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    Attention UK Travelers: You May Face Longer Wait at UK Ports Due to a Border Force Strike

    Feb 07,2023


    According to history, a country that ruled onto half of the world’s countries. In certain parts of the world, they dominated for not only years or decades but also centuries. However, today the ex-ruler of the world is facing unusual circumstances. Over the ages, the UK is known as a stable and dependable economy but within just six years the country has changed six prime ministers. On top of that within just two months three new PMs have been changed.

    Moreover, although the current prime minister Mr Rishi Sunak seems strong enough to take the country out of the chaos. But due to certain reasons like his ethnic background, he is facing certain challenges.

    In the hierarchy, the newly formed UK government is yet again ready to face one more strike from yet another government-controlled agency. As per the latest update, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union announced that the Border Force strike will affect the port operations.

    • As a result, travellers who are planning to travel to the UK during the mid of the month may face longer wait at the ports and airports.
    • According to the government’s advisory, travellers who are planning to enter the UK between 17 February and 20 February 2023 may face longer wait times at border control. The authorities encourage all passengers eligible to use eGates to do so.

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    Schedule of the Strike

    Border Force strike proposed dates

    • 17 February
    • 18 February
    • 19 February
    • 20 February (until 7 am)


    The reports are saying that the strike may affect the travellers and freight who are entering the UK through the listed below ports.

    • Port of Calais
    • Port of Dunkirk
    • Coquelles Channel Tunnel Terminal

    If are among the passengers who are going to travel to the ports then you may face disruptions. So it is advisable to check before travelling.

    Measures Were Taken by the Government

    • As per the statement from the UK government, their priority is to keep the borders safe and secure.
    • Looking at the situation, the government has started giving training to military personnel, civil servants and volunteers who are associated with the government. These people will provide support to the Border Force at the airports and ports across the UK.
    • Even Border Force is also ready to deploy additional resources to handle the critical demand and give the best support to manage the flow of passengers and goods.
    • Still, the government announced the potential disruption due to the strike. In addition, the government also clarifies that they are working closely with the port authorities and French counterparts to control the upcoming contingencies.

    Advice to People Entering the UK

    • All passengers are advised to check the latest update from the UK government, and their operators before travelling.
    • Those passengers who are about to travel to the UK during the said period should be ready for the proposed industrial action. They may face longer wait than the expected waiting time.
    • As a traveller, you are also supposed to be calm and patient at the time. You are expected to give respect to the officers.
    • The government is encouraging travellers to follow the eGates


    There is a huge rush to reach the UK. Especially, from India, many students are going to Study in UK. However, as the January 2023 intake is already begun but still we may expect a rush to the country. So all the passengers who are supposed to travel to the UK should follow the latest updates.

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