Upcoming Intakes to Study in Australia 2024-2025

Jan 01,2024

Study in Australia Intake 2024

As we step into the promising year of 2024, international students aspiring to study in Australia have a remarkable opportunity to study and work in the country, thanks to the significant academic Australia intakes announced by universities. This upcoming Australia intake 2024 promises fresh opportunities, experiences, and adventures for students worldwide. 

With an annual influx of over 5 million international student applicants for Australia intake 2024, the February Intake In Australia 2024 (primary Australia intake) 2024 presents an ideal pathway for those aspiring to study abroad. In this blog, we’ll explore types of intakes in Australia, and guide you in your preparation for Australia intake 2024 with essential information.

Are You Preparing for Australia 2024 Intake?

Why Choose Australia?

Australia is a top destination for international students seeking quality education and a unique global experience. Several factors make Australia an ideal option to pursue higher education. Firstly, its world-class universities consistently rank among the best globally, offering a wide range of programs and excellent research opportunities. Moreover, the country’s diverse and multicultural environment fosters a welcoming atmosphere, promoting cultural exchange and enhancing one’s global perspective. Additionally, Australia’s stunning landscapes, outdoor activities, and vibrant cities make it an exciting and enriching destination for international students. Thus, if you are planning to study abroad next years, then Australia is the best choice.

Available Australia Intake 2024 for International Students

Major Australia Intakes 2024

Australia offers two major intakes for international students in 2024: Australia February Intake and July Intake in Australia 2024. 

1). Australia February Intakes In 2025

February Intake In Australia is a popular intake in Australia, as it offers a wide range of course options. The intake generally spans from February or early March to late May or early June. Australian Feb Intake Deadline is the month of December 2024. During February Intake In Australia 2025 scholarships and financial assistance options are easily available, which makes it a prominent intake for study abroad aspirants.

2). July Intake in Australia 2024

The July Intake in Australia 2024, commonly referred to as Semester 2 intake in Australian Universities is also a major Australia intake. The application deadlines for July intake close by the end of May. This Australia intake 2024 spans from late July or early August to November. Although applications received in this intake are lesser than the February intake in Australia 2024, as a result limited number of scholarship options are available during this Australia intake.

Besides these two major intakes, there is a less popular Australia intake which starts in November. However, only a few Australian universities offer limited programs in this intake.

It’s worth mentioning that Australia masters intake 2024 degree programs in Australia may feature various application rounds, such as Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3. Additionally, certain universities might have distinct deadlines for both course and scholarship applications. 

Prominent business schools like the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales typically adhere to a round-based application system spanning from early August to mid-June. To obtain precise Australia University application deadline 2024, students should consult the specific institution and program of their choice.

Australia Intakes

Minor Australia Intakes 2024

Australia September or November Intake 2024

Specifically, Australia offers two intakes – February intake and July intake in Australia, allowing international students to apply for enrolment at their chosen universities. Though it offers a very limited number of university and course options, a third intake known as September or November intakes in Australia is also there. The semester is another name for intakes. The February intake is Australia’s main intake, and it receives a lot of applications. On the other hand, the July intake accepts only a limited number of applications and offers finite courses.

Minor Australia Intake 2024 Minor Australia Intake 2024 Deadline
Intake 1 (February)October- November
Intake 2 (July)April- May
Intake 3 (November)September
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Is Australia November intake 2024 open for Australia Study Visa?

Yes, currently the intake is open to apply. However, if you are planning to apply for a particular intakes in Australia then until September month you should be ready to lodge the final application.

November Intake Universities in Australia

Understanding which universities are presently accepting applications for the November intake is essential. Only a limited number of courses are available during the November intake 2024, so it’s important to verify if your desired course is being offered before submitting your application.

Below is a compilation of September intake universities in Australia along with their QS World Ranking for 2024. Feel free to examine the list and consult with one of our counselors to explore your course alternatives.

Discover the list of November intake universities in Australia with diverse courses starting in November. These universities offer top-notch education and a chance to experience different cultures.

November Intake Universities in AustraliaAvailable Courses in November Intake in AustraliaQS World Ranking for 2024
Australian National University (ANU)Provides a wide collection of courses30
The University of MelbourneKnown for its broad course offerings33
The University of SydneyProvides a range of courses across multiple fields41
The University of QueenslandKnown for its business and IT programs50
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Offers a variety of professional and short-term courses45
Monash UniversityOffers a variety of professional and short-term courses57
The University of Western AustraliaKnown for its broad course offerings90
The University of AdelaideProvides a range of courses across multiple fields109
The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)Known for its broad course offerings192
RMIT UniversityProvides a wide collection of courses190
Curtin UniversityProvides a range of courses across multiple fields193

How to apply for November Australia Intake 2024 for international students?

  • Research study relevant universities and programs.
  • Apply for the conditional offer letter
  • Meet the eligibility criteria (e.g. Language Score & Fund)
  • Get an unconditional offer letter
  • Pay the fees & obtain health insurance
  • Apply for the visa.

Is GRE or GMAT Necessary to Apply for November intake in Australia 2024?

GRE or GMAT is not mandatory to Apply for Australia Study Visa. However, some universities and programs may require it at the time of the application. On the other end, the score may help to obtain the scholarships.

Which English Language Tests are accepted for November 2024 intake in Australia?

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)
  • Occupational English Test (OET)
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced test

How much English Language Test Score is required to apply for November 2024 intake in Australia?

  • IELTS – overall score of 6.0 to 6.5 (no band less than 5.5 to 6.0)
  • TOEFL (internet-based test) – overall score of 60 to 90
  • PTE Academic – overall score of 50 to 64.
  • CAE – overall score of 169 to 176 (no less than 169 in any category)
  • OET – Pass (A or B)

February Intake in Australia 2025

Application Deadline for February intake in Australia

IntakeApplication Deadline
February IntakeOctober- November

Benefits of Taking Admission During the February Intake in Australia 2024

Enrolling for the February 2024 intake in Australia offers numerous advantages for aspiring students. This strategically timed intake presents a host of benefits, including optimal academic scheduling and a unique opportunity to experience a vibrant Australian summer. Explore the compelling reasons to consider this Australia February intake for your educational journey.

1). Wide Range of Courses

The Australia February 2024 Intake offers an extensive selection of courses, enabling students to choose from a variety of academic programs and fields of study.

2). Primary Entry Point

The main admission window in Australia February Intake 2024 is the primary entry point. During this period, students who apply have a better chance of acceptance since universities receive numerous applications.

3). Ample Time for Adjustment

Students enrolling in the Australia February Intake 2024 have more time to acclimatize to the country, adapt to its culture and climate, and build friendships before the academic year begins.

4). Financial Assistance

Australian universities provide a range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities during the Australia’s February Intake, which can alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad.

5). International Student Convenience

The academic calendar for the Australia’s February Intake synchronizes with the Northern Hemisphere, making it easier for international students to plan their studies and visit home during breaks.

6). Part-Time Employment and Internships

Enrolling during the February 2024 intake in Australia can assist students in securing part-time jobs and internships for Australian Universities For February 2024 Intake, offering valuable work experience.

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Why Should I Apply for the February 2025 Intake in Australia?

It makes sense for you to apply for the February Intake In Australia 2024 for a number of reasons. Here are a few of them to check out:

  • First of all, the February Intake In Australia offers you the chance to begin your academic career as soon as possible. Additionally, as the February Intake In Australia coincides with Bangladesh’s academic schedule, which concludes in the latter part of the year. You may start your educational journey right immediately and avoid missing any Australia February Intake deadline 2024.
  • Second, you can apply for any open scholarships during the February Intake In Australia. Scholarships are especially available from several colleges to students starting in February. These colleges want to draw in a skilled and varied candidate pool. If you enroll in classes in February Intake In Australia, your chances of being awarded financial aid to support your education may be higher.
  • Lastly, there may be additional schedule flexibility available for the February Intake In Australia. February Intake In Australia marks the start of many universities and colleges’ courses and programmes, so you may pick the one that best suits your interests and timetable.
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Step-by-Step Process to Apply for February Intake in Australia 2025

Securing Australia University admission 2025 for the February Intake may be demanding, but it’s more manageable than it seems. To streamline the application process, students must possess the essential academic credentials and qualifications. Additionally, those aspiring to commence their academic journey during the February 2025 Intake in Australia must familiarize themselves with the specific steps required for this purpose. Let’s delve into the process of pursuing education in Australia.

1). Start Your Research For Australia February Intake 2025 (April – June/July 2024)

For students aspiring to join the February 2025 Intake in Australia, the initial step involves thorough research into the educational landscape, suitable programs, and universities. This research equips students with essential information on the Australian academic environment and competitive setting. 

Conducting comprehensive research streamlines the entire transition process, offering vital insights into tuition costs, available scholarships, and Australia university application deadline 2024. It’s advisable to compile a list of 8 to 12 Australian Universities that provide the desired program of study. This step sets the foundation for a well-informed and successful academic journey.

2). Complete Standardized Australia University Admission 2024 Examinations (June – August 2024)

Following the selection of preferred universities and colleges, the subsequent phase involves participating in mandatory standardized Australia University Admission 2024 assessments. Language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, and TOFEL are widely accepted in Australian universities, however, the band score requirements may differ. Students enrolling in graduate programs may required to take the GRE/ GMAT test. Make sure to register for the test before the scheduled test date, and give yourself ample time for exam preparation.

3). Application Period for Selected Universities (August – October 2024)

Following the completion of standardized admission tests required for Studying in Australia, the next step is to apply to the chosen universities and colleges for Australia’s February Intake. To ensure a seamless process, students should submit their applications to their preferred institutions beginning in September. It is important to include all the requisite documents with the application.

The university typically requires 2 to 3 weeks to evaluate applications from international students. Upon assessing the student’s profile, the university issues a conditional offer letter.

4). Time to Wait and Watch (October- November 2024)

Following the submission of applications to the chosen universities and colleges for the February 2024 Intake in Australia, its time to wait for the response. The review and shortlisting process undertaken by these institutions takes time, and this waiting period can be quite trying for hopeful students who aspire to study in Australia!

Upon receiving an acceptance letter confirming their selection for the February 2025 Intake in Australia, students should take the following steps:

Thoroughly Review the Acceptance Letter: Carefully examine and understand all the details provided in the acceptance letter, including the commencement date, course specifics, as well as any conditions or prerequisites that the student must meet before enrolling.

Respond to the University: The acceptance letter typically contains guidelines on how to communicate with the university. It is important to adhere to these instructions and inform the university of your intention to accept or decline the offer.

Acceptance: Upon accepting the offer, students are required to submit the necessary deposit. Once the university or college receives this deposit, they will send an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) to the student’s registered email address.

5). Arrange Your Finances (November-December)

Take the time to assess your financial situation and create a budget for the coming months. This will enable you to gain a clear understanding of your financial standing and make well-informed decisions. Advance planning of expenses is a critical aspect of studying in Australia. This proactive approach can help students avoid overspending and maintain financial stability. Students often have financial goals for the upcoming year, so setting aside some money each month is essential. This strategy allows students to achieve their financial objectives without straining their finances. Students should consider scholarship options and education loans during this phase of their preparation for Australia intake 2024.

6). Apply for Visa (December-January 2024)

Upon receiving the eCOE, students can start their visa application process. The visa application process for Australia intake is conducted online. Students are required to submit all necessary documents with their visa application, which includes the Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE), Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), a Financial Statement, color copy of their passport, Statement of Purpose (SOP), English proficiency test results, and academic records. It’s important to note that the student visa application fee in Australia is expected to increase to 715 AUD starting from July 1, 2023. It is recommended to stay updated with the latest immigration policies to avoid confusion. To know the latest information on Australia Student Visa regulations, consult professional Australia immigration experts like Aspire Square.

7). Book Your Tickets, Pack Your Bags and Fly (January- February 2025)

Upon the approval of their visa application for studying in Australia, students can book their flight tickets for the Australia February 2025 intake. It is crucial to arrange their travel plans before the commencement of the academic session to avoid any potential setbacks or complications. With all the necessary arrangements made, students can now look forward to commencing their Study in Australia, embarking on their higher education journey, and maximizing this exciting opportunity.

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The Australia’s February and July Intake Popularity

  • International students have been flocking to Australia in February for the past few years. In the academic year 2021–2022, there were 551,315 overseas students enrolled in Australian higher education institutions, according to data from the Australian Department of Education, Skills, and Employment. Of these, 171,219 students, or 31% of the total, signed up for programmes with a Australia’s February Intake.
  • Numerous things contribute to the February intake’s popularity. First of all, it lets you begin your studies whenever it’s most convenient for you. If you missed the September deadline or are still finishing off your prior academic requirements, the Australia’s February Intake offers you more flexibility than the September intake, which falls around the beginning of the academic year in most countries.
  • The 2021–2022 session’s Australia’s February Intake’s popularity has been impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic as well. Due to travel restrictions and border closures, many overseas students were unable to travel to Australia in 2020 for the September intake. More students chose to join in the Australia’s February Intake that followed as a consequence, giving them a second chance to begin their studies.

You can understand the hype, then. The upcoming years should see an increase in the popularity of the Australia February and July intake due to the loosening of COVID-19 limits beginning in 2022.

Plan Your Future: Study Abroad in Australia!

Application Deadline for February and July 2024 Intake in Australia

For this intake, most Australian universities set their application deadlines for Australia February intake 2024 around November or early December of the previous year and the July intake in Australia 2024 application deadline is usually between February and April. These deadlines provide ample time for reviewing applications, processing visas, and making any necessary preparations. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your academic dreams a reality in Australia. Mark your calendar, apply to universities before the application deadline, and take the first step toward an enriching educational experience in February intake Australia. Take a look at the approximate Australia university application deadline 2024 for programs in different universities:

Name of universityApproximate deadline for February 2024 intake 
Undergraduate programsPostgraduate programs
Australian National UniversityDecember 15December 15
University of MelbounreSeptember 30August 31
Univeristy of SydneyJanuary 30October 31
University of QueenslandOctober 31October 31
Monash UniversityRolling admissionLate November
University of Western AustraliaDecember 1December 1
Macquirie UniversityDecember 15TBD
University of CanberraDecember 1June 1
University of NewcastleOctober NA
Univeristy of AdeliadeDecember 1December 1
University of South QueenslandMarch 6March 6
Univeristy of WollongongOctober 26October 26

These are the approximate application deadlines for some of the top-rated Universities in Australia. If you want to apply in any of these universities , start your preparation well in advance.

Top Universities Offering Admission in February and July Intake Australia 2024

In Australia February and July intake, There are several top-ranked universities in the world offering quality education to students worldwide. In the upcoming February intake Australia 2024, these esteemed institutions continue to set the standard for education with wide range pf graduate and postgraduate programs. Here, we spotlight the top-ranked universities in Australia that are opening their doors to prospective students for this intake.

  • The University of Western Australia
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • University of Canberra
  • Macquarie University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Griffith University
  • University of Melbourne
  • Australian National University
  • University of Queensland
  • Monash University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Adelaide
  • La Trobe University
  • University of Wollongong
  • Western Sydney University
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Curtin University
  • Deakin University
  • Flinders University
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Document Checklist to Apply for February and July 2024 Intake in Australia

Applying for the Australia Intake 2024 requires careful attention to detail and thorough documentation. This document checklist serves as your essential guide to ensure a smooth and successful application, helping you secure your place in the academic program of your choice. Let’s explore the key documents you need for a seamless application process.

  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • 2 Letter of Reference
  • Statement of pupose(SOP)
  • Proof of funds
  • Updated CV
  • Work experience certificate (if any)
  • Language proficiency test results (IELTS, PTE, TOFEL)
  • Previous academic transcripts (12th and bachelor’s), marksheets and degree certificate( if you are applying for master’s degree)
  • Exam results for standardises test like GRE/ GMAT (if asked by the uni.)

Make sure to have the above documents ready when applying for Australia student visa for Australia intake 2024.

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Which Australia Intake Should You Choose in 2024 February or July?

Choosing the right intake to Study in Australia can be a complex decision influenced by various factors. When making this choice, consider elements like program availability, academic records, entrance exam scores, acceptance rates, job prospects, and your readiness to begin the program. Students seeking a swift start often choose the Australia February intake (Semester 1), whereas those needing more time for preparation and application select towards the July intake in Australia 2024 (Semester 2).

Personal circumstances, such as availability, budget, and family commitments, also play an important role in this decision. Australian universities commonly offer conditional acceptance for students awaiting final results, making it convenient for those whose results are usually disclosed in May-June.

In the context of the Australia intake 2024, it’s crucial to note that while the Australia university admission process is efficient, knowing the right time to commence your application and the proper submission procedures are critical for a successful process. If you couldn’t make it to the previous intake, you can enhance your prospects for the upcoming one by seeking guidance from international education experts. They can offer valuable insights regarding intake options, course selection, application protocols, and visa prerequisites.

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Australia intake 2024 presents a golden opportunity for international students to pursue higher education with its top-class universities and cultural diversity. With major intakes in February and July, students have the flexibility to choose the timing that suits them best. Aspiring students should conduct comprehensive research and gather essential information to secure admission to their desired educational institutions. Although visa procedures for Australia student visa can be time-consuming and complex, which is why it is best to seek guidance from expert immigration consultants like Aspire Square.

For more information on Australia Student visa process, visit our website. Reach out to our carefully chosen team of study abroad consultants for valuable insights and assistance concerning the Australia February and July intake 2024.

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    FAQs: Intakes in Australia

    01 What are the primary intakes in Australia for international students?

    There are two primary Australia intake 2024 for international students willing to study in Australia. February intake and July intake. Wide range of programs are available in the Australia February intake, while less number of programs are available during the Australia July intake.

    02 When does Australia university admission 2024 process for February intake Australia commence?

    The admission process for the February intake Australia typically begins several months in advance, often in the months of September to November/December of the preceding year. This allows students to complete all necessary procedures such as application, documentation, and visa processing well before the intake’s start date.

    03 What is the difference between February and July Australia intake?

    February intake in Australia is the most preferred intake by students as it offers more course options in different universities, while July Australia intake is second most preferred intake because it offers limited program and scholarship options.

    04 Why is February intake Australia highly competitive?

    Since February intake is a major intake in Australia, large volume of applications are received during this intake, making it relatively competitive when compared to other intake periods.

    05 What is the best time to apply for Australia intake?

    Student should initiate their applicaiton for February intake Australia from August – October. While Australia July intake from February – April.

    06 What is the typical processing time for an Australian student visa?

    The duration for processing a student visa can vary, ranging from a few days to several weeks, contingent on personal situations and the application load. To minimize potential delays, it is advisable to submit your student visa application well in advance.

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