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    Master of Mechanical Engineering In Australia: Top Universities, Admission Process & Eligibility Criteria

    Jan 05,2024

    As industries evolve towards advanced technologies, the demand for skilled mechanical engineers is on the rise. Pursuing Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia is a strategic move in response to the growing demand and promising growth within the field. The program is designed to teach advanced concepts and technologies in mechanical engineering, helping students tackle complex problems in the field. Australia, with its robust economy and thriving industrial landscape, has a consistent need for mechanical engineers equipped with advanced knowledge and practical skills. By pursuing a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia, you’re preparing yourself for leadership roles in the constantly evolving field of mechanical engineering.

    In today’s blog, we’ll embark on a journey to see what makes a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia so demanding, what the opportunities are upon successful completion of the program, how you can pursue your dream to study a Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia. Stay tuned, folks, to know more!

    Why Study Master in Mechanical Engineering Australia?

    Studying for a MS in Mechanical Engineering in Australia is a compelling choice for aspiring engineers seeking a world-class education and promising career prospects. Several reasons that contribute to the growing demand of pursuing Master degree in Mechanical Engineering in Australia are:

    • As of June 2023, approximately 4,000 mechanical engineering positions were advertised throughout Australia.
    • The demand of Mechanical engineers in Australia extends across various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, and more. 
    • According to the priority occupation list, mechanical engineers in the STEM field have greater opportunities to get permanent residency and advance their careers in Australia.
    • Mechanical engineers in Australia earn an annual salary ranging from $85,000 to $115,000 on average.
    • Australia’s mechanical engineering programs are designed to align with industry needs. Students engage with contemporary engineering practices, emerging technologies, and real-world applications, making them well-prepared for the demands of the professional landscape.
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    Course Highlight: Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    ProgramMaster of Mechanical Engineering
    Duration2 Years
    Program typePost-graduate
    EligibilityBachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent from a recognized university
    Entrance testGRE verbal: 160  GRE quant: 164
    Language tests IELTS , TOEFL iBt, PTE academic
    Tuition feeAUD 30,000 to AUD 55,000
    JobsPlant Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Design Engineers, Maintenance Engineer, Project Engineer
    Average SalaryAUD 1,02,000

    Top Universities for Master in Mechanical Engineering Australia:

    Australia boasts some of the world’s top universities for Master in Mechanical Engineering, offering cutting-edge programs and research opportunities.  These universities emphasize a comprehensive curriculum, covering advanced topics in mechanical engineering, robotics, and materials science. Below is a list of top 10 universities to study for a Master degree in mechanical engineering in Australia.

    Sr. NoUniversityCityQS World Ranking
    1University of MelbourneMelbourne33
    2University of SydneySydney41
    3Monash UniversityMelbourne57
    4University of AdelaideAdelaide109
    5University of Western AustraliaPerth90
    6University of Technology SydneySydney137
    7University of New CastleCallaghan192
    8RMIT UniversityMelbourne190
    9The University of New South WalesSydney45
    10Queensland University of TechnologyBrisbane213
    Click to Explore Top Universities for Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    Cost of Study Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    The cost of studying for a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia varies depending on the university and location. On average, international students can expect to pay between AUD 27,000 to AUD 55,000 per year for tuition. Here is a table showing the approximate tuition fees in top universities for a Master in mechanical engineering in Australia.

    UniversityTuition Fees(AUD)Tuition Fees(INR)
    University of Melbourne1,41,03080,37,121
    University of Sydney69,00039,32,471
    Monash University77,80044,33,900
    University of Adelaide84,00047,87,269
    University of Western Australia79,60045,37,000
    University of Technology Sydney71,72040,88,000
    University of New Castle1,19,47068,11,000
    RMIT University71,04040,50,000
    The University of New South Wales73,00041,61,685
    Queensland University of Technology60,40034,43,366
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    Eligibility for a Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia:

    While the entry criteria for enrolling in a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia differ among universities, here is a general overview of the fundamental admission prerequisites prospective students must meet:

    1. You should have at least 60% to 70%  in your bachelor’s degree, and it should be in a related subject.
    2. You must have an undergraduate degree in the same or equivalent field of study.
    3. You must have a minimum  GRE test score to be accepted into the program.
    4. You must prove your English language proficiency with at least 6.5 band in IELTS, and 79 in TOEFL.

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    Required Documents for a MS in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    Besides satisfying the eligibility requirements for admission to MS in Mechanical Engineering in Australia, you must also provide essential documents as a part of your application process. Below is the list of documents to submit to the university. Make sure to prepare the documents well in advance to secure your seat in the desired university.

    • Academic transcripts
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • Letter of recommendation (LOR)
    • Proof of Previous work experience
    • Updated Resume
    • Language proficiency test results
    • GRE test score

    Applicants must provide accurate and genuine documents to avoid the chances of your application being rejected.

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    Steps to Apply for Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    Getting admission into a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia requires a thorough understanding of the application process which include a series of steps to follow. Prospective students interested in pursuing studies for a Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia must follow the below mentioned steps to ensure a successful enrollment.

    1. Research and Compile a Shortlist: Do your research for Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia programs offered by various universities, taking into account factors such as faculty expertise, tuition fees, location, and institutional reputation. Narrow down your choices based on personal preferences.
    2. Confirm Eligibility: Verify that you satisfy the admission criteria, which include academic qualifications, English language proficiency, and any additional prerequisites such as work experience or standardized test scores.
    3. Complete the Application: Fill out the online application form, providing necessary documents like transcripts, curriculum vitae (CV), a statement of purpose, and recommendation letters. Note that certain institutions may request GMAT or GRE scores.
    4. Application Evaluation: The admissions committee will evaluate your application, taking into consideration your academic performance, professional background, and letters of recommendation.
    5. Interview (if required): Some institutions may conduct interviews through video calls, phone conversations, or in-person meetings as part of the selection process.
    6. Receive Admission Offer: If chosen, you will receive an offer letter outlining the terms of admission, program commencement date, tuition fees, and any conditions. Accept the offer before the specified deadline and make the necessary payments to secure your spot.
    7. Visa Application: International students must apply for Australia student visa, adhering to health, character, and financial requirements.
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    Scholarships for Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia for International Students

    Studying in Australia can be expensive compared to other nations, but universities offer numerous scholarships to make education achievable for interested foreign students. Here’s a brief rundown of some well-known scholarships for international students studying for a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia:

    ScholarshipOffered ByAmount(AUD)
    Masters of Professional Engineering International ScholarshipUniversity of MonashAUD 20,000
    Post Graduate Academic Excellence ScholarshipUniversity of Wollongong30% Tuition fee waiver
    Global Excellence Academic ScholarshipUniversity of Adelaide50% Tuition fee waiver
    UQ Engineering Latin American scholarshipUniversity of QueenslandUpto AUD 10,000 per year
    FEBE International Engineering and Technology Postgraduate Coursework ScholarshipUniversity of New CastleUpto AUD 18,000
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    Job & Career Opportunities after MS in Mechanical Engineering in Australia 

    A Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia presents graduates with diverse career paths in aerospace, automotive, energy, and manufacturing sectors. Opportunities include roles as mechanical engineers, specializing in renewable energy or contributing to cutting-edge innovations in robotics and automation. With strong emphasis on research and development, graduates are well-prepared for leadership and consultancy positions. The competitive average salary in the field ensures a satisfying return on the educational investment, making the program a solid foundation for a successful career in mechanical engineering.

    Job TitleAverage annual salary
    Process EngineerAUD 85,700
    Mechanical design engineerAUD 78,000
    Maintainance PlannerAUD 97,200
    Plant Mechanical EngineerAUD 79,040
    Project EngineerAUD 90,540
    Senior Mechanical EngineerAUD 1,20,410

    Top Companies Recruiting Graduates with Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    Australian mechanical companies are actively seeking proficient mechanical engineers capable of meeting their innovation requirements for new technologies. Some of the leading companies in Australia that consistently hire skilled mechanical engineers in their workforce are listed below:

    • ADB Safegate
    • Sandvik
    • Siemens
    • Hatch
    • Bayer
    • METSO
    • ARUP
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    Is Pursuing a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia worthwhile?

    Of Course. Studying for a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia is indeed worthwhile. Australia is known for its excellent education, modern facilities, and advanced research options in engineering. The country’s focus on innovation and technology makes studying for a Master in Mechanical Engineering in Australia a valuable and fulfilling decision, especially for those who want a high-quality education.

    For additional information on pursuing a Masters of Mechanical Engineering in Australia, contact our knowledgeable education consultants at Aspire Square. They are here to assist you at every stage of your Australia Study visa process. Best of luck!

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