Canada Express Entry And Provincial Nomination Announcements

Nov 10,2022

Canada's New Express Entry Draw Announce

The new month has begun with a combination of different updates. There is a series of announcements that have been declared by the Canadian government and the IRCC. Apart from this, the provinces like Ontario, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan also brought new announcements on the floor.

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The Latest Express Entry Draw

The latest Express Entry Draw #232 was declared on September 28, 2022, under all categories. The draw has invited 3,750 candidates with a cut-off of 504 CRS Points.

On 9th November 2022 (Wednesday) the IRCC declared the latest #235 Express Entry Draw. The draw has been declared under all categories nomination categories. The recent draw has invited a total of 4,750 candidates with a cut-off of 494 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points.

The Latest Draw And their Comparison

Draw’s Number Date of Draw Immigration Program Invitation  To Apply CRS Cut-Off
235 November 9, 2022 No Program Specified 4,750 494
234 October 26, 2022 No Program Specified 4,750 496
233 October 12, 2022 No Program Specified 4,250 500
232 September 28, 2022 No Program Specified 3,750 504
231 September 14, 2022 No Program Specified 3,250 510
230 August 31, 2022 No program specified 2,750 516
229 August 17, 2022 No program specified 2,250 525
228 August 3, 2022 No program specified 2,000 533
227 July 20, 2022 No program specified 1,750 542
226 July 6, 2022 No program specified 1,500 557
Total No Program Specific Invitations Till Now 27,554

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CRS Score Distribution in the Express Entry Pool as of November 07, 2022

CRS Score Range Number of Candidates
601-1200 958
501-600 1,206
451-500 63,525
491-500 4,366
481-490 10,270
471-480 19,388
461-470 16,633
451-460 12,868
401-450 58,522
441-450 12,320
431-440 12,856
421-430 9,871
411-420 11,194
401-410 12,281
351-400 68,711
301-350 35,610
0-300 5,087
TOTAL 233,619

The Latest Sinp Draw

Saskatchewan province came again with the latest draw. This is the fifth consecutive draw of the month. A total of 1146 overseas candidates are nominated by the province from the express entry and occupation-in-demand categories.

After a break of almost one month, Saskatchewan came with the latest draw. This new draw is declared under the three categories. Express Entry, Occupation-In-Demand and Ukraine Special Measure. A total number of 35 aspirants have received the nomination from the draw.

The Latest Saskatchewan Draw

Date of ITA Category Score of Lowest-Ranked Candidate to Apply Total Candidates Invited to Apply
November 8, 2022 Express Entry 69 10
November 8, 2022 Occupations In-Demand 69 21
November 8, 2022 Ukraine as a Special Measure 64 04


In the latest draw, the province has nominated the highest number of NOCs of the year. In the Express Entry draw category, a total of 82 NOCs have been nominated whereas in occupation-in-demand a total of 94 NOCs have been nominated.

The particular draw is a bit low than the previous ones, in terms of invitations and nominated NOCs. For instance, on September 28’s draw, the Express Entry category has been nominated 639 applicants from 82 Occupations (NOCs). Whereas, the latest draw has nominated just 10 candidates from the Express Entry category. Moreover, this time only 6 six NOCs have been nominated by the province.

Express Entry & Occupations In-Demand Invited NOCs

New Pilot Program by Ontario

As per the latest update from Ontario province, they have launched the OINP Entrepreneur Success Initiative (OINP-ESI) program.

  • This is a pilot program that will be administered by the Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC).
  • The program will be a part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
  • As per the Ontario Economic Outlook & Fiscal Review 2021, the initiative of build Ontario will support 100 immigrant entrepreneurs to establish and grow businesses outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

Nova Scotia Invited Entrepreneurs

After waiting for almost a year Nova Scotia announced the draw under the entrepreneurs’ category. The latest draw has been issued under the two streams Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). After 11 months of waiting, the province has held the business immigration draw.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur 2022 Draws Table

Draw Date Stream Number of invitations The Score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited
01/11/22 Entrepreneur 6 128
International Graduate Entrepreneur 6 47

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