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    Seven Ways To Create Great First Impression Instantly.

    Dec 21,2019

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    First Impressions – the 7/11 Rule. As the old saying goes: ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression’. According to one university study*, people make eleven decisions about us in the first seven seconds of contact (“The 7/11 Rule”).

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    “You never get a second chance to make first impression.”

    How to create first impression:

    Be punctual: It is important to be on time if you want to be respected. Being on time can help us cut down the stress too and it also shows that you value someone else’s time too.

    Present yourself appropriately: Be presentative while visiting someone for the first time. As per research, it just takes seven seconds to create the first impression. And the outer appearance does count. Your appearance makes your statement. However, looks aren’t everything as per Cameron Russell. The combined impression of physical characteristics, body posture, facial expression, and clothing choices lets observers form accurate images of someone’s personality, so long as the person observed is presenting themselves genuinely. Unfortunately, people rely only on physical appearance that cues over the actual information. (HALO effect).

    Be yourself: Be open and confident about yourself and what you talk about.“Fake it until you make it (AMY CUDDY)” and get the ball in your court. Testosterone increases and cortisol decreases. “Think fast, talk smart” (Matt Abraham).

    Body language:

    • Have a winning smile: Smiling face reflects confidence. Keep smiling.
    • Eye-contact: Maintain an eye-contact. That makes you look focused and attentive.
    • Confident handshake: Firm handshake is again the part of body language as it reflects the confidence.
    • KISS (Keep it short and simple): Be a precise storyteller. Attach a colourful anecdote to all the events that occur in your life.
    • As per Amy Cuddy, you must practice power poses before you go for an interview.
    • Pay attention to the tone of your voice as it has a great impact on the person you are communicating with. The voice lets another person know how confident you are.
    • Be courteous and attentive: Be very polite, Complimenting, respectful towards everyone.
    • Avoid using negative words.
    • Stop fidgeting: A lot of fidgeting shows nervousness.

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