Time to Put Canada’s Smaller Communities on Limelight

As per Canada’s Minister of Immigration Mr. Ahmed Hussen’s announcement, a new 5 years immigration pilot scheme named Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot will work with some provincial and territorial governments to access support services for immigrants.


The Canadian Government is planning to have the hand to hand coordination with local communities. The pilot program has been launching with specific goals like

  • Meet the need of local labor market.
  • Regional economic development through immigration.
  • Promote rural areas among immigrants to achieve permanent residency.
  • Develop an infrastructure to support upcoming migrants to settle them into a new environment.


The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is been inherited from the successful Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. AIPP has been launched in March 2017 and since then this program helps a lot to bring skilled migrants in the Atlantic province like New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. According to the program each province can nominate 2500 individuals to fulfill the skill shortage. Due to the program, new entrepreneurs have started their businesses which generate a good demand for jobs in the area which was economically underdeveloped previously.


The IRCC has given a timeline to interested communities to file their nomination till March 2019 for the program. The communities were looking for the application are in Ontario, Western Canada, all the territories and all the provinces except Quebec and Atlantic Provinces.

As per the guideline of IRCC, northern and rural communities with 50,000 or lesser people or those places which are considered as remote cities by the Canadian Statistics can only be the part of the program. The nominated communities must have to prepare with the plan and do the partnership with economic development organizations for the upcoming migrants.


The areas like Northern Ontario, some rural and northern areas of the country need be more developed to be bring economic and social benefits to the migrants for the migrants and from the migrants. On the other hand, natives and residential also need to feel comfortable that the upcoming migrants will be there to contribute to the region’s economy not to steal the opportunities.

All in all, the government has a positive stance toward immigration with the economic growth-oriented goal for all Canadians.

How to Qualify Under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program?

Well, Canadian Government still not declare anything about the immigration process under Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program. The update in regards, you will get on the Aspire Square website as early as the declaration comes.

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