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    UK is the world’s leading educational destination especially in the fields of science, business and management, art & design, engineering, and many more. The combo of world-ranked universities and a versatile education system is ideal for the youths to reach their career dreams.

    Types of UK Student Visa

    Obtaining a UK student visa is the first step to direct your way towards the land of the UK for further studies. A UK student visa can be majorly divided into two types namely, short-term study visa and tier-4 (general) student visa. Different visa types are suitable to accomplish different purposes and the selection of the right visa category can be troublesome in many cases.

    The best way to cope with the issue is to connect with a reliable UK education consultant. Their in-depth knowledge and years of experience are compelling to help you to choose the right visa and ease other hassle associated with your UK student visa process.

    Let’s Understand The Different Visa Types in Brief

    Short-Term Study Visa

    A short-term study visa is ideal to pursue a short-term course (6 or 11 months) from the UK. To be eligible for a short-term study visa, you must satisfy the desired set of eligibility criteria which says-

    • You must be enrolled in a recognized institute in the UK.
    • You must have enough funds to manage your tuition fees and living expenses in the country.
    • You must have funds to sponsor your return journey.

    Aspire Square Helping Students to Get UK Student Visa

    With the hope of leveraging one of the oldest and most powerful education systems in the world, thousands of students desire to obtain a UK student visa every year. However, the lengthy and troublesome visa process does not let all meet their purpose. In the highly competitive environment where a tiny mistake committed by you can lead your visa application to rejection, getting assistance from a reliable hand to complete your visa process holds great importance. Aspire Square, being a trustworthy provider of student visa services, owns a knowledgeable and skillful team of UK student visa consultants as well. The utmost dedication and extensive experience of the team can support you in many ways to get your UK student visa including the following

    • helping you to understand your eligibility with the thorough screening of your profile.
    • helping you to choose the right study course based on your background, ability, and strengths.
    • helping you to prepare for the visa interview.
    • helping you to organize the required documents to complete a flawless visa application.
    • helping you to pick the right language proficiency course based on your selected course and university.

    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a UK Student Visa

    • You must be at least 16 years of age.
    • You must have adequate funds to manage your studies and other expenses while studying in UK and must have proof of the same.
    • You must hold sound English language skills and must have proof of the same.
    • You must have consent from your parents or legal guardians (if you are below 18 years).
    • You must be enrolled in a recognized educational institute in the UK.

    Document Required for Short-Term Study Visa

    A Valid Passport

    A valid passport.

    Proof of Funds

    Proof of funds (such as bank statements).

    Medical Reports

    Medical reports (if required).

    Letter of Acceptance from the Underlying School with All the Required Details Mentioned

    Letter of acceptance from the underlying school with all the required details mentioned (such as name, duration of the course).

    Letter of Permission from the Parent or Guardian

    Letter of permission from the parent or guardian (for minors).

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    A short-term study visa does not provide employment permissions to the visa holder. Also, neither the visa can be extended nor you can take your family members along.

    Tier-4 (General) Student Visa

    The tier-4 (general) student visa is the most common type of visa applied by international students who aspire to study in the UK. The visa is suitable to pursue a course that lasts for more than six months and can be applied by candidates above 16 years of age. The permitted stay is generally equivalent to the duration of the program plus one additional month.

    To apply for a tier-4 (general) student visa, you must

    • Be enrolled in your desired study program in the UK.
    • Have sufficient funds to manage your studies and other expenses.
    • Possess sound English language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and understanding).

    Documents Required for Tier-4 (General) Student Visa

    A Valid Passport

    A valid passport.

    Proof of Funds

    Proof of funds (such as bank statements).

    Medical Test Results

    Medical test results (if required).

    Proof of Language Proficiency

    Proof of language proficiency (such as IELTS scorecard).

    Acceptance Letter From the Parent or Guardian

    Acceptance letter from the parent or guardian (for minors).

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    Important :

    • The visa can be applied at most three months prior to the commencement of your desired study program.
    • The arrival to the UK is permitted at most 1 month before the start date of the program (if the course length exceeds six months).
    • The visa permits you to join employment in the country.
    • The visa can be extended (if required).

    Validity of a UK Student Visa

    The validity of a UK student visa depends on the duration of your course as well as the level of the study program. If you are pursuing a degree-level program, your UK student visa may allow you to stay in the country for up to five years. If you aim to undergo a study course that is below the degree level, your visa is likely to aid you with a stay and study duration for a period of up to two years.

    Student Visa Procedure

    UK Student Visa Application – Step by Step Process

    As mentioned, the tier-4 (general) student visa is the most common type of visa acquired by international students willing to study in the UK. The step-by-step process to get the visa are given as under

    1. Check your Eligibility

    Verifying if you qualify for your aspired visa is the first step to initiate your UK student visa process. Hence, make sure you match the eligibility criteria of your desired visa before moving to the next steps. The eligibility criteria for a tier-4 (general) student visa is discussed in the above sections.

    2. Prepare your Documents

    Appropriate and authentic document submission is crucial to seize your UK student visa successfully. Hence, cautiously prepare all the mandatory documents before you step ahead. The list of required documents include

    • A valid passport.
    • Passport size photograph (colored).
    • Your previous travel history.
    • Confirmation of acceptance at a UK institute or university.
    • Copy of the visa application form.

    3. Apply for your Visa

    The most convenient way to apply for your visa is – to apply online. For this, you have to create an account on the UK visa website. After this, you can complete and submit your online application form. Don’t forget to take the printout and sign your completed application form.

    You are also required to book an appointment at your nearby visa application center as a part of your online application process. Perform the task using the online application calendar.

    4. Pay the Application Fee

    Next, settle the application fee. You have various methods to do so. You can make payment at the Standard Chartered Bank, you can visit the visa application center or you can pay online using your debit or credit card.

    5. Visit the Visa Application Center at the Scheduled Date and Time

    Reach the visa application center at the scheduled date and time for pending formalities (such as fingerprints).

    UK Student Visa Application – Step by Step Process

    1. Check your Eligibility
    2. Prepare your Documents
    3. Apply for your Visa
    4. Pay the Application Fee
    5. Visit the visa application center at the scheduled date and time


    01 For how long can I stay in the UK on a UK student visa?

    Depends on the length of your course and the type of visa you acquire. For better assistance, you can connect with our UK education consultant.

    02 What is the expected processing time of a UK student visa application?

    Your UK student visa application is likely to be processed within three to four weeks of the application submission.

    03 What is the ideal time to apply for a UK student visa?

    3 months before the commencement of your desired study program.

    04 What if I enter the wrong information (such as the wrong date of birth or citizenship) in my visa application and take its printout? Is there any way to fix it?

    There is no way to edit the application form once you print it. You can only cut down the incorrect information in the printed copy and replace it with the correct one. Proper verification of the entire information is highly recommended before you take the printout of your application form.

    05 Does the UK provide scholarships to international students?

    Yes, many UK universities provide scholarships to international students.

    06 Is it mandatory to attend an interview to attain a UK student visa?

    Embassies do not conduct any interview as of now, however, the UK universities do emphasize the interview to check the caliber of the student before giving admission.