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Why do Indian Students Prefer to Study in Canada?

Mar 06,2023

Why do Indian Students Prefer to Study in Canada

For the past few years, a significant rise has been noticed among Indian students going to Canada to pursue their higher education. As per the recently published data, last year in 2022, India is among the top countries to source the highest number of students to Canada. Whereas China is in the second position and the Philippines is in the third.

Top 10 Countries’ Students Study in Canada from 2015 to 2022

Countries’names 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
India 31,920 52,625 82,935 107,020 138,615 80,885 169,460 226,450
China 65,860 76,840 82,690 84,980 84,155 57,760 55,900 52,165
Philippines 1,880 2,895 2,750 4,070 6,330 4,360 14,365 25,380
France 11,860 11,825 13,220 13,415 14,515 7,935 20,020 16,725
Nigeria 6,325 6,160 5,945 6,505 7,505 5,840 9,530 16,195
Iran 2,340 2,960 4,675 7,035 9,680 6,965 11,925 13,525
Korea (South) 14,735 15,935 16,700 16,860 16,995 10,930 10,600 11,535
Japan 6,040 6,685 6,530 6,680 6,665 3,485 7,605 10,955
Brazil 6,350 7,295 8,865 10,245 10,230 6,040 8,545 10,405
Mexico 4,225 4,905 5,440 5,750 6,255 3,650 9,710 10,405
  • As per the given figures in the above table, it shows the strength of India.
  • In the years 2015 and 2016, China was leading but from the year 2017, India is leading from the front.
  • Since after every year, the number of Indian students is increasing year by year.
  • The year 2018, was proven a significant year for both the countries India and Canada. In the year Indian students’ figures cross the 100,000 mark. This is the first time in the history of a Canada Student Visa. When any single country’s students reached Canada in such a huge amount.
  • Though the world was suffering from the Wuhan virus pandemic during the years 2020 and 2021, it still the craze of going to Canada was not reduced among Indian Students. The number was reduced by almost 40% during the year 2020 than the previous year. However, it was the highest among all other countries across the world.
  • Moreover, the recent two years have left a significant mark on Canadian Immigration. In these two years, the students’ numbers crossed the 165,000 mark in 2021. Whereas, in 2022 it is created a record number of 226,450 study visas were granted.

Why Study in Canada?

This is a million-dollar question that why do Indian students prefer to Study in Canada? Here are some of the important reasons for that.

Want to Study in Canada?

Permanent Settlement Option

  • One of the most basic reasons is the permanent settlement option. Canada is among a few countries that provide a wide range of PR pathways to international students. As far as Indian students and community are concerned, they always give high value to settlement options. And that’s why they like to apply for a Canada student visa first than any other country.

Ease of Getting a Study Visa

  • Secondly, like Canada, Australia is also providing permanent residency preference. However, the criteria to apply for an Australian student visa are a bit tough than a Canada study visa. As a result, most of the youth who are unable to apply for an Australian student visa go for the Canadian option.

Community Support

  • In addition, Canada is a hub of Indian communities. There are various Indian ethnic groups available to support Indian students and new migrants. As a result, not only students but also their parents as well, considered to select Canada as a better study destination.

Value of Canadian Passport

  • Any international student has a great chance to get a Canadian passport. The privilege allows them to travel to 142 countries without having prior visa formalities.

Move to the USA

  • Moreover, with Canadian citizenship, a candidate not only can travel to the USA but also can work, live and settle there as well. Because both of these countries are associated with each other through North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Differences in Education Concepts

  • Additionally, Indian education is mostly based on the theoretical concept. Whereas, Canadian education is more considered practical learning. As a result, several Indian students might have struggled to get higher scores in India they performed significantly well in Canada.

Range of Programmes

  • Furthermore, In India students may not have the wide range of programs in which they are interested. For example, youngsters love to play games on their mobiles and laptops and if any student would like to pursue her study in gaming industry then she may face the challenge to find a suitable program at a suitable place.

Research-Based Programmes

  • On the other end, India as an economy is investing less amount in research and research organizations. As a result, research-oriented students find the struggle to study in a particular field.


Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are plenty of other reasons that may give a strong appeal to study in Canada. However, sometime choices may make the difference. Some students only considered studying in Canada. Whereas, some may not have any other choice. However, as a country, Canada is one of the prominent destinations to not only study but work and of course to settle as well.

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