9 Practical Tips and Strategies for IELTS Speaking

Nov 04,2022

9 Practical-Tips and Strategies for IELTS Speaking

The Speaking test is an interview between the test-taker and a qualified examiner that lasts between 11 and 14 minutes.

You may effectively prepare for your IELTS speaking test by using the following IELTS speaking Tips, facts, advice, model responses, and themes.
Everything you need to know and all the abilities you need to succeed in IELTS speaking are on this page.

Here is a glimpse of the Unconventional Tips and Tricks of IELTS Speaking Test practice which make us the Best IELTS Coaching Center in Gujarat. If our students can get 9 Bands in IELTS Speaking then why not you?

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Practical Tips for IELTS Speaking:

1. Speak up

The first step to learn English is to speak, irrespective of how you speak. Broken sentences, grammatically incorrect English or use of a lot of ummmm and uhhh… are allowed when you are learning to speak English. So please, speak! Now, you would be wondering to whom should you talk in English? Aren’t you your best friend?

Yes! You are! Talk to yourself while driving a car or riding a bike about your high points, low points, best moments, good and bad memories, criticizing people, giving advice, and so on. Just think out loud. Nobody around would pay a heed on what you are speaking. No one really cares, and it is fun! This would help you to know how to speak at length which you have to do in your exam.

2. Find a partner to practice English

Finding a partner who has a higher level of English than yours would certainly Improve Your English. That would help you in listening practice and speaking practice by responding. Or even if your partner has the same level of English as yours then as well you can practice together by playing some vocabulary games. Do you remember the game that you played in school? Name, place, animal, thing!? Go for it and extend your vocabulary.

3. Rule of 21 days

It is scientifically proven that habits are formed by completing any task for 21 consecutive days. You must create a routine where you can include English listening practice (English songs, English series, Tedtalks, BBC documentaries) reading practice (500 words form a blog, novel, article, magazine, reader’s digest) writing practice (write 250 words daily. Start writing your journal) and Speaking Practice (Speak anything to yourself while you are riding or driving a vehicle. Just speak out loud). Do it for 21 days without fail. Then voila! A habit is formed.

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Tricks to Get Higher scores in IELTS Speaking:

1. Be fluent

Fluency doesn’t mean that you have to talk very fast, but fluency means effortless speaking; you don’t really look for words, you just go on speaking. Speaking English must seem like a piece of cake for you.

2. Elaborate

The examiner would ask you if you work or study. You cannot simply answer, “I work.” You have to elaborate; meaning, speak at length.

3. Get into the habit of answering ‘Why?’

All the questions will be followed by one more question, Why? It is mandatory to answer this question. That would decide how effectively you direct all the information (coherence and cohesion). Use a lot of connectors which would form complex and compound sentences. This will increase your band score.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask the question again

If you do not understand the question then you can simply say, “I beg your pardon.” After repeating it, if still you don’t understand then tell the examiner that you don’t know. Just be confident!

5. Take your time to think

There are chances, you may encounter the toughest questions in the test. You may smartly take your time to think by saying, “It is an interesting question.” Or “That is a tricky question.” Or “I never thought about it before.” This would help you to think in the back of your mind about the possible answer.” That would not even hinder your fluency.

6. Cue-card

In one minute preparation time, jot down 12-16 key words and ensure that you use most of them because you must speak 25 complex and compound sentences in two minutes.

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End Note:

Speaking a new language say English can be a bit difficult for all of us, especially during exams. We all know that English which is used for conversations cannot be used in International English exams as it is too simple. One must go an extra mile to polish the vocabulary and sentence structures in order to get a higher score.

When my students are about to take their speaking test, I motivate them by saying, “You are going to feel like a celebrity. Who in the world has asked you if you are comfortable or not during your exams?

The examiner would want to know everything about your likes and dislikes. You might have never pondered on why blue is your favorite color. You would know yourself better and feel special when you appear for the test. Don’t be nervous. Smile and wear the right Attitude! And do not forget to eat one chocolate before exam as that would keep your energy high.”

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