Top 5 Cities to Study in Canada for Indian Students

Canada is a popular name in the world. In addition to being exceptionally beautiful, the country holds a phenomenal education system as well. An innumerable number of students wish to get a Canada student visa and Study in Canada every year. An obvious question that hits the minds of students planning to study in Canada is – which city would be the best for them to study in Canada? The blog aims to present you with imperative information about the best cities to study in Canada.

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Top 5 Cities for Indian Students to Study in Canada

1. Montreal

QS World Ranking – 4
Montreal - Study in Canada

Montreal is home to many top-notch universities holding superb global reputation.  Every year, 3,00,000+ students travel to Montreal in search of high-quality education. Montreal is considered the best city to Study in Canada because of several parameters. The city is extremely safe and holds abundant job opportunities. Searching for a part-time job in Montreal is not a hassle for students. The lower living cost, good transportation system, and many other perks make Montreal an ideal city to study in Canada for Indian students.

2. Vancouver

QS World Ranking – 17
Vancouver - Study in Canada

Vancouver holds 17th position in the list of the most student-friendly cities existing on the globe. The city is a bit costly but the delightful atmosphere and beautiful landscape pull ample students towards Vancouver city. The city has a remarkably lower crime rate and plenty of job prospects for skilled students. The multicultural city holds a notable number of Irish and Scottish immigrants. Two of the best universities to study in Vancouver are the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

3. Toronto

QS World Ranking – 13
Toronto - Study in Canada

Toronto is the finest place to Study in Canada for Indian students. Toronto is known for historical monuments and food festivals. Toronto is a sound option to study in Canada with a negligible record of criminal activities. The city holds great employment prospects for talented people especially graduate students. Around 17% of students studying in Toronto hail from outside countries. Toronto is the base city for the University of Toronto, a world-rated university drawing a bulk of international students from across the planet.

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4. Ottawa

QS World Ranking – 46
Ottawa - Study in Canada

Ottawa is another highly favored option for international students to Study in Canada. The vigorous city with a safe atmosphere offers outstanding education and residential facilities to foreign nationals. Ottawa has one of the biggest tech parks holding plentiful job options for masterminds. The city holds a vibrant environment and celebrates many festivals every year. The top-most universities to study in Ottawa are Ottawa University and Carleton University.

5. Quebec

QS World Ranking – 88

Quebec is a lively and cost-friendly option for international students looking to Study in Canada. The city offers exceptional education at economical studying and living costs. Quebec is occupied by liberal and kind people which makes the city a classic place to study in Canada. Bishop’s University is one of the highly selected universities to study in Quebec City.

Top Universities in Canada and Their Base Cities

UniversityGlobal RankingCity
University of Toronto25Toronto
McGill University31Montreal
University of British Columbia45Vancouver
University of Montreal118Montreal
University of Alberta119Edmonton
McMaster University144Edmonton
University of Waterloo166Waterloo
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Essentials to Study in Canada

Selection of a Course

Choose a course that fits well with your interest and background. It is better to do a swift comparison among the available course options before picking anyone. If you are unable to discover which study program is the best for you, you can connect with your nearby overseas education consultant to make an optimum choice.  

Choosing a University

Canada is a place of several elite universities. Not all universities are the same when it comes to tuition fees and admission requirements. Hence, making a list of universities that match your budget and eligibility is critical to proceed in the right direction. 

Undergoing an English Language Proficiency Test

The international students who wish to Study in Canada have to prove their English language proficiency as a prerequisite. It’s essential to secure admission to the coveted university as well as obtain a Canada Student Visa. Many exam options are available to accomplish the task. The prominent ones are IELTS and PTE. It is recommended to check the list of exams your chosen university accepts before start preparing for any of them. 

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Lodging the Application for Enrolment

Only selecting the right university to Study in Canada is not enough. Raising a timely application for admission is equally crucial to enhance your possibilities of securing a seat in your desired university. Applying to multiple universities rather than a single one is a smart move to attain your study in Canada goal. Needless to say, if one university rejects your application, there are chances that other university/universities will accept it. 

Acquiring a Canada Student Visa

A mandatory document without which you cannot study in Canada is the Canada student visa aka study visa. Obtaining the Canada student visa on time is of great importance to achieve your aspiration of Study in Canada. Canada student visa process must be commenced as soon as you get admission to a Designated Learning Institute in Canada and receive a letter of acceptance from the same. Apart from the letter of acceptance, there is a huge list of other documents that you need to present in order to procure your Canada Student Visa successfully.

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