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How to Score Well in Repeat Sentences


Repeat sentences are one of the most crucial and scoring segments of the PTE Speaking module. These questions aim at assessing the listening and speaking abilities of the test taker and that’s why forms a substantial and relatively scoring share of the integrated weightage system of PTE.

In this task of PTE Speaking, you hear a sentence in the accent of a Native English Speaker. Generally, such a sentence is 4 to 7 seconds long. After listening to the audio, you are required to repeat the same in the exact way it is played in the audio.

You can hear the sentence only once, and after the audio gets over, you will be allowed not more than 3 seconds to deliver your response. As this extremely short span of 3 seconds can get over just with a blink of your eyes, getting little late in responding, can position you at the risk of getting snatched out with an ultimate opportunity to score well, that would have otherwise helped you to add a simply prominent score to your results.

You may get, around 8 to 12 repeat sentences on your test date.

You may follow the following Tips to Score Well in PTE repeat sentences.

  1. Be focused while listening to the sentence– Different people recommend different ways to master repeat sentences but the core strategy lies in your focus and prompt attempt to such questions. All you need to do is to practice concentration while listening to the foreign accent. When you start listening to a repeat sentence audio, close your eyes and listen to the sentence carefully. Then try to repeat the same sentence in a similar way just after the audio ends. I recommend you not to wait a single second after the audio completes because this will help you to remember the whole sentence without any gap.

If you fail to remember the exact sentence in the real PTE Test, you may follow the below tips to at least earn some points in the fluency and pronunciation segment.

  • Just say something on your own rather than just sticking or baffling around the exact content of the sentence.
  • Never use fillers or thinking sounds – Avoid making thinking sounds such as uuummmm and aaahh, as this will register error in your performance and will result in deduction of your scores.
  • Be confident and fluent while repeating the sentences, even if, you are required to say something on your own.
  1. Try to write or remember the beginning, closing or important keywords of the sentence. This will help you to remember the sentence or will immediately let you respond to something related to the expected answer.

However, speaking the sentence with even a little related text, without a gap or a baffle, using correct pronunciation, will also help you in scoring full marks in fluency and pronunciation Segments of PTE.

Intensive practice – Believe in the strength of the old saying, that we have been taught since our childhood days, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Try to practice as many repeat sentences as you can by following the referred or your preferred strategy. Analyze your strengths and weakness while practicing the same, and work on yourself for getting prepared for the worst scenarios you may come across while attempting a real PTE test.

One of the express tricks that you can practice is undertaking lots of listening practice for developing a habit and a better understanding of foreign accent (especially Australian) and speed. For this, you can use original PTE Exam material or you can even practice a few informal ways such as listening to English videos and talk shows while subsequently sighting their transcripts.

Precisely, building good short-term memory can be an ice-breaking strategy to crack this critical yet highly scoring segment of the PTE Speaking Test.

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