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    Canada Super Visa – Get Important Details ‘Here’

    Aug 30,2022

    Canada Super Visa - Guide

    Are you a Canadian citizen or Canada PR missing your parents or grandparents in Canada? You can invite them to Canada through Canada super visa. Want to know how? Read along. 

    What is Canada Super Visa

    Canada super visa is a temporary type, multiple entry visa allowing parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or a permanent residency holder in Canada to stay with them for up to five years. 

    Who is Eligible for Canada Super Visa 

    Canada super visa is not given to all applicants applying for the same. Only the parents who fulfil the predefined qualifying conditions are eligible to get a Canada super visa which says – 

    • The applicant must be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent residency holder in Canada. 
    • The child must be financially stable to support the parents during their Stay in Canada
    • Parents must have an invitation from the child residing in Canada.
    • Parents must have medical insurance valid for a minimum of one year. The insurance can be purchased from a Canadian insurance company or any other designated provider. 
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    Canada Super Visa – Document Requirement

    There is a long list of documents that parents need in order to obtain a Canada super visa successfully. These include

    • Invitation letter from the child or grandchild living in Canada.
    • Document showing that the child or grandchild meets the super visa income requirement. This can be his bank statements, pay stubs or something else. 
    • Certificate of the medical exam.
    • Proof of relationship between parent and child. This can be a child’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate or any other valid document. 
    • Proof of residential status of the person inviting parents to Canada. 
    • Documents of medical insurance of the parents. 

    Note – The above list is a generic one. You may be asked to present more documents based on your situation. 

    Steps to Apply

    Organize documents

    Like other visa types, the Canada super visa also demands applicants to present several documents as a part of the application process. The appropriate and timely organization of these documents is mandatory. Scroll up to find the list of required documents. 

    Lodge application

    The application can be made at IRCC’s online portal by following a simple set of steps. The steps include

    1. Make an account using your email id.
    2. Fill out the online form by providing essential details.
    3. Upload the required documents.
    4. Make payment.

    Canada Super Visa – Cost

    The cost to apply for a Canada super visa is CA$100 per person. For biometrics, eTA and other things such as medical insurance, additional charges have to be paid. 

    Canada Super Visa – Validity

    Canada super visa remains valid for 10 years. The parents can visit Canada multiple times during the period and can stay in Canada for up to 5 years per visit. Earlier the visa was allowing parents to stay in Canada for up to 2 years. 

    Canada Super Visa – Income Requirements

    As mentioned above, the child or grandchild of the applicant must meet the minimum income criteria in order to be eligible to invite their parents to Canada. The minimum requirement depends on the former’s family size and is given in the table below

    Family SizeMinimum Income Requirement (in CAD)
    7+6,985 (for per person added)
    Let’s Start with Step 1

    How Canada Super Visa is Different from a Canada Visitor Visa?

    A visitor visa is for those who want to stay in Canada for less than six months at a time. A Canada super visa, on the other hand, allows applicants to stay in Canada for up to 5 years. Both Canada super visa and Canada visitor visa, however, are multiple entry visas enabling candidates to visit Canada several times in a duration of 10 years. 

    How Canada Immigration Consultants are Helpful

    It requires detailed knowledge and a lot of documents to apply for a Canada super visa. In a situation where a single fault can lead to the rejection of your application, completing the process on your own can be risky and even time-consuming. Holding the hand of a reliable Canadian immigration consultant can save you from being baffled and dejected. With extensive experience in the field, the team makes the process easier, and smoother and diminishes the likelihood of your application rejection by 99%. 

    Canada Super Visa – Highlights

    • The visa does not give work rights to the parents. 
    • The parent or grandparent can include his/her spouse or common-law partners in the application. 
    • Dependents cannot be included in the application.
    • The visa must be applied from outside of Canada.
    • The visa permits parents to apply for permanent residency in Canada provided their child or grandchild is willing to sponsor them.
    • Based on the country of origin of the applicant, the processing time for different applications may be different. 
    • There are two modes of applying for a Canada super visa – online and offline.
    • Canada super visa can be extended if required. The extension must be applied at least 30 days before the termination of the current status.
    • It is mandatory for the applicants to purchase medical insurance (valid for at least one year) before entering Canada. 
    • Depending on the situation, the applicant may have to face an interview as a part of the application process. 


    The Canada super visa is a fantastic option for both parents and children to spend quality time with each other. It belongs to the class of Canada visitor visas, offering extended features and facilities. 

    Above is covered important information about the Canada super visa. I hope this was clear and worthwhile. Please contact our Canada immigration consultants for more information and assistance on the Canada super visa.

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