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    Australia Student Visa Consultant

    Acquiring an Australia Study Visa is the first move to set your path towards an Australian university. The Australia student visa associates a complex and time-consuming visa process and is not so easy to gain. Connecting with an Australia education consultant is a smart move to make the process hassle-free for which Aspire Square is an optimum choice.

    Aspire Square is a renowned visa and immigration consultancy ruling a vast part of the Gujarat state of India. With the branches in Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, and VV Nagar and plans for further expansion, the company is continually endeavoring to provide the best Australia student visa and other immigration services at the best comfort the clients are seeking.

    Our advisory department is full of skillful and experienced staff whose only aim is to make you an Australian student. Our services are tailor-made in order for you to have a stress free experience and to sail smoothly into your new life. There are several documents that are needed by the Australian government so that everything goes smoothly on the legal side of things.

    What are The Requirements for Australia Student Visa?

    Firstly there are documents required for the visa like personal detail forms and all the financial and academic documents that also need to be notary attested. The Australia Student visa is tailored around foreign students that apply to study in Australian universities. That is why it is obligatory to provide some admission documents that are needed to the Australian university of your choice.

    They are the following:

    • Birth certificate
    • Copy of your passport
    • At least two letters of reference from previous colleges/employers
    • Short resume
    • Statement of purpose
    • IELTS score sheet
    • Mark sheets and passing certificates starting from the 10th grade

    Continuing your education in Australia has never been this straightforward. You shouldn’t settle for the low-quality education that your region offers. Let us help you with your success in life!

    Aspire Square Helping Students to Get an Australia Student Visa

    As mentioned, acquiring an Australia student visa is a precondition to achieve your dream of study in Australia. However, the complexities and confusions associated with the visa process do not allow all to fulfill their aspiration. Aspire Square, being a renowned visa consultant in Gujarat, offers comprehensive support to help you obtain your Australia student visa and transform your goal of study in Australia into reality. Our invincible team of expert consultants is compelling to handle all the issues pertaining to your Australia student visa process and convert your ambition of study in Australia into a lifetime experience. Our offerings and guidance to aid you to get your Australia student visa and study in Australia include but not limited to the following

    • Guide you to select the right course/ Institutes
    • We can help you in the faultless submission of your visa application
    • Assisting you in the collection of mandatory documents
    • Aiding you to understand and solve complex issues pertaining to your visa application and process.

    Studying overseas has always been highly valued as an experience but it is rather expensive for most people around the world. It’s almost everybody’s dream to have their education somewhere exciting and far away. But until now the hassle of having to get all the needed documents and get the actual funding for their little exciting and experience-gaining adventure.

    Applying for an Australian Student Visa – When and How

    As stated, applying for an Australian student visa is the foremost step to drive yourself to the land of Australia. The visa can be applied at most 124 days before the start of your desired study program. The entry in the Australian boundaries is allowed at most 90 days prior to the beginning of your course. The visa process to acquire an Australian student visa is online and can be performed through the ImmiAccount website.

    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for an Australian Student Visa

    • You must be enrolled in an Australian school or university
    • You must meet all the health requirements
    • You must have adequate language proficiency to survive in the country
    • You must be above 6 years of age
    • You must possess Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    Australia Student Visa – List of Required Documents

    A Valid Passport

    A Valid passport

    CoE Letter Obtained from Australian School or University

    CoE letter obtained from Australian school or university

    Receipt of an Application Payment

    Receipt of an application payment

    Passport size photograph (in digital format)

    Passport size photograph (in digital format)

    English language proficiency test scorecard

    English language proficiency test scorecard

    Proof of Financial Stability

    Proof of financial stability (such as bank statements, Savings, Fixed Deposits, Education Loan, ITR)

    Academic Certificates

    Academic certificates

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    The Validity of Australia Student Visa

    The validity of an Australian student visa is generally equivalent to the duration of the course you want to pursue. The maximum stay length can be up to 5 years.

    Student Visa Procedure

    Study in Australia is a dream for many students. Student visa process of Australia start with the counselling from Aspire Square’s expert counsellor. There are many step involved in the entrie process as below;

    1. Counseling and Registration with Aspire Square

    Before registered with Aspire Square, We preferred that you must be aware about your chances, course selection, university selection. We make a profile assessment based on your experience, financial status, your career goal and interest.

    2. Coaching for English language test

    Aspire Square is known as the best coaching Institute in town. Once you register with us you will also get the benefit for your English Language coaching with state of the art facility in Ahmedabad.

    3. Apply for an Offer letter

    With your English Language score and the required documents Aspire Square will apply for an offer letter to your chosen Institute.

    4. COE (Confirmation of Enrolment)

    After receiving offer letter, Student needs to pay the 1st semester fees and submits his offer letter acceptance to the university, University will issue a COE.

    5. Final Visa Lodgement and Medical Check-up

    Student needs to undergo for Medical Check-up. Aspire Square will apply for final visa application to the department.

    6. Visa Outcome

    Department’s current turnaround time is 2 to 4 weeks. As per department guideline 75% of cases get the outcome within one month from the application date.


    Australia Student Visa Process

    1. Enroll Yourself in an Australian University

    Enrolling yourself in an Australian school or university and getting a confirmation is the first step to commence your Australia student visa process. The CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) you receive from the underlying University is a mandatory document to complete your visa process successfully.

    2. Register on the ImmiAccount

    The next step is to create an Account on the ImmiAccount Website. The task can be easily fulfilled by providing your basic information such as name, phone number, and email address.

    3. Get the Mandatory Documents Ready

    Next, get all the mandatory documents ready in digital format. The list includes

    • A valid passport
    • Your health insurance records
    • Proof of financial stability (such as bank statements, Savings, Fixed Deposits, Education Loan, ITR)
    • Proof of language proficiency (such as IELTS scorecard)
    • Medical Test Report
    • Coe received from the University

    You may be asked to arrange a few more, however, these are the prominent ones.

    4. Submit Your Application

    You are all set to complete and submit your application via the ImmiAccount website. The most compelling option to obtain an Australia study visa is visa subclass 500. Fill in all the mandatory details and submit your visa application. You can also save your application and submit it later if you want.

    5. Settle the Visa Fee

    It’s time to clear the visa fee. You can use your credit card for convenient payment. After the successful payment, you are likely to receive a payment receipt with a TRN number. The number should be saved for later use.

    6. Undergo the Required Health-checkups and Interview

    You may require to undergo health-checkups and a visa interview as a mandatory part of your visa process. The timely completion is imperative to move forward.

    7. Wait for the Decision

    Acquiring a student visa is a lengthy process that can take a couple of weeks to complete. Sit patiently and wait for the decision from immigration authorities. You will get a notification via mail once the decision on your application is done.

    8. Pack Your Bags

    If your visa gets approved, you are free to travel to Australia as per the regulations your visa specifies.


    01 Is a Student visa required to pursue an online course from an Australian school?

    No, as long as you are residing outside of Australian boundaries you do not require a Student visa to commence your course.

    02 Will my Student visa be extended in case the duration of my course extends for some reason?

    No, a Student visa cannot be extended. In case the duration of your course extends for some reason, you have to apply for a new visa to continue your dwelling in Australia.

    03 What is the cost to apply for Australia Student Visa?

    The basic application cost is AUD $620 (approx). You are likely to encounter some additional costs as well depending on your age and other factors.

    04 Does an Australian Student Visa permit you to work while studying in Australia?

    Yes, most student visas allow employment with restricted working hours.

    05 Does Australia offer scholarships to international students?

    Yes, international students can definitely avail scholarship facilities from the Australian government, educational institutes, and other organizations if they meet the specified eligibility criteria.