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    UKVI Reintroduced UK Study Visa Priority Services

    Aug 15,2022

    UKVI Reintroduced UK-Study Visa Priority Services

    Students will get a faster decision on their visa applications. The UKVI have now reintroduced Priority services for new customers applying to the sponsored work routes (including global talent) and for students. However, priority and super priority services for the students and new family applications are continued to be suspended.

    Due to some external situations, the particular services were closed by the UK government. However, it is now resumed from 12 August 2022. One of the reasons for the UK Study visa priority and super priority services were closed is a huge volume of priority visa appointments.

    Apply Now for UK Student Visa

    How to Apply for Priority Visa Services?

    • As per the update priority services for UK Student Visa is now open. However, it is necessary to know the application and appointment procedure.
    • The students for the UK study visa have a better online availability option.
    • The purchase of the new appointments must be done online only because there is no reduction in the volume of priority and super priority services.
    • As per the amendment the new appointment booking cannot be done or purchased from the Visa Application Centers.
    • Here the new applicants also need to consider that the Super Priority Visa Services (SPV) is yet to start.

    PV & SPV Services for the Family Application

    • The Priority Services are restarted for the new student visa services only. the family class applicants still need to wait.
    • Both PV and SPV services are closed for family applications.
    • However, the government is monitoring the flow of applications. And as the flow reduces the updates will be provided by the UKVI.

    About Priority & Super Priority Visas In the UK


    • In priority visa application the candidates may get the visa decision within five working days
    • On the other end, in super priority services candidates may get the result within 24 hours or by the end of the next working day.

    Place Affects the Pace of the Application Process

    • Visa applications centre or via the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app.
    • The application process depends on the visa that applicants applying for and the proof of identity
    • However, not all visa application centres offer faster application decisions.

    Visa Application Centre

    • The faster decision is depending on the Visa Application Centres. There is a list of visa centres available across the world. Here link to the VFS Global website.
    • To book the priority or super-priority services, candidates are required to check the “Premium Services” page and find the nearest location preference.
    • If the country or any VFS centre’s information is not available the candidates can also email VFS at customercare@vfsglobal.com

    “UK Immigration: ID Check” APP

    • Through the App, candidates may get faster results for their applications within five working days. However, the only acceptable applications are
      • Skilled Worker visa
      • Health and Care Worker visa
      • Student visa
      • Child student visa
    • However, if any candidates or their family members are required to take their photographs and fingerprints at the Visa Application Centre then the decision may delay.

    Applying From Europe, Africa or Some Middle Eastern Countries

    If any candidates would like to apply for the UK study visa or family class then they can check their decision timings through the “TLScontact list

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