a result, as per the Immigration Levels Plan – 2022 – 24, they are planning to invite more than 110,000 candidates only through FSWP & CEC whereas 93,000 candidates only through the PNP category.
    • The early submission of the profile will helpful while the tie-breaking rule will be applicable.
    • In addition, the reopening of the FSWP & CEC draw may also boost the PNP Draws frequency as well.

    Ready to Start a New Life in Canada?

    Why Changes are Declared?

    • As the country is recovering from the Wuhan virus pandemic, the labour market is demanding more and more skilled employees. As a result, skilled migrants are in huge demand.
    • After the announcement, Mr Fraser has also said that “With the economy growing faster than employers can hire new workers, Canada needs to look at every option so that we have the skills and labour needed to fuel our growth
    • Over the years FSWP and CEC draw is one of the premium sources for the Canada Immigration and Canadian Labour Market to provide the skilled migrants from around the world. Now, there are high chances that once again these draws will also be proven Canada’s primary option to attract international talent.

    How To Prepare Yourself For Express Entry Before July 2022?

    If you are looking to migrate to Canada in the upcoming time then it seems the correct time to swing into the action. Here are some of the tips that may help you to find out a way, how to prepare yourself for the Express Entry before or till July 2022.

    • First of all, you need to understand that you just need to qualify for the basic steps and based on that you can prepare your Express Entry profile. Three basic steps can help you to enter the express entry pool.

    Start Your Immigration Process Early!
    Whereas, for the French language there are two tests valid by the Canada Immigration

    • TEF – Test D’évaluation de Français
    • TCT – Test de Connaissance du Français


    During the Wuhan virus pandemic, Canada might not face the challenge as other countries have seen because of the advanced health and medical support and infrastructure. However, the biggest loss, under which they have gone through was the economic downfall. One of the basic reasons for this downfall was entry ban on foreign migrants and international students. As the world has almost come out from the detrimental effects of the Wuhan virus, most countries including Canada have opened their international borders too. This recent announcement by the immigration minister indicates that the primary pathway of Canada Immigration is just opening in a couple of months. The country is ready to invite a good number of migrants than in the past two years and potential candidates may get a clear pathway to reach their destination.

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