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    Canada Student Visa Consultants

    Canada is a world-rated country not only in terms of economy but in terms of education too. The top-rated universities offering high-class education are appreciated globally. The country is a dream destination for many youths looking to study abroad, experience unforgettable college life, and enhance themselves both personally and professionally. Here are the top reasons that make Canada an undisputed choice to study abroad.

    Aspire Square Helping Students to Get a Canada Student Visa

    Attaining a Canada student visa is a prerequisite to set your path to the world’s popular student destination. The process associates lots of hassles and can disrupt your way to move to Canada. Aspire Square is here to handle all the hindrances and provide you comprehensive support throughout your application process. The authentic assistance our Canada education consultants can put forward include

    • Guiding you to select the right course/ Institutes
    • Helping you in the faultless submission of your visa application
    • Assisting you in the collection of mandatory documents
    • Aiding you to understand and solve complex issues based on their extensive knowledge and experience

    Canada Student Visa – Eligibility Criteria

    • You must be accepted by a designated learning institute in Canada
    • You must have sufficient funds to manage your tuition fees and other dwelling expenses
    • You must not be involved in any kind of criminal activity
    • You must be free from health hazards

    Canada Student Visa – Document Requirement

    A Valid Passport

    A valid passport

    Proof of Language Proficiency

    Proof of language proficiency (such as IELTS/ PTE)

    Proof of Finishing the Recent Education

    Proof of finishing the recent education

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    Validity of a Canada Student Visa

    The validity of a Canada student visa is generally equivalent to the duration of the course you are enrolled in plus additional 90 days. The buffer time enables you to prepare yourself for exiting the country or apply for an extension if you wish to stay more.

    Student Visa Procedure

    Study in Australia is a dream for many students. Student visa process of Australia start with the counselling from Aspire Square’s expert counsellor. There are many step involved in the entrie process as below;

    1. Enrol in a Canadian Institute or University

    Obtaining an admission offer from a Canadian university is the very first step to commence your Canada student visa process. The letter of admission you receive from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI) serves as a mandatory document to acquire your Canada student visa successfully and make your way to study abroad.

    2. Check the Eligibility Criteria

    There is a specific set of eligibility criteria (mentioned above) you must match to get a Canada student visa successfully. Make sure you match the eligibility criteria before you step ahead otherwise the entire effort will end into a waste of time in case you do not pass the criteria.

    3. Prepare the Mandatory Documents

    There is a list of documents (mentioned in the above section) you are required to submit as a part of your visa process. The absence of a single document can lead to the rejection of your visa process. Hence, a timely collection is crucial to move ahead. Also, the documents should be in a well-presented format.

    4. Apply for the Visa

    Apply online visa through GCKEY.  To apply online, you have to create an account on the Government of Canada website. Also, get ready with the required documents (in digital format) and a credit card to make payment.

    5. Wait for the Decision

    It’s time to sit patiently and wait for the decision from the authorities. The processing time depends on a variety of factors and varies from application to application. You will be notified once the decision is ready. (Minimum 5 days and up to 60 days).

    Canada Student Visa Processing Time

    The processing time may vary from application to application, however, the general processing time for a Canadian student visa ranges from two to three months.

    Step by Step Process to Apply for a Canada Student Visa

    1. Enroll in a Canadian institute or university
    2. Check the eligibility criteria
    3. Prepare the mandatory documents
    4. Apply for the visa
    5. Wait for the decision


    01 What is the age limit to apply for a Canadian student visa?

    Though the age limit can vary depending on the province, the general age limit to apply for a Canada student visa is 18 to 35 years.

    02 Can my Canada student visa application be rejected? What may be the reasons?

    Yes, your Canada student visa application can be rejected for many reasons. The main reasons include

    • Absence of sufficient funds.
    • Wrong choice of the program.
    • Inadequate language proficiency.
    • Submission of wrong or faulty documents.
    • Missing mandatory documents and so on.
    03 Why should I hire a Canada education consultant to get my Canada student visa?

    A Canada education consultant can relieve the stress associated with the process up to a great extent and can assist you in many ways like

    • Helping you to select the right course and university based on your eligibility.
    • Directing you towards the appropriate post-study options.
    • Preparing you for the exams like IELTS, PTE, and GRE/ GMAT
    • Soothing the trouble associated with the application process while saving your time and money.