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    New Zealand Student Visa Consultant

    Every New day in the world begins in New Zealand. New Zealand has ranked 126th in population with a population of 4.4 million. With a unique learning environment of world – Class educators, New Zealand is becoming the first choice for an increasing number of International students seeking quality education. The inherent flexibility of the education system offers the students an opportunity to select from a wide range of Courses.

    NZ has British based education system which is recognized and respected worldwide. NZQA is the authority that ensures the quality of education provided by these institutions. The degree offered by NZ universities are recognized for enrolment in postgraduate programs at universities throughout the world.

    The national universities of NZ offer degree programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level. All universities offer a broad range of subjects to choose from. They also offer specialization in subjects such as technology, engineering, computer studies, medicine, agriculture and environmental studies.

    Aspire Square Helping Students to Get a New Zealand Student Visa

    Obtaining a student visa is crucial but a troublesome requirement to fulfill your purpose of study in New Zealand. The process associates a bulk of tedious tasks such as filling and submission of important forms, communicating with authorities, organizing required documents, and a lot more. Hiring a New Zealand student visa consultant is a smart decision to make your job easy and stress-free. Aspire Square presents itself as a leading provider of New Zealand student visa services in the Gujarat state. Our compelling team of New Zealand student visa consultants has been assisting aspirants in the attainment of their New Zealand student visa for a long time. Our team can assist you in

    • Choosing the most suitable visa type in compliance with the duration and type of your desired study course.
    • Understanding your scholarship options.
    • Picking a study program appropriate for your profile.
    • Selecting the right university and completing the admission process.
    • Comprehending your possible career options.

    New Zealand Student Visa – Eligibility Criteria

    • The applicant must be enrolled in a New Zealand school or university.
    • The applicant must have sufficient funds to regulate the tuition fees and other expenses while studying in New Zealand.
    • The applicant must have health insurance.
    • The applicant must be free from health hazards.
    • The applicant must have sound English language skills.

    New Zealand Student Visa – Document Requirement

    Proof of Enrollment in a New Zealand School

    Proof of enrollment in a New Zealand school.

    Proof of Funds to Manage the Tuition Fees And Other Living Expenses

    Proof of funds to manage the tuition fees and other living expenses.

    A Valid Passport

    A valid passport.

    Health and Character Certificates

    Health and character certificates.

    Proof of English Language Proficiency

    Proof of English language proficiency

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    Validity of a New Zealand Student Visa

    As there are many different types of New Zealand student visa, the validity of a New Zealand student visa depends on the type of visa you choose to apply for. For example, the Fee Paying Student Visa remains valid for up to a period of four years while a Vocational Trainee Student Visa allows you to stay and study in New Zealand for up to one year.


    New Zealand usually has two intakes, one is in January and the other in July, however, there are universities that offer intakes in the months of September and November as well.

    Step By Step Process To Apply For A New Zealand Student Visa

    1. Register at the New Zealand immigration website
    2. Complete the visa application form
    3. Provide the mandatory documents and photograph
    4. Submit the visa application
    5. Pay the visa fees
    6. Mail your passport to the Visa Application Center
    7. Wait for the decision


    There are 8 universities, 25 institutes of technology and polytechnic which are public tertiary education institutes and some private training establishment. They are known for excellence in education and are equipped with the latest technology to help graduates to be successful in a global environment.


    01 How can I obtain a New Zealand student visa easily?

    Taking support from a reliable New Zealand student visa consultant is always a smart move if you are seeking to obtain your New Zealand student visa in a swift and hassle-free manner.

    02 Is New Zealand a safe option for international students?

    Yes, New Zealand is safe. New Zealand has a significantly lower crime rate as compared to many other highly preferred study abroad destinations present across the globe.

    03 Does the New Zealand student visa process involve a personal interview?

    Yes, you are likely to face a visa interview in the ending stages of your application process while attempting to get a New Zealand student visa.

    04 Which type of interview questions can I expect while going for a New Zealand student visa interview?

    The general question like the questions about your family, your future plans, your plans to stay in New Zealand post your studies, the reason of choosing New Zealand for further studies, and so on. A few examples are

    • What is the occupation of your mother or father?
    • How will you manage your study expenses?
    • Why did you choose New Zealand for further studies?
    • Do you have any relatives or friends in New Zealand?
    • Tell me something about your chosen study program.