USA, Canada, and Now Australia Come into the Picture of Visa Fraud

Aug 08,2022

USA, Canada, And Now Australia Come Into the Picture of Visa Fraud

Every now and then, we come across of visa fraud news. However, most of them are from either USA or Canada. But now Australia is also entered in this chunk. Recently, one of the leading newspapers of Gujarat published an exclusive report on these fraudulent activities.

According to the report, nearly 3500 candidates entered Australia based on fraudulent documents. Now, they are about to deport. These sorts of activities only made the fraud agents millionaires whereas, candidates who went there going to suffer a lot.

How was the Scam Committed?

Recently, there are lots of students, their parents, and candidates rushing toward Foreign Education and Permanent Residency. In this blind race, these aspirants got caught in the trap of a short-cut and fast visa process.

Out of these 3500 illegal migrants, most of them are on Australia Student Visa.

Here is the pattern that follows to commit the particular scam

  • Entry into Australia is a demanding job. Candidates are required to do hard work to prove their eligibility. For instance, the universities require a certain percentage as well as PTE or IELTS score to get admission.
  • Here these fraud agents come into play, they convince those students who may have a less academic score or are unable to achieve the desired score in the English language tests.
  • In the scrutiny, plenty of shocking information has been revealed.
  • The agents have been involved in the making of fraudulent degree certificates, and fake IELTS or PTE score sheets.
  • Moreover, these agents have also cultivated their expertise in the making of forged education loan papers.
  • Agents usually charge more than 30,00,000 or 40,00,000 per student to complete the entire process.

The International Human Rights Association is a whistle-blower of the scam. They have done some sting and secret operations and published the Australia Immigration fraud.

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Modus Operandi

As per the article, there are typical modus operandi has been admitted by the agents to clear such cases.

  • In the IELTS test dummy students seat on behalf of the regular students.
  • Apart from this, it is also taught to students to leave certain portions blank in the answer sheet, which will fill afterward.
  • Made forged paper of education loan but in fact, there is no education loan taken on any candidates’ or their family member’s name.

These types of practices are hurting the image of the country.

An Interview With Dr. Dilipsing Bodana

Dr. Dilipsing Bodana is the chairman of The International Human Rights Association, Sydney. He has given a recent interview to Gujarat’s leading newspaper. Dr. Bodana is living in Australia. He and his association help international students who are a victim of immigration fraud and are stuck in the country.

As per Dr. Bodana, there are a lot of Indian students who would like to study in Australia but due to a lack of information or in search of a shortcut, are trapped in the schemes of fraud agents. These agents even cheat those candidates too who are fully Eligible to Get an Education in Australia.

In some cases, these agents charge more than 50 lack per student. Australia may come into the limelight recently but the USA and Canada are in the news on regular bases.

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What is the Investigation Result?

The International Human Rights Association was doing a secret investigation on illegal migrants for the last two years. The outcome of the investigation was startling.

  • Most of the students who entered Australia are bogus students. This means, actually they are not students but based on the fraudulent documents they entered on a student visa.
  • These students did not even have a basic English language fluency and submitted false IELTS or TOFEL or CAE or PTE test scores sheets with 8 bands or higher equivalency.
  • Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force, and Australian Immigration Department are looking after these students and will send them to India as early as they are caught.
  • The government has made a list of the agents’ names who are involved in the scam.
  • The authorities may take legal action soon against them under the human trafficking charge.


There is no shortcut to immigrating to any country. There are certain rules that everyone should follow if they want to migrate to any country on a study visa or Permanent Residency Visa or even a visitor visa. Moving to some other country is not a solution to your problems and moving with fraudulent documents will make your life even miserable. Hire a rightful agent for your immigration or Study Visa Process is the most important step so take it wisely.

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