Specialist Migration Agent in Gujarat for Partner Visa Australia

As a Specialist Migration Agent for Australia, Aspire Square have already established the trusted name in Gujarat for Migration to Australia. At Aspire Square you will find your-self very comfortable & assure for processing of your partner visa.

How Aspire Square Will Help you?

Team of Aspire Square is having the great experience in processing of all type of Australian Immigration visa. In terms of Partner visa Aspire Square will help you to full fill your dream to bring your partner in the dream country of Australia with their prompt & Hassel Free services.

Aspire Square will guide you from the day one after joining with Aspire Square. The bond with Aspire Square will take you on the root of smooth processing of your application. Aspire Square will guide you for the complete documentation with required sample.

Process of your Application:

The first step of the application actually starts with the document preparation. Aspire Square will help you to  prepare your documentation with providing of Particular format, Sample of Invitation letters, Sample of any declaration required. Aspire Square will also help you to understand the requirement of any specific documents.

Once all the preparation done for documentation along with  required Application forms (In partner visa Application you required to fill  form 47 SP, Form 40 SP, Form 888 {Two}, Form 47 A, Form 80) we will forward it to the Australian Embassy, New Delhi through VFS. We will take care of all the inquiry during the processing period of your application & will inform you in accordance with any requirement from the department.

Overview of Partner Visa:

Visa category: Offshore / Temporary – Permanent

Visa Subclass: Partner Visa – Subclass 309 (Temporary) – 100 (Permanent)

Visa type: Partner Migrant

Duration: 2 Years (309) then 5 Years (100)

About this visa

This visa allows you to enter or remain in Australia on the basis of your married or de facto relationship with your partner:

  • on a temporary visa (usually for a waiting period of approximately two years from the date you applied for the visa)
  • on a permanent visa if, after the waiting period (if applicable), your partner relationship still exists and you are still eligible for this visa.

Your partner must provide sponsorship for you.

If you have any query in regards of your Application process then you can contact us for our free consultation.  We are committed to give you the right advice for your application process. You can contact Aspire Square on 079 – 3048 2001 or you can call on 91 97262 16161. After booking your appointment you can visit our office at 337/338 – Devandan Mall, Opp Sanyash Ashram, Ashram road, Ahmedabad.

Maulik Raval

Founder and director of Aspire Square began the journey solo in 2008. Today he has over 50+ teammates and holds offices across Gujarat. A graduate with Political Science and Law, He has been known for his Integrity, Ethics and Accessible nature. In his decade of the journey, he led the team of qualified MARA agents and he himself holds QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counselor) certificate. Being Precise; Showing up Honesty in every case and making it successful with re-search and embassy guidelines is the only approach

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