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    Latest PTE exam announcement with respect to Covid-19

    Sep 22,2020

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    Pearson is continuously observing the Coronavirus outbreak effect across the countries in order to ensure the safety and health of PTE Academic Exam test takers, test center administrators, and Pearson employees. They are following advisory notices from governments and healthcare units from all the nations.

    Reopening of Test centers

    Many test centers are now open in countries like India, China, and Australia. Pearson makes sure to comply with all official guidelines to protect test takers and employees.

    For this reason, Pearson is recommending that all test takers should bring and wear a face mask while attempting an exam at the test center.

    Face mask guiding:

    What should I understand by this?

    Candidates who book their exam at Pearson driven Pearson Professional Centres (PPCs) need to bring and wear their own mask during the visit to PPCs and throughout the test duration.

    What kind of face mask is allowed?

    Any surgical or cloth face mask, even a homemade face mask will be allowed if it fully covers the candidate’s nose and mouth. During the check-in process, test-takers need to briefly remove a face mask.

    What if I deny wearing a face mask?

    Candidate needs to reschedule the test if in case not ready to wear a mask during the exam. They can reschedule tests free of cost to a later date.

    It is to ensure the health safety of all other test takers and the administration department of Test centers.

    How to know whether I’m taking my test at a Pearson VUE-owned and operated Pearson Professional Centre (PPC)?

    Refer confirmation email from Pearson or check your account. If your booked test center contains ‘Pearson Professional Centre’s within its name, then it’s a PPC. The other centers are run by Pearson trusted partners, which do not have ‘Pearson Professional Centres’ within their names.

    Do we need to wear a face mask if we book test centers run by trusted Pearson partners?

    Pearson face mask policy only covers test centers that are owned by Pearson. However, candidates need to check with local healthcare agencies or Premise’s own rules and regulation policies related to face mask before attending the Exam. For precautionary measures, please bring a standard face mask with the view in mind that a face mask is mandatory.

    India specific testing Information:

    • You may be asked to show the Arogya Setu App with the latest update at the time of entering the Test Centre. If the App shows “You are at risk” status, then you will not be admitted to the test center. In such a scenario, you need to reschedule your test free of charge for a later date.
    • At some testing center, they may be checking the candidate’s body temperature using a contactless thermal sensor at your forehead. As per the government guideline, Pearson will refuse the entry of candidates if their body temperature is above 37.5 Celsius. In that case, the candidate will be asked to reschedule their test free of cost to a late date.
    • Candidates who book their exam at Pearson driven Pearson Professional Centres (PPCs) or Pearson VUE-owned test centers need to bring and wear their own mask and throughout the test duration.
    • Any surgical or cloth face mask, even a homemade face mask will be allowed if it fully covers the candidate’s nose and mouth. During the check-in process, test-takers need to briefly remove a face mask.
    • Face masks with exhalation valves and face shields are not acceptable. Pearson Test centers are unable to provide face masks to candidates. However, test-takers may be required to remove it during registration and ID checks and after any toilet breaks to confirm their identity.
    • Stay > 2 yards away from other people in the waiting area and during the admissions process.

    Will wearing a mask affect my speaking score?

    It may alter the sound quality only if your voice is getting faded or muffled. If the delivery of the speech is not clear, then it may alter the speaking score. So it is advisable to speak clearly and with a bit of punch in your voice.  Again, if the candidate is not willing to wear even if the Pearson partner test center made it compulsory, the then-candidate has to reschedule the test date free of charge for a later date. 

    Countries who have resumed testing of PTE Academic:

    All countries have resumed testing except the list below:

    Mexico, Nepal, Qatar, Chile, Ecuador, and Kuwait.

    Before your appointment

    • If the candidate is not well or having symptoms such as fever and/or respiratory issues, it is advisable that the candidate does not attend the exam and cancel or reschedule it in advance.
    • Any travel restriction imposed by state or center government should be checked by the candidate before final booking if in case there is a need to appear in the test center which includes state or territory travels where entry is restricted by the government. Pearson will not be responsible if the test taker is not permitted entry and fails to reach to test center.
    • Any direct mail communication by Pearson will be sent to a candidate if the test center is found to be at risk of closing. Candidates should actively monitor their email accounts to check any cancellation notice in advance. 

    Attending your appointment – Health & Safety

    • Please wear a face mask at the time of entering to test center and follow all safety measures instructed by the Test center administration.
    • Wash your hands or utilize hand sanitizer upon arrival at the test center. 
    • Please cover your nose and mouth in case of sneezing or coughing 
    • You will be asked to acknowledge that you have not been in contact with any affected persons and that you are not exhibiting any symptoms 
    • There may be a contactless thermal sensor temperature check.
    • You will be allowed to wear disposable gloves during the test. However, these gloves will be examined both before and after the test and the candidate needs to properly dispose of them in front of the test center administration.

    Cancellation and Rescheduling of Appointments

    • In the case of the test center suspension by Pearson, each candidate with prior appointments will be sent a cancellation mail from Pearson.
    • Test takers who paid by credit or debit card will be automatically refunded their test fee  

    Test takers who booked using a voucher will be able to book an alternative appointment using the same code when appointments are available. 

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